A Global Connection Can Bring Unity

By | August 2, 2020

A Global Connection. Is bringing a united front where all are fighting for a common cause. And living in the trying times of today, with a pandemic, recession, and racism all getting the attention it deserves, a change is needed to combat these common causes. The information age has made it possible for us to reach one another on a global scale.

When you think about that, it is amazing what this technology has done. Like-minded people who have never met can get on the internet and interact and share, collaborate, and exchange ideas. To work from home on the internet, and running your own online business is a life changer for millions of people worldwide. Not only for workers online. But also for the millions of people around the world searching online for anything and everything.

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If one’s awareness is not clouded by closed-minded thinking and misguided beliefs. One will come to realize that what is most astounding is the universal connection between all humans. Despite differences in culture, regions, and the ways of the world that keep us at odds.

A Global Connection

The human connection to one another is more powerful than this human-made global relationship. The human relationship is a universal connection. Could it happen? Am I thinking too big? Maybe, but there are sectors of people all over the world with this same mindset.

Having an open mind, and holding strong to my core beliefs. Allows me to see and focus on the big picture. When you think of humans as a whole, the world is a much smaller place. Which is more evident by the interactions we see on the internet.

Moreover, when we act under an umbrella of unity, only then will we have the opportunity to preserve morality, humility, and the planet. For the first time, human species have the capability for A Global Connection.  

The question is, how can we use this connection for the greater good of us all. My meaning of a global connection is using the technology we have to spread the message that we are all humans.

No matter where we live. Moreover, each one should help one whenever possible. I believe this power and greed way of life is what’s keeping us selfish. Breeding “me first” mentality.

Global Connection of unity

 A World Connection 

A World Connection is a not for profit organization bringing together socially-minded individuals, ideas, and resources to effect positive, and sustainable social change globally. AGC dedicates there the organization to empower women and children through community involvement that will provide a foundation for self-awareness and positive change globally. 

Edna Sackson

Edna Sackson is a teacher that is making a difference.  She is a learner and an inquirer, a teacher and Learning Coordinator at an International Baccalaureate PYP Primary Years Programme school in Melbourne, Australia.  She is also a Consultant, presenter and workshop facilitator on these topics and more:

She uses all her resources and connects children from all over the world. Her students are connecting, sharing, teaching, and getting an education that you will never get out of a book.  

So you see there are people out there who think like me. The global connection is real, and it can grow even bigger than the individual sectors out there making positive, productive admirable connections.  

Seeing the wonderful works just by these two institutions erases any doubt about like-minded people such as myself in defining a global connection.  When we are separated and influenced by the government of the land in which we live, we become subjects bound by the laws of said government, under these circumstances global thinking is only thought if that.

Yes, the capabilities to have a global connection are here, but because of regulations that differ from country to country, the connection is limited to allied countries being connected. Moreover, in some cases, more restrictions are placed on the use of people connecting within their country.  

The world has become smaller in the context of communication. I live in the United States and not only speak, but I can see a person in Italy who is in my network of online marketers.

Global Connection a new world order.

Machine To Machine (M2M)

The talk of a new world order where there are the same laws governing worldwide is impossible for the world today, but with this ever-evolving technology, the limitations of the technology today will be surpassed and will have advanced by leaps and bounds in the future. In my lifetime the probability is slim, I was born in 1959, so if I am lucky, I might see this new way of life in its infancy.

M2M technology powered by big data is being used today and has been for a while now. However, it has just scratched the surface of what is to come.  It will be a slow transition full of anticipation for the generations of today, but for the toddlers living today they and the generations to follow, they will accept it as a way of ordinary life.  

Just like the generations of the Stone Age. Which welcomed in the Age of Agriculture and saw it give way to the Industrial Age. Which gave way to the age of computerization the generations of today will give way to the age of Big Data.

Old School 

There is a saying in use today, and it is the term “old school” which means one lives and likes the way things are and were in there the past.  That is how I describe myself.  See because I am “old school,” I cannot accept Machine to Machine operating without the human interface and not question how it affects human to human interaction.  

You can already see if you pay attention, to how social media and digital smart devices have changed us. With the mask of anonymity, we can speak to a mass of people at once with the majority of it being a meaningless conversation.

You can be in a room full of people. Alternatively, in a room of more than one person in it. Moreover, you will see A person operating a smartphone. More so than you will see communicating verbally with each other.  

If each one of us could become made aware of future possibilities that technology will bring. Moreover, by thinking ahead while becoming educated global thinkers. A universal connection could make the push toward an international policy adapted, but not accepted by all.

You have an opinion; I know you do. Leave it below. Let the internet be your soap-box to the world. Moreover, if that is not enough, I can help you turn your voice, service, or product into a profitable online business. My marketing team will train you intensely on how to set up an online business. Why for free? Because everybody loves free. :).

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16 thoughts on “A Global Connection Can Bring Unity

  1. Melani

    The world really different since the invention of internet technology. World is smaller now. It make the far distance closer. I can communicate with everyone from various countries almost in real time. That only need a smartphone that the price tend to decrease time to time and enough pulsa. All technology have positive and negative impacts. We must control its usage wisely or the technology control our activity. Many benefits of internet so we must learn how to use it for our familly and business benefits.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    The purpose of a mentor is to guide and critique. Any successful online business man understands that it pays to be helpful and give back. To concentrate only on yourself and your business is selfish and you gain nothing from it

  3. Andrei

    Hmm… This is an interesting subject. I am wondering how people have enough free time in order to help the others out since they are too busy to run their own online business. How hard is to find a good mentor within Wealthy Affiliate?

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I totally agree with your inpu. I wish you would spread your thought so others will pick up on this topic and take action

  5. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I agree social networks. Has allowed for us all ro learn about things and cultures we could only dream about. Now, with humbleness and gratitude an open mind can change things for the better.

  6. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Vince, when I started reading your posts I felt the energy through the topics you write. I do not know if you remember but I left you a comment stating I felt some type of a kindred spirit of positive energy coming from you. And nothing has changed about that.

    I believe the socialization between everyone has been lessened due to technology that has completely negated the human touch. Thanks. I always appreciate your input.

  7. Vince

    Excellent read Maurice. I think society is losing the human connection and I also have lost too much of the human relationship with many freind. Communicating M2M is killing our soul and we need to reconnect.

    We’ve never met but if I see you in the street, I’ll stop and shake your hand and say hello.

    All the best.

  8. Yvonne

    Technology has made the world a village. WA is a great platform to learn everything about starting an online business. I’ve been with them for 2 years and everyday is a learning experience!

  9. Dira

    Love your article! Knowledge is powerful. The more we know, understand and respect each others idea the better we will be. From my experience the most successful projects is the one where we had people from different backgrounds working together towards the same goal.
    Unfortunately knowledge is not promoted as it should because its a threat to the elite groups. Fortunately the rise of internet provided the platform for many to obtain information, since most of the initial stories on the news are probably false. Today we are able to look for both sides of the story to understand the story, unfortunately not everybody bothers to get the second side.

  10. gord

    Awesome post Maurice! Yes technology has really changed things and HAS brought unity, and it’s just going to be a matter of time when people start to accept that. I saw a while back now, how Google was working on a video conferencing real-time translator. It was amazing and maybe that was what you were referring to as well? Rare to see a marketer talking about real social consciousness. And that is really nice to see. It gave you a credibility others don’t have imo. I’m checking out your team now.

  11. Luna

    Hi, Maurice, I love the Global Connection idea. Right away I imagined what it would be like if we were united and become our brother’s keeper. It is a fact that Social Media has changed us. We now have thousands of friends on Social Media and we do not know our neighbors.

    The Free Training at WA is a good one. I hope your readers will try the offer. If they do I know they will be so fascinated that they will sign up for Premium.
    Thanks for the post.

  12. DeepikaJ

    Your article actually convinced me to click on ‘Tap Here’ even though I am already a member of WA 🙂
    All the best!!

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