Affiliate Marketing Is Business

By | September 19, 2016

Hello to you all, always glad to have you back. Have you ever thought of affiliate marketing as anything other than a business?  Affiliate Marketing is Business.  I have always wanted to be an independent person, and that include the way in which I earn a living.  Affiliate marketing provides me a way not only to earn income independently, but I am the boss who does it from home.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of an affiliate (you), promoting an advertiser’s product or service whereby the affiliate earns a commission after a customer clicks on the advertiser’s website and makes a purchase or some other qualifying interaction.

My retirement, because of disability has left me limited in the physical things I can do. Therefore, I wanted an online business with a passion.  It keeps me busy helping others, and it provides income.  I did research the different online business opportunities and discovered that of all the ways one could make money online; affiliate marketing was a door that opened many different avenues for earning money online.

I found a robust affiliate program (Wealthy Affiliate) and for the past three yrs. I have been fulfilling the passion and earning an excellent income. Is affiliate marketing business? It’s mine.

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Affiliate Marketing Is Business

Business can be defined in many ways and here is one; that with which a person is principally and gravely concerned: Example; Words are a writer’s business.  One idiom for it is; business is business, meaning profit has precedence over personal considerations. I don’t know about you but all the above tells me business is anything that you put your mind to achieve some positive result, be it monetary or for some other personal reason. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Your Business?

I realize that what is good for me may not necessarily be right for you.  So before you follow my lead consider this;   Affiliate marketing is very effective, It is a low-cost high-profit industry if done right (Affiliate Marketing a Guide).

Is There a Secret to Online Marketing?
No rule will guarantee results, but one key factor is trust.  The key to any online marketing strategy is your website designed with the consumer in mind and is created with the intention of helping others first; that’s the key for me.  Do not concentrate on income; that is automatic when everything else is done right.

Your site is up 24/7, and it represents you to your customers and prospects when it is convenient for them.  When prospects visit your site or even when prospects hear about you through a referral, your site should be a simple, high-quality manifestation of your product or service, and is always working on your behalf, providing information that solves your target audience problem. 

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Tips For Affiliate Success

Affiliate marketing has been recognized as one of the fastest growing and most efficient channels within digital and one where we see advertisers invest in a lot more. Considering this, here are some marketing tips;

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Finding Target Audience:

Knowing what your audience wants, is a major factor for conversions, whatever your niche may be, your viewers want information first.  The more detailed quality information in your review, the better.

Quality vs. quantity:

As a home business owner who are you writing too?  The consumer right?  They are your bread and butter, so when you write to them, do so in an engaging way. Content marketing is a customer-centric strategy.  Present your content so that it’s: 


Your quality content must helpful, interesting and best delivered in a storytelling fashion.


Knowing the who, what, when, where, how and why answers whenever they are best and needed.  Give them reviews, ratings, and comparisons. With the content, you write; know you are writing to a specific audience and who that audience is. There is different content for different audiences.  With any answers or quotes you publish, make sure they are accurate.


Why the product you are promoting is the best. Remember, you are writing to real people with real questions about the product you are promoting, and that poor spelling and grammar leave a negative impression on a brand.

Data analysis

The analysis is essential. The quality analysis will allow you to understand the challenges and highlights of the past year.  With each affiliate possessing a vastly different audience demographic, it was imperative to give the attention to that which beneficial.  Being able to see which product generated sales, and which category was key, enabled better planning for future campaigns.

Test and learn

Amongst the digital advertising and marketing disciplines, incorporate display campaigns via key category sites, email and strategies for mobile amongst others.


The success of an affiliate program has to be deepened with a relationship between you and your prospects.  By investing in your website, designing, messaging and expanding into new formats, can offer an interaction with customers that keep them interested and builds trust.  Define the role of affiliates in our clients’ business, and create new personal strategies that interact to better sales to their organization.

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let’s communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch.   

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