A New Day To Be A New You

By | July 1, 2020

 A New Day to be a new you. The world is changing right before our eyes. And for those who have the sense to recognize its effect on our lives, are the ones who adapt to the change. The pandemic, the world leaders who are as lost as most of us are not painting a pretty picture for us to follow.

We must become freewill thinkers with the premise coming from the heart. When we think and act on our internal feelings, only then will the world change for the better.

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There is no time except the time you have right now.  Because tomorrow is not guaranteed and the past is lost forever.  You cannot put a price high enough on time.  As fleeting as time is, it is still taken for granted by most.

The very thing we take for granted ironically is the most important for anyone’s most sought after pursuits.  Your every want, dream, wish, or passion should not be put in the “I will do it later” column.  The phrase “It Is A New Day,”  I think  could be more accurately put by saying  “It Is The Only Day.”  What do you think?

To quote my favorite rapper Tupac: “Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is what dies inside you while you are still alive.”  

No one wants regrets.  So, if you ever said:  “It Is A New Day” take time and reflect on what that really means.

For me it means; I must have self-awareness with an understanding of the bigger picture in life and act upon it. Face my fears and develop a counter punch driven with positivity to knock attack blocking me from my destiny.  How do define this man’s statement?

A New Day

You have the time in every moment you are awake, to pursue what you want the most. Well, why are you not doing just that?  The truth is we are unknowingly concentrating on actions that deflect us from our true purpose, and it is because of the deflection we exist in life instead of living life.

it is a new day, never quitTherefore, if your life can be defined as one who exists, then you can only say: “today is another day.”

However, you are not honest if you say: It Is A New Day if you do not value time or have no purpose in life.  Take on the challenge or fend off the deflections that intentionally block from what really matters.

The majority of us with all eyes open are existing in life following a negative life pattern fueled by deflection.  Your life is being destroyed, and t is not your own.

You exist to follow a design lifestyle made by world leaders so they can control world order.  The leaders of the world will and have started wars, and create racial divides.

All explained as clashes follow by a make sense reason why these things happen. All extreme circumstances or happenstance in the world are done so the cause and effect results in a manner predetermined by the world leaders.

It is a new day the nine to five job is not a certainty Deflections

It Is A New Day or is it?  Let’s see; you wake up; rise and shine.  Today’s agenda is as follows, go to work come home to take care of family needs, and personal matters.

You reflect on your encounters throughout the day while watching your favorite TV programs.  You do this day in, and day out, it is your life routine.

When is it time for you?  The weekend, I do not think so. Most weekends are spent catching up on what you did not do during the week. Here are a few deviations that go unnoticed.

  •  TV
  • religion
  • school curriculum
  • mass media
  • fashion
  • status
  • racism
  • money
  • negative emotions
  • world leaders
  • weekends

Any endeavor that interferes with you identifying and living the purpose you were put on earth to do is meant to deflect you from what matters most, your destiny.  Every deflection I mentioned above is an encounter you will face unknowingly if you merely exist and accept them as a way of life.  

However, a person that is self-aware knows why things are the way they are.  Therefore, they know how to play this game called life; you get in where you fit in. Your life’s purpose or destiny may fulfill a particular niche for like-minded people that want to hear what you have to say.


It is a new day, start freshEmpower yourself.  Take control of life.  I want to quote this phrase I heard on a “youtube” video.  It is a phrase said from an unknown source: “once you awaken and as soon as you raise your head, you got everything you need.”  You will not understand this profound sentence if you have no self-awareness.

Empowerment in action refers to the process of being surrounded by like-minded and supportive people, believing in yourself, and becoming self-aware.

Furthermore, one will not be able to act upon or apply the sentence by the unknown author quoted above to a life that is just existing and not living.  These three components will take you to a state of empowerment.

Any action creates a reaction that creates a circumstance.  Therefore, the thoughts that you choose to act on determines your lifestyle.  Know that you do not have to have an ordinary existence.  Anybody that is extraordinary is a success because they realize It Is A New Day and seized the moment to blaze a new path. 


I appreciate you taking your valued time for this visit.  It Is A New Day, and change is occurring as the present, and future generations are asking why this and why that.  Moreover, as they try to answer the questions, they are becoming free will thinkers and self-aware.

It is a new day a change is comingLiving within the status quo is not a satisfying lifestyle alternative.  Self-awareness gives rise to freewill-thinking which gives rise to self-expression. Therefore, self-expression can be beneficial.  Which explains why online home businesses is a growing industry.

Moreover, an online home based business is the ideal platform for explaining and convincing why your thoughts, goods, or services are the most helpful within the audience you target.

“It Is A New Day,”  and if you can say it with the confidence you are ready to change your life for the better.  I want you to join my online marketing team now!   We will walk you through step by step and start you off with $3000.00 of training for free to get you one step closer to a successful home business. Furthermore, there are more bonuses if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and stay after your free training.

See You On The Other Side

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2 thoughts on “A New Day To Be A New You

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Yes it does s time. It is a mental thing, mind control can not be obtained over night. It takes practice. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy I’m saying is going to be worth it

  2. Leeah

    I am currently trying “live in the moment.” It is so much easier said than done! There are so many responsibilities and various things vying for our time every day.

    I am working hard to pursue my goals, passions, and dreams in this life. I agree, we can’t take our time for granted. I have been truly blessed with passions and talents. It’s time to use a little elbow grease and dream big.

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