Affiliate Fever

By | February 9, 2016

marketing fever

Affiliate Fever is what I got.  Hey everybody, usually my content is technical and filled with quality affiliate marketing content, which I will continue to publish, but right here and now, I have a fever, and it’s at the boiling point.

And if I don’t do something affiliate related I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.  Affiliate marketing is my passion, and I have been doing this for three years now, and my passion hasn’t wavered one bit.

In fact, my affiliate fever has risen to the level past passion, it has become my work, and if you are doing what you want to do, then it does not work.  It is all about me wanting to achieve goals that will ultimately lead to my overall success.  So I advise any to chase your passion and believe in yourself. Affiliate marketing has afforded me the opportunity to make my passion a reality.

Affiliate Fever

There is nothing greater as far as being employed than working for yourself. You will never make the money you want working for someone else.  And the fact that you are doing it for yourself and by yourself,  gives you a tremendous rush of self-esteem which drives you even more to accomplish what you set out to do.

I have always wanted to be my boss, but my ideas required funding to start up the type of businesses I wanted. The type money I didn’t have.  So I continued to work my 9 to 5 year end year out, and in the process, I earned certificates of achievement and promotions.  

It was fulfilling, but I felt that my pay never equaled my work. There was something missing in this equation that kept me from really feeling completely fulfilled and satisfied.

I got caught up in the so-called “American Dream.”  Where you were expected to work 8 hours a day and live as though everything is good.  

Well, I have realized that I did not fit in that way of doing things.  That was for the mass of people who are not being true to their inner self, for those who are satisfied being a statistic in the status quo.


When One Door Closes Another One Opens

Sometimes it takes a major turn of events in one’s life that makes them take a look at where they are in life and know it is time to make a change if you want it to be a meaningful life. 

Making a difference in life is when you choose to help others.  If you look deeply into those who have gained success by working for themselves, you will see that they have that one component in common, they helped others.  They all will speak of the journey and will tell you it is what they cherish the most and hope it will inspire others.

For me, it was an injury that left me limited physically.  I was in a depressed state and a dark place for a while.  I went to therapy and came out of that self-pity and made it my mission to get back to living.

I found affiliate marketing by chance, a fantastic opportunity to help others.  Some say that it was a God send.   I won’t argue with that, but as it turns out, it is the industry that helped me set a course for success, and I haven’t looked back.

A New Beginning 

Money was no longer an issue; it cost nothing to become an affiliate.  With that in hand, I researched the industry, and I asked questions to those in the industry.  If I hadn’t, I most certainly would have fallen for one of the get rich quick schemes that try to bypass the work that is needed and use crooked tactics that always fail. And by the time you realize it, they already have your investment.

affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing it the idea of helping other find their way in online shopping by doing the research and writing reviews about a shoppers need. A true and honest affiliate marketer knows he/she has

nothing to gain and everything to lose if he fails to fulfill a shopper desires.  A true and honest affiliate marketer knows not to promote anything that he/she is not familiar with. What is better than helping others and getting paid while doing it.

My passion runs deep,  I do this not for me but the ones that I live for, my wife and I are blessed by the supreme architect of all there is with 5 grandchildren.  

They keep our hearts pumping, and I will do all that I can to see they have every opportunity that I can afford them.  That is why I have to watch my affiliate fever because if it is not maintained watch daily everyone in my circle loses.

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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