About Me And My Mission

About Me-my wife and I

About Me 

Hi, everybody, I am Maurice Jackson, a retiree from the city of Detroit,   I would like to tell you About Me And My Goals.  I’ve been here all my life. I love my city, even with the hard times and the bad reputation that it seems to carry.

Detroiters build strength from that and we know we can make it here.  See it is noteworthy to know we understand how comics, the media and outsiders give and get the wrong perception.  Because their focus is only on the negative


About Me-Naomii[1]

Naomi:    Detroit has had struggles with city politics, like people in many other cities, and I’ve taken financial setbacks because of it.  Also being once a city employee I probably have taken more than noncity employees.

About Me-Ava Rai

Ava Rai:     Because of this, I have learned to adjust to situations that are presented to me and stay positive when attacking them, see living in the “D” can break you, if you let it, and I haven’t been broken.

The Love of Our Lives

Although my wife and I are comfortable with our lifestyles, when all of a  sudden, (that’s the way it felt to me anyway) we have five grandchildren 4 to 7 yrs. of age.

These kids are the love of our lives; you can see by the pictures why they are adored.  And although my legacy to them isn’t much.  I want to be able to give them the trips to Disney, karate, swimming, piano lesson.  And anything else I can introduce them to.  Not to spoil but to cultivate them into productive members of society.

When you become a grandparent, you realize more so now than ever that you created a generation that created a generation that has the world’s future in their hands.

Although I can never teach them about their culture in an ancestral way, I can teach them about respect and be true to yourself,  and the importance of faith, hope, and charity with charity being the most important of all.

About Me-Monae[1]


I suppose by now you understand that these children are what my wife and I live for, and take pleasure with thanking the supreme architect of all that is, for sending us the blessing of  Zaria, Ava Rai, Naomi, Monae, and, Julius.
 My retirement, because of disability has left me limited in the physical things I can do.  Therefore, I wanted an online business with a passion for them kids, and low and behold, the Wealthy Affiliate Program, drop in my lap.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Because It Is The Best

Like anything anyone does with passion and commitment, success will follow.  This is my intent with this affiliate program. And after starting in April of 2014, I can and do confirm the legitimacy of this program.

About Me-Zaria[1]


 Without a doubt after visiting comparable sites to Wealthy Affiliate, they by far lead the way in offering an opportunity that might not be attainable if they charged the value of what I’m getting for free in the first ten courses.
The knowledge I gained here so far tells me the additional training offered by Wealthy Affiliate will be as hands on and a step by step walk through as it was with my first free lessons. So I anxiously await the Premium package that follows.

Furthermore, I must say that in my short time with Wealthy Affiliate, I believe wholeheartedly in this affiliate program.

 I have the utmost confidence and appreciation in Kyle and Carson, the founders and the main course instructors and in their way of simplifying the training.

This is why I refer and direct my visitors to their courses and why I easily became a member of Wealthy Affiliate and encouraged anyone who wants to reinvent themselves do the same.

About Me-Ju Ju earning his first belt


My intentions are, to help any and everyone with affiliate marketing as a home business, become a successful professional.  My first career was working for the city of Detroit as an inspector, where I thought I would retire.  But life brings change and surprises.

I  sustained an injury that led to an earlier retirement than I had planned.  However, with that said I reinvented myself in April of 2014 and, became part of the Wealthy Affiliate program.  

Within the time of my reinvention leading up to the present, I am generating lots of traffic to my website, and it grows every dayROI has been minimal but then again I invested nothing to start.

I am at the point of letting my site mature, as I keep writing quality content about marketing and self-awareness.  In this business, you have to pay your dues.

And, I and the rest of our family (become a member and you will see the family side of it)  of 509.000,  including the founders of the program (yes they participate), will see to it that we all will be making a substantial amount of revenue.

 My QualificationsAbout Me-the author

Certification Courses

 Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2) Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3) Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4) The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)

Independent Certifications

CompTIA A+ CERTIFICATION,  Independent Career for Degree Studies Associate Science and Technical Degree in Civil Eng.  Also Michigan Laborers Training Institute certification in Blueprint Reading/measuring tools certification.   Construction Math certification and Commercial Driving License.

I show my independent certifications and could have shown more.  Hence this is an effort to show that one does not have to have a history in affiliating marketing.  You can have an online business no matter what you did in the past.  My goal is for you and me to make a lot of money with Wealthy Affiliate as the tool to do so.

  Here is an update of our  grand-babies 

About me-Grandchildren

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you have blessings and prosperity. Please let us communicate, comments are important.  Share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.       

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12 thoughts on “About Me And My Mission

  1. Igor

    Hi Maurice!

    Very nice site. Good job! Home business is a real stuff if conducted properly. WA is a real place to learn stuff and to be engaged. I am also going through the certification learning process and accomplished yesterday Level 2. passing now to level 3.

    I wish you all the best to you and your lovely family!

  2. Andrea

    All of your grandchildren are SOOOO CUTE!!! Sending you, your wife, and your entire family love & light and much success now and in the future! I think that anyone that joins your team will be happy that they made this decision because it provides an opportunity for anyone if they are willing to be consistent with their work and believe in their dreams.

  3. Angieina

    Hi Maurice , I like your site . You have laid out your content for an interesting read and very helpful to anyone wishing to try internet marketing. In your about me ,you have a lovely family.

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Paul thank you for taking the time to comment on my website. And I appreciate the inspiring remarks

  5. Paul Goodwin

    Hello Maurice

    This is a very nice site and I love the pics of you and the family looks really great

    Thisn is a noce easy to read site withn good layout and I think you will do well

    best regards



    Hello I read the page, found it to be very interesting and the page is well set out .

    Good luck for the future with this website.

    Niel Olsen

  7. Robert Allan

    Hi Maurice

    If you have read my profile in WA and in it you will have seen I have been in internet marketing for a few years now and I went through all the ups and downs like you and everyone else who has had a ‘Dabble’. Had my fair share of scams as well from the so-called experts who at the end of the day are only out to fleece you.
    But if you are really interested and want to make an income from the internet from home you have to put those experiences behind you and soldier on.

    You have a nice site Maurice. Well laid out with lots of useful information for your visitors.

    People do leave their usual job for a wide variety of reasons. A good many actually dream about working from home, and of course some make it, but a lot don’t because they think they can just jump in and be millionaires in no time at all.

    I know, and you know only too well it takes a lot of work and it depends entirely how much you put into it what you will eventually get out off it, and I do say eventually because there’s no way its going to happen overnight.

    Now as we both know if you have a good platform to work from and good support with lots of help and training then you are at least off to a good start.

    We both have it with Wealthy Affiliate and hopefully visitors to this site will realize this and sign up to a free Starter Membership through your links or mine.
    The site I put with this reply is another one of my WA ones on Disability and Work From Home. You might like to take a look at it when you have the time.

    Robert Allan

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