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By | April 14, 2016

What is it like to Work Online From Home?  It is freedom of travel; it is having the luxury of rolling out of bed and viewing how much money you made yesterday without ever leaving the house.

It is scheduling your work day as you see fit. It is cost effective. Sounds good right. Read on and I will ask you the question again, and if your answer is yes this looks good then we’re in business. Because as much as I would like to help you become a success with a home business, there is the flip side.

To Work Online From Home, you are benefited with a lot of perks.  But before you can reap those benefits you have some work to do, actually a lot of work to do. I work from home, so I know what I am saying.

To achieve success with a home business, one must have or develop a mental state built on persistence. And I mean your state of mind must inherit the full meaning of its definition, and apply it to your home business. I want to stress this because it is a must have for obtaining success with a home business. Before a Home Business 

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Work Online From Home 

To have the ability to earn income while helping others and becoming an authoritative figure in any particular niche of your choosing will take time. To gain the trust and a loyal following from customers can only come with time.

Trust and Loyalty  I hope you do not think this is too overwhelming, it’s not. Although you are coming into this business as a newbie, it will be your continued learning that will build self-confidence. As long as you stay focused on honing your craft, you will see the pieces of what may seem like a 3000 piece puzzle that you have to assemble by yourself began to take shape.

The best business to work online from home especially for startups is affiliate marketing it is a low-cost, high-profit industry, and the amount of money you will make will solely be up to YOU. Sounds cool?

It is happening now, by ordinary people who put their pants on one leg at a time like all the rest of us and is now earning income weekly, if not daily.

The difference being, among the ones who are making money and the ones who are not, I know you heard this before, and that is taking ACTION, it is then when the ordinary set themselves up to be extraordinary. It did you know it, and I know it. “The wishbone will never replace the backbone.”- Will Henry.

What prevents someone from pulling the trigger to make a life change?

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A few reasons are probably justifiable, such as health, life conditions that suddenly arises, winning the lottery, or an inheritance that sets you up for life, what are the odds.

But what I think stops a lot of people is self-doubt, negative thinking, taking what comes, believing you have to play the cards you are dealt, blaming it on their environment, listening to others who’ll say you can’t.

Please realize that those are the one who are not successful and will never be successful. They need to find some positive like minded people who will hold them accountable. There is a saying “You are only as successful as the closest five people who you surround yourself with”.

Because that is where your support lies, along with motivation, it fuels the desire to go after what you want. I have a friend that I consider as my brother (who is one of the five closest I want to surround myself with), his name is Harry Weaver III, he spoke of a coach who said “if you are going to play this game you got to have some dog in you son. Ain’t no substitute for having’ some dog in you!”

As an adult, Harry and I both, realize that he was speaking about football, not for the sake of football, but as an allegory for life. He was on point. Thanks, Coach.

How I do it from home

I choose the road to success by the path of affiliate marketing. Because being an affiliate marketer allows me to do and have all the pleasantries that I mentioned earlier, and more.

Here is my story

Although my wife and I are comfortable with our lifestyles, when all of a sudden, (that’s the way it felt to me) we have five grandchildren 1 to 4 yrs. of age.

These kids are the love of our lives. And although my legacy to them isn’t much, I want to be able to give them the trips to Disney, karate, swimming, piano lessons and anything else I can introduce them to, not to spoil but to cultivate them into productive members of society.

Understand that these children are what my wife and I live for, and take pleasure with thanking the supreme architect of all that is, for sending us this blessing.

My retirement, because of disability has left me limited in the physical things I can do. Therefore, I wanted an online business with a passion for them kids, and beheld, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) drop in my lap.

Like anything anyone has done with passion and commitment, success will follow. My intent with this affiliate program. And after starting in April of 2014, I can and do confirm the legitimacy of this program.

“Anything worth having is worth working hard for.”

I reached goals that I would have never accomplished. By taking action to reinvent myself, creating my website, where I put in the work every day, helping it progress toward becoming an authoritative site in my number one priority.

I have surrounded myself with others who push and motivate me to keep going forward, through the Wealthy Affiliate program. This program is for everyone, no matter what your background is.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to teach everyone how to work from home online. By instilling in its members that they are a community that is here to help each other.

And this is what they do, with over a 2000,000 members from around the world, you will see and be pleased with members who have been here longer than others, and the founders as well, give advice, help, motivate, problem-solve, and answer questions.

The worst thing you could do now is not to try this free to start the program; there is plenty to lose and everything to gain. I encourage you to give yourself a chance.

If one commits to this program, I see them being successful in their journey. That is why I refer and direct my visitors to their courses, and why I easily became an affiliate of WA and encouraged any beginner or seasoned marketer to do the same.  Is your answer to the question first mentioned at the beginning of the article still “yes working online from home is cool”?  Then, by all means, let’s get started.

Thanks for stopping by,  I wish all your work online from home the best , and may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let’s communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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