Affiliate Marketing Pros and Cons

By | February 26, 2021

Affiliate Marketing Pros and Cons. Affiliate marketers today, rely on affiliate programs and networks that meet their marketing needs and offer a fair commission. Moreover, a lot of merchants have an affiliate program, now smaller companies are getting into the mix. Even though there are many affiliate programs to choose from, the choice should be made after you know the pros and cons of affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons in affiliate marketing

The business between merchant and publisher is favorable for both sides.  Retailers like affiliate marketing because they create online sales that reach a more extensive client base.  And being motivated by performance-based commissions is incentive enough for the publisher. But to be effective know the pros and cons of affiliate marketing.

Publishers with a lot of traffic or a targeted user-based (which is every marketer’s dream). Moreover, try and see affiliate marketing as a way to convert visitors into revenue without having to deliver products or take orders for goods.

Definition and execution  Pros and Cons and how affiliate marketing works
What exactly is affiliate marketing? It is an agreement between two sides — the advertisers, who want to promote their goods or service, and the publisher, who are owners of the online website. 
The affiliate promotes the advertiser’s product or service through a link or a banner ad placed on their website.

In exchange, the sponsors commit to paying a commission to the affiliate. However, the amount of the fee is dependent on the payment model that the partners have agreed upon. Sounds easy, but it’s not.  This is no “get rich quick” scheme as many are led to believe. Yes, this is a low-cost, high-profit industry.

However, there are many scams throughout the industry that you should know about before making any business decision. To help get your business started, I have created my pros and cons list for those who are considering becoming an affiliate marketer. 

Independent Affiliate Programs

With independent affiliate programs, you get direct dialogue and contact between affiliate and merchant. Therefore, independent affiliate programs are my choice, the program I am with is Wealthy Affiliate, there is no branch network taking part of your commission. Moreover, independent affiliate programs bring transparency between you and the merchant.

An essential element of affiliate marketing campaigns is the success metrics. Evgenii Prussakov, an affiliate marketing expert and program manager who has contributed to the online marketing success of such top brands from Forbes, Nokia, Hallmark,  to Warner Music, advises that there are multiple success metrics.

Conversion rate, measured as the ratio of casual visitors against those who engage in the desired actions, is a critical factor.  It is important to note the size of the company, the brand’s importance, and the sector in which the business operates will affect the rate. For instance, the following industries can expect, on average, the following conversion rates:”

pros and cons working in affiliate marketing

  Pros  Pros and Cons thumbs up

 1) The startup is smooth- there is no fee to become an affiliate. Create a website find an affiliate program, choose a product or service to  promote, and sale

2) Learn while you earn-I did, I joined a program that has a community network of 190,000+ that combined with the founder’s participation as well, delivering 24hr./7 Days week support.

3) Affiliate marketers can work from anywhere, so it’s ideal for those who want to work from home. You in your home business

4)  The merchant is responsible for providing the materials required to market a product/service; customer support and shipping – the only thing that remains for the affiliates to do is to promote their website actively.

5)Passive income- Affiliate marketing is an excellent source of passive income. A lot of affiliate marketers use it as a secondary source of revenue while working a 9 to 5.

Personal Advantages

6)Many ways to earn income there is blogging, pay per click, surveys, pay per lead, pay per sale, multiple sites, and tier network marketing   Simple Ways to Make Money Online

7) The advantage of things used in your home office lights, the internet,  etc.. is that a percentage can be claimed as tax write-offs.

8) Less stress;  pleasing bosses, following management procedures with no input of your own, commuting, what to wear, wear and tear on your vehicle, etc…. Your home office will be much less stressful on you.

9) Work at the schedule you design make time for family errands, social gatherings when you want

10) Home business online, means you have a continuously growing market as more and more people come online every day. Start a Home Business

Alright, affiliate marketing advantages, in my opinion, outweigh the disadvantages of affiliate marketing. I know nothing is perfect. Affiliate marketing is probably the last free entrepreneurial industry in the U.S.

And with any business to succeed you got to put the work in. However, this is where novice marketers fall off.  Some of us are just not wired to take this journey. My list of the cons in affiliate marketing is somewhat misleading. Because some of what is listed is not a handicap, they are only an element of affiliate marketing that comes with the territory.

  Cons                                                         Pros and Cons thumbs down

1) Working alone can often time cause a tunnel vision effect, the combination of working alone and being driven by your passion can consume so much of your day your everyday life becomes neglected.  Therefore, take breaks, and take the time to engage with family and friends.

2) Getting caught up in false advertising will ruin your reputation and the merchants. Affiliate marketing is legit as long as you are legit.

3) Members are not getting their commissions. Moreover, merchants might close down and leave you in the wind. Research and research again the affiliate program you are interested in.  

4) There are also some individuals who hijack affiliate links and steal their commissions in the process. The illegal practices involved in this kind of business are false advertising, unlawful use of trade names, logos, or another branding, spamming, and hijacking.

5)No control over programs;  you have no control over the programs offered by the merchant. If competitors are making better offers, you cannot do anything but wait for your dealer to change the proposal.

6)  Competition; one of the pros of affiliate marketing is that it is easy to sign up for a program, and so is it for everyone else. There are thousands of members in the same program across the globe, and the level of competition is high.

7) There is no magic you will not make money overnight. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

8) Choosing the right goods or services to represent can be daunting.

9) Self discipline-With no supervision you can be easily distracted by family and everyday life.


It is an increasing number of people who are working for themselves, many of whom are online businesses. Yes, it is competitive, but do you know that by the year 2018 4, 4 billion more people will be on the internet. So you can have your share of this audience.  Furthermore, there are pros and cons for all businesses. 

However, there is a way to tip the scale in your favor. Which is having a good support system surrounding and yourself with like-minded people?  I want to help you with your online business. Be you a newbie or seasoned marketer.

Join my marketing team now! Get the same intense training and all the tool you will need to create an online business as I did for free. Moreover, you can continue learning by becoming a member. As a member, we will teach you how to run your online business. Furthermore, you will have access to what the program offers as shown in my review.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by,  Moreover, I wish you all the best in your online business. Furthermore, may you have blessings and prosperity. Please, leave me a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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9 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Pros and Cons

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Unfortunately there are and always will be scams on and offline when there is money to be made. If you want to avoid being scammed in the affiliate marketing industry i suggest you research and research some more. Not on the affiliate marketer per se, but on the product or service that the marketer is promoting. Furthermore you also want you to research the advertiser of the product or service. because doing so will tell you if the marketer trustworthy.

    As to your second question both JVZoo and ClickBank are affiliate Networks. Moreover, if you read my post in it’s entirety, then you know if you are looking for an affiliate program they will teach you all you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to run an online business the place to go to is

  2. Nichy

    Hey Maurice
    such a great post man , i love your pros and cons of affiliate marketing ,, you have nicely done pros and cons in one post ,, but still i want to know how i can avoid to scam in this field ? and which network is best for JVzoo or Click bank ?
    BTW Thank you for sharing nice post

    Nichy 🙂

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    If you are asking about a home business you can make it your main source of income. But like anything you want you have to put the work in.

  4. Matthew Rodriguez

    Can this be a full time job or is it mostly a supplement to your income ?

  5. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for responding. Isolation, having to wear many hats, time, staying consistent and up to date. Are my cons to affiliate marketing.

  6. Garen

    I’ve been affiliate marketing for over 8 years now. I absolutely love it. Here are the pros of getting into affiliate marketing:

    Don’t have to own the service/products.
    Low cost to start up.
    Can work from home.
    Don’t have to deal with customers.
    Passive income.
    Your your own boss.
    Can do any niche you want.

    However, I was wanting to know what do you think are the cons of affiliate marketing?

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