Achieve A Work And Life Balance With Your Online Business

By | May 13, 2017

It takes commitment to Achieve A Work And Life Balance?  Hello to you all.  I am going to rush throughp this so I can make it to my grandson’s baseball game.  He is the starting pitcher and since I am behind schedule I am in a bit of a hurry.  Wait a minute, I just received a text message:  We have just been invited to my favorite restaurant after the game.

Since today was a scheduled work day, I better put something together quick if I want to call it a productive day for my business.  As you see, I did not Achieve A Work And Life Balance at all with the way I spent my day.

I did not get up early enough to take care of any business.  Furthermore, the worst thing of all is I showed no commitment to my business plan or my mission statement.

But I enjoyed my day, partly anyways.  Overall, my day would have been more enjoyable had I exercised a better work ethic.  I realize there are no days off in the game of life.

Because time is of the essence.  Therefore, anyone with a purpose in life and wants a successful journey needs a balance between work and life activities.  Furthermore, your work and life need quality and positive experiences to become a better you.

Achieve A Work And Life Balance

Achieve A Work And Life Balance- find meaningA productive lifestyle is attainable when your self-awareness is the foundation of your life choices.

Self-awareness, having a purpose in life, and taking action starts you down the path to a successful journey.

However, to have a successful journey you need a plan.  Your strategy in the game of life has to be carried out with a plan that covers every aspect of your life.

My day at the park would have been more satisfying if I had all my ducks in a row.  I knew that I have a business to run.  And, when you are the sole proprietor you must carry out your responsibilities to the letter of your plan.  The responsibility to your business life must run on schedule.

I knew my grandson had a game to play the day before.  Yet, I still rolled out of bed late the morning of the game as if it was the only thing on my schedule.

I did not plan my day ahead of time, nor did I follow the plan to make my strategy work.  Your journey takes a smoother ride when you prioritize and follow the obligations set in place to run your plan functionally.

 A Balanced Life Is Essential

It is essential to be in control and have balance in your life.  Your life should run like a prime well-oiled machine.   Your family, personal and business affairs are equally important.  However, the time allotted for your home business can and must be scheduled.

Achieve A Work And Life Balance-you need to have balance in your lifeYour family and personal affairs and encounters may have to be planned not on the day of the event but the day before at the very latest.

There will always be those unexpected occurrences in your life.

Those of us who have a work-life balance make a point of planning quality time to spend with family and friends with an emphasis on quality.

Many will say a life-work balance is not possible, mathematically it cannot.

However the stronger the sense you have of who you are will set better guidelines for what you consider your balance to be.  Therefore, the truth is that defining one’s work-life balance is really an individual’s own perception.

Spending more time with family is why many people start their own business.  What’s better than working on your schedule and doing the things you love?

Furthermore, there will be instances when certain situations will require more time and attention. You will never divide time in an even manner.  But if you follow plan your perception of a balanced lifestyle will come together.

Benefits Of Having A Work-Life Balance

Achieve A Work And Life Balance-love your jobFor me, Self-awareness is the backbone for success.  It is not easily attained but it can be taught. You can use the following tips right away that will help in discovering your life-balance.

Love your work

With today’s technology, we could find work in our home business around the clock.  Taking a break helps relieve stress, and allows time for meditation.  Tuning out the outside world will help you become centered again and also allow new ideas to enter your thought process.

According to Lewis Howes, entrepreneur, and author of “The School of Greatness” (Rodale Books, 2015), a followed out daily planned routine; sleeping 8 hours, exercise, eating right and being accountable for following your business plan, will make you healthier and happier.  ” Howes said. “Those are the traits that make up the greatest leaders and most successful people.”

Being attentive and accountable for what you are obligated to have a direct bearing on how successful you are in achieving work-life balance.  Providing quality time in every endeavor and aspect of your life will leave lasting memories that will attract positive energies into your thought process.


To Achieve A Work And Life Balance takes commitment and networking with like-minded people.  Your family and friends must be aware and respect your life choices.  By the way, my grandson’s team one to zero.

Often times this means ending relationships to have success with your home business.  The commitment needed to have a successful online business can be supported when you join my marketing team now!

Furthermore, on the business end of discovering your life balance, I can help you make things a lot easier.  We will give you free training  worth in a value of $3,000.oo.

If you choose to become a member we will teach you how to apply your training to start your online business with added bonuses as well.  Remember, to be at your strongest when you are being tested.

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  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Only you will know how to balance the time you spend between life and work. If you can spend quality time in all aspects of your life and comfortable with your performance day in and day out great. If not the prioritize. I wish you the best with your online business. Thanks for responding.

  2. casey

    love the post I can relate some days I have trouble balancing website moderation and my day to day schedule especially when I work an 8-hour job and then come home exhausted sometimes i just have to take a rest and then after i cook and workout make time to work on my site.

  3. Jeff

    You definitely bring up some good points about why it’s important to balance your home business with our friends and family. It’s easy to get sucked in and lose sight of why we wanted to start our own business in the fist place. Nice post.

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    Great info for people looking to balance work and life. A lot of great books intro as well..
    Website is looking great..
    Good job! ^_^


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