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By | March 29, 2017

Hey everybody, always glad to have you back.  This article; Internet Solutions For Marketing,  I will discuss how Internet marketing comes down to analyzing data from, promotions, social media diagnosis from analysis, SEO and networking for the overall solution.  All coming from many segments from each platform. 

This could range from analyzing keywords, target audiences, conversions, sessions, page/sessions, bounce rate etc.  At first look, you are probably thinking this is a lot of data resulting in lots of time consumption.  Does it seems a bit overwhelming?  Yeah, it does. But don’t panic, there is a way to reduce the use of time for Internet Solutions For Marketing

Internet Solutions For Marketing

FIrst of all, define what you are working towards.  Without a plan, you’ll, get distracted and look at a lot of stuff that may interfere  with your goals.

Concentrate on the data that will lead to your objectives and answer your important questions. From this, you can take more efficient action.

If you are a solo operation, use automated tools for your campaigns.  Automated tools  will handle the monitoring and deliver data for your diagnosis.  However, there is automated software that will recommend a diagnostic analysis also.  Then there is IOT, which brings information to us in real time

Internet Solutions-IOTConsequently, this is an alternative for freeing up a lot of your time.  When gathering your data get as close to fruition as possible.

I suggest rather than depending on one analytic tool, try using two or three and make comparisons.

A few that come to mind are Adobe Analytics (who recently acquired Omniture), and Google Analytics.  Most noteworthy: analytics tools report differently for the same issues of a website.  Therefore, compare the results and follow the trends.

Major Segments

Some may differ as what is the most important segment.  For me, it is conversions and traffic.  Traffic and conversions are co-dependent when it comes to analyzing data.   Internet Solutions-major segmentsYou can’t have conversions without traffic.  And to determine if your traffic is targeting the right audience you look at the conversions.

Marketing efforts can be very ad hoc; finding a solution for this and a solution that.  Therefore, it comes down to visitors in relation to subscribers.  Once I monitor and get that number.  I can use the metric to spot any anomalies in  in reference to conversions and traffic.

The Big Picture

You can easily change the value of almost any metric by just changing your data sample size. You also know that no two analytics tools report same website usage data even for the same website.

Internet Solutions-the big picture Measure the performance of your campaigns by page performance.  Do not get caught up with minute details.

Uese the 80/20 rule:  80% of your output comes from 20% of your input.  So find that 20% that is most effective and concentrate on that. Optimize Smart

Consider The Following Tips With Your Internet Solutions

 Do not rush to decisions.

A quick decision for a short term solution often times results in negative long-term consequences.

 Do not try to where to many hats 

A part of  working from your passion in business is trying to do it all. Maintain your focused in your journey.

 Tweak, rather than slash

Companies dramatically curtail or even drop some or all of their marketing plans when finances are tight. Most often, I’ve seen advertising cut or even stopped entirely. That’s a false economy.

First, there are still prospects and customers out there. That means opportunities to develop your existing accounts and generate new accounts out of what remains of your market.

Seize on the opportunity to prepare for the future

Look at economic changes as an opportunity rather than a problem. A glass-half-full approach will get you farther than a glass-half-empty start.

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We are here to train anyone who wants or have a home business.  It is free to start.  So come see how we roll.  Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you. 

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