Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

By | February 29, 2016

Hey, thanks for the visit. Strategies for Affiliate Marketing can be interpreted or defined differently from marketer to marketer. But there are strategical points that we all have in our marketing plan.  Affiliate marketing is an online business where affiliates promote their own or an advertiser’s product or service, to receive a commission. When a consumer either signs up, make a purchase or link to an advertiser’s website by way of the affiliates website and their affiliates link to the advertiser’s website. When one of these processes are completed, the commission is paid.  

In order to earn commissions, marketers need the right strategy at the right time.  The best strategy for affiliate marketing is to be educated in the purchase cycle of a consumer, from their initial interest to an decision to purchase. This will let you know exactly what strategy to use in your consumer interaction.  It bows well to know what your target audience concerns, the ability to show you are like minded and speak their language.  Affiliate marketing is in a continued growth with advertisers making more of a commitment to their ability to attract customers.

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Strategies for Affiliate Marketing 

A marketer’s goal yes, is to make money, but that is not the focus of their strategy for success,  The focus is on reaching and solving the customers problems.  By doing so a loyalty and trust for the affiliate have been formed.  This leads to continued success because you have just become a source to reach out to when your customer needs answers.  

The introductory quality content between you and your prospect should be in a storytelling type content format. First, introducing yourself and an experience personal or generic, that is related to your targeted audience.  Followed by a scenario of how your targeted audience or individual prospects lifestyle could be altered by such a problem or concern.  Ending with a solution, after going full circle, with your storytelling approach.  End with a list of some of your qualifications and experiences.  Remember that you are not trying to make a sell at this point, but only trying to help inform and show how your product or service is a solution.  

Proven Strategies

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The timing of your responses has to as close to instantaneous as possible.  This can be accomplished with related software and automated platforms designed to eliminate you from having to do it yourself.  and the speed of your website connections when it is being loaded and the internal and external links need to be maintained and fast as well so you won’t regret losing a prospect before they even get started.  

Finding your target audience in the different mediums require different approaches for each medium.  Using the same content within a different context is how to go about it.  But again do not come in trying to make a sell, some social mediums trying to make a sell here is never the way to go, audiences here are not trying to buy anything.  

Affiliate program networks are where many of your more widely known products and services reach out to affiliate marketers.  But it is not the only means for the marketer to find a way to promote this is why affiliate marketing is so cool, it is the different avenues available to them to make money.  You can go by way of an affiliate network, or you can go independently, guest publishing, podcasts, webinars, training, and online courses.

In order for your published work to be seen by search engines, it needs to be SEO compliant, and mobile friendly.  Both of which have to have an interesting draw and that begin with   the title that is indexed for people to see when they are searching.  Your title not only has to be eye catching it has to be in relation to the content.

Your leads are obtained mainly through emails, this is a part of marketing that has its own entity entirely.  The approach to this is most definitely automation.  There is no way around the need for an email list if you want to increase or maximize continued lead growth.  

Finally, remember to always work with the motivated passion you had when you started your journey. Keep in tune with what your competitors are doing, not to imitate but to get a better overall look at your niche.  Know what’s trending and stay updated on changes in technology.  And for the best strategy for affiliate marketing is to have a print out of you “WHY” and place it in your office so you can see it every day.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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4 thoughts on “Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

  1. stephen hart

    Great article.

    I have been an internet marketer for a few years now and I struggled at first.

    I just used to post out affiliate offers to any and everyone.

    It was not until I started researching my chosen niche, got to understand what problems they were having, spending time on keyword research and optimizing my pages that I started to make some serious money.

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