A Job Or Work At Home

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A Job Or Work At Home?  If you are trying to decide between having a home business or working outside the home.  Then it stands to reason you have researched both sides of the coin.  Well in this post I will give you that information plus an answer the question: A Job Or Work At Home?  Because I will dig a couple of layers into the surface of this subject for those who have already started a home business, but haven’t totally A Job Or Work At Home-eight areas for business successcommitted so for a little insurance they still work their 9 to 5.

A home business usually is a small operation or it is a sole proprietorship.   So if you have chosen a home business or work from home position, be sure to focus not only on product and service.

Moreover, it is just as important to take time and focus on the finances, the marketing plans, the vision, strategy, the systems and the processes that provide the foundation for your businesses to be successful, and thrive. The information to start a home business is the post I  How To Start a Home Business

A Job Or Work At Home

Employees are stuck in their careers right now. Why?  They’re playing by the old set of rules. They are struggling to find jobs or to get ahead in their current ones but they haven’t noticed that the economy and global workforce have changed, and they haven’t.  Running a home business is the fastest growing industry in America it has influenced so many.  Now, don’t get me wrong:  Sometimes working full time while you start your business is the smartest way to go, because you minimize risk and ensure you have income, stability and the benefits. while, you’re testing things out.A Job Or Work At Home-I am a work at home mom  But there comes the point where you can’t do both.

If your home business is picking up, you may find yourself tempted to work on it while on the job for someone else; never a good idea.  See it is an either, or question “A Job Or Work At Home?”   However, in today’s economy you could get laid off in a moment’s notice.  Your position could be outsourced, or your company merged or acquired.

We don’t live in stable times. A decade ago, you could graduate from college and have a job for life.  Now corporations want to do more with fewer resources. They want the best talent at the lowest price, which means you are competing with professionals worldwide, job seekers and employees alike.  Rather than waiting until you get the boot or get laid off, take matters into your own hands and quit with a plan to do what you have always wanted to do?

As they say, without risk, there is no reward. If working for someone else is all you want out of life, then great.  But if you have dreamed of running your business or anything else,  the only way you’ll make it happen is if you take that first step. At that point, it’s time to form an exit strategy from your job.  However, do it tactfully, and explain to your boss that you’re pursuing your dream of running a business.

Taking ActionA Job Or Work At Home-action

You’ll never be able to fully dedicate time or energy to your business if you’re working for someone else.

To quit your job says that you believe in yourself, that’s half of the battle for success.  Once you act, good things will happen.

If you’re not quite ready to quit, balance your schedule so both your new business and your job get as much attention as you can give.  Furthermore, do research that help you plan your business strategy, and read as much online content as you can from other business owners’ experiences.

Therefore, make a commitment, by first setting a date to quit your job and stick to it. Let your family know what to expect after you’re a full-time entrepreneur. Before you know it, you’ll be done with the 9 to 5 and on to your exciting future is in your own hands. Don’t burn bridges! Your former boss might end up being a customer or someone who refers business to you.

A Job Or Work At Home-Job vs starting a business

Is a Home Business for Me

Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur means changing not only your lifestyle, but also your mindset. Before spending time, money and energy starting a new business.  You should ask yourself: Do I have what it takes to own a home business or, do I really no my answer to a home business or work?

Sharon Michaels  who is a coach and mentor to Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves. She is also author of the popular membership site WomenEnjoyingSuccess.com  Here are seven questions that might help determine if you have a business owner’s mindset:

1. Can you start and finish tasks independently?
Employee Mindset: The boss or manager gives you a task to be completed within a certain time period and you’re expected to complete the assigned task.A Job Or Work At Home-if success wasn't hard to get everyone would be a success

Business Owner Mindset: Business owners know how to, and even like to, work independently. They are willing to take full responsibility for creating and completing their own work schedules.  Moreover, to take this one step further if you are thinking about starting a home-based business, you must also consider that there will be times when you’ll be spending hours working alone, without the company and support of others.

2. Can you set and achieve short and long term goals?
Employee Mindset: As an employee, you are working to achieve someone else’s goals.
Business Owner Mindset: A business owner takes on the responsibility for planning, marketing and overseeing the success of their business.  Because running a successful business means taking the time to formulate and implement a well thought out business plan. You will need to write a concise mission statement, an innovative vision for your company, short and long-term financial goals and a feasible and effective plan of action.
3. Do you have the self-discipline and self-motivation to work for yourself?
Employee Mindset: A boss or manager sets and oversees your tasks and hours.

Business Owner Mindset: Successful entrepreneurs are masters of time management and multi-tasking.  Therefore, Self-discipline is a vital factor to growing a successful business. A business owner must be consistently self-directed and self-motivated to do those things that will keep his/her business moving forward. Self-discipline is about doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.

4. Can you manage money wisely?
Employee Mindset: Someone else takes all the financial risks for building a successful and profitable business. Business Owner Mindset: If you decide to start a business, how do you intend to finance your business?

Furthermore, a key factor to starting a business is being ready to handle the financial ups and downs of opening and wa_make_money_125X125growing a new business. Are you willing to take business classes, learn new money management skills and even hire professionals who can help handle your finances?

5. Do you know how to measure success?
Employee Mindset: Your boss sets the standard by which they measure and reward your successes – pay raises, awards, recognition, etc.

Business Owner Mindset: A successful business owner knows, almost instinctively, how to set his or her own internal and external “barometers of success.” As an entrepreneur you are responsible for, setting your own standard of excellence. It is important, even before beginning your business, to be fully aware and understand your “barometers of success” and how you professionally measure success. Do you measure success by money earned, recognition received, etc.?

6. Are you comfortable creating your own paycheck?
Employee Mindset:  While your employer is responsible for your paycheck, benefits, and other job expenses.  With a home business, you get paid regularly.

Business Owners Mindset: Business owners are responsible for creating their own paycheck, retirement plan, taxes, insurance, vacation pay, etc. There will probably be times when you won’t receive a regular paycheck. Being your own boss means taking risks and living with the financial uncertainty that often comes with owning a business.  Moreover, are you willing to take financial and professional risks? Are you willing to live with the stress that often accompanies an uncertain paycheck?

7. Do you know your professional worth?
Employee Mindset: An employer tells and shows you how much you are worth by the amount they are willing to pay you.  Remember, when you are an entrepreneur, you determine your own worth!

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you all the best with your choice between A Job Or Work At Home online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Furthermore, let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.                   

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  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for commenting Andrew, I appreciate it. I think the balance between job and family is when you are at work then work and when you are with family be apart of family activities. the challenge to give time to both is respecting the value of both.

  2. Andrew

    This is phenomenal! I have been looking for this information as I am starting my own success coaching business. These tidbits are perfect for clients and I will make sure to reference this site as my source! Keep up the great work. The scope of information here is incredible! For someone just launching is it recommended to integrate both job and business in equal amounts or is there a better method to balancing the transition?

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