An Online Home Business Mistakes To Avoid

By | January 14, 2021

An Online Home Business. Mistakes To Avoid. Having an online business comes down to selling your goods or services or someone else’s. Therefore, when you are promoting someone else’s products, you are an affiliate earning commissions.

However, when you are marketing your goods, all earnings go to you. Moreover, all the work and responsibilities are yours as well. If this article peaks your interest, then you need to know what it takes to run a home business online.

Updated May. 2018. Affiliate Disclaimer: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Working from home means you take on all the responsibilities. The shipping, storage, insurance, CRM, licenses and everyday management of your website and compliance laws are your responsibility. Other than the duties of selling your goods versus someone else’s the two are the same.

Putting aside the selling of your goods online, this article will help you on your journey to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.  You will be one step ahead because you will be aware of what to avoid. 

By not getting caught up in all the different stories about this industry and knowing precisely what’s needed to be done to prevent common affiliate marketing mistakes.

An Online Home Business Mistakes To Avoid

I have mentioned this before in other articles, but it is worth repeating. Other affiliate marketers, including myself, understand that your first instinct is this a get rich quick scheme.” There are an awful lot of them out there, and we do have to be careful. 

However, with careful planning, and knowing what Online Home Business mistakes to avoid, you will soon discover the fact that you can make the money you need. Not only the money to get by, but to enjoy your life in a simple, direct, worthwhile, and in a legal way. 

This is not an industry that is about to go away anytime soon. Its future is as far-reaching as that of the internet itself. Affiliate marketing besides promoting is all about traffic, avoiding spammers, and mistakes.

Traffic list of mistakes you do not want to find yourself doing on your journey

Online Home Business traffic growth chart

What is now more than a trend, affiliate marketing is booming as well as the potential to earn money in affiliate marketing. 

The internet will triple in size in the coming years According to Cisco and its Networking Index the considerable rise will be as a result of millions of ‘things’ being put online.


According to Cisco and its Networking Index

Global IP traffic is expected to reach 132 exabytes per month by 2018, which is the equivalent to:

8.8 billion screens streaming the FIFA World Cup final game in Ultra-HD/4K at the same time

5.5 billion people binge-watching ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 via video-on-demand in HD or 1.5 billion watching in Ultra-HD/4K

4.5 trillion YouTube clips

940 quadrillion text messages.


Online Home Business Mistakes to avoidThis article will help you on your journey to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

You will be one step ahead because you will be aware of what to avoid. 

By not getting caught up in all the different stories and hype you hear about online marketing. 

Moreover, knowing exactly what is needed to prevent affiliate marketing mistakes will make your journey sweeter.

Not Knowing About What You are Advertising

The way to do this is to try out the item or be already familiar with the product or service. This will produce quality content, and others will see your enthusiasm and knowledge about it.  

If your guests have concerns about it, you will be able to respond and gain the trust you want them to have in you.

Not Choosing the Right Niche

Your niche should be centered on something you have the most passion for, and that others would enjoy as well.  For example, pick something broad and where people need a solution.

Things like weight loss and hair loss related products convert very well for this exact reason. The good news is you can easily remedy this by picking a different niche that is full of desperate buyers.

Not Building an Email list

Having a mailing list is as simple as putting up a code on your sales page or blog and capturing leads—it is the simplest and one of the deadliest mistakes you can make.

Giving Up

An online business is the same as everything else in real life – it can have good days and bad days. The marketer should stop, evaluate, do more research, and know that he understands what went wrong with his actions.

Not Writing Quality Content

It makes no difference if you are blogging or using a sales page. Quality content is what matters. Content that informs, helps, and shows the prospect exactly the solution. Content is King.

Not Taking Action

If you want to enjoy the benefits of what an Internet business can bring, then it is time to get up and take consistent action.  Saying things like you do not have the time (still working full time), but it is possible to spend an hour or two every single day to work on your Internet business. 

Like any other endeavor, an affiliate marketer should commit to his campaign if he wants results. An active internet affiliate marketer is expected to spend considerable time, and effort to run a successful internet affiliate business.

Not Helping Before Selling

If your website can with quality content, show your target audience,  help your target audience,  inform your target audience, and most importantly gain the trust of your target audience, without bringing in the selling factor,  then you have an excellent website. 

Having too Many Affiliate Programs

Having multiple affiliate programs can be challenging to maintain because it can be distracting to work on several programs at once. It is a good idea to choose only one or two successful programs at a time that can easily be concentrated on and learned about.

Not Having a Game Plan

When starting a home business, make sure your WHY is enough to move forward. Make a list of pros/cons and see where you are. It is important that you answer the why factor. Be honest with your self-evaluation, and everyone is not wired to own a home business. As they say  “it all comes out in the wash.”

Not Setting Goals

Setting goals will help you stay focused on what you want to accomplish within your home business.  Start with long-term goals for where you would like to be financially five, ten, even fifteen years from now. Next, create short-term goals for daily, weekly, and monthly achievements. A home business will go nowhere without goals, so take this step before starting any other tasks.

Everybody makes mistakes; it is a fact of life.  What sets apart the ordinary and the extraordinary is facing one’s fears. For those who confront their fears head-on, versus those who do nothing but accept it.

As marketers, you expect affiliate marketing mistakes.  Your only question to answer; do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary?

Having an online business can be very rewarding in numerous ways. However, even if you are going to go solo you will need help, support mentors, and an affiliate program that wants to see you succeed.

I am inviting you to join my marketing team now! and get intense training for setting up an online business and all the tools needed for free.

If you continue the training and become a member, we will teach you how to run your or online business. You will have access to all that the programs offered along with added discounts and bonuses as seen in my review.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by,  I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Please let us communicate, comments are important. Share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.                        

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24 thoughts on “An Online Home Business Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Jamila Jones

    Thank you for writing such an informative and detailed article. I like articles like these as most are focused on what we should be doing rather than on the mistakes. We can all learn from other peoples mistakes and probably save a lot of time and money. I have set up a website already and will definitely prioritize setting up a mailing list as advised. I also read another article on your website which advised to be consistent in writing content maybe 2-3 times a week. I am slow at writing and cannot produce at that rate but will definitely try to be consistent and aim for 1 article a week and maybe after some time I will become a pro like you. I have made the commitment to have an online business and will definitely work hard to achieve the goals you advised should be set to stay focused. Thanks for the advice. I wish you well.

  2. Deborah

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. The hounds of advertising are closing in and I’m not making any money yet. This was a great refresher on what not to do and you know I am not doing the things you’re warning about. I guess my patience level can use some tweaking and I will continue to put out content and eventually someone will buy something. Great article. Made me feel better so you helped me.
    Thank you.

  3. Franca

    Hi Maurice
    Great article. You make it sound so simple. I like the way you laid it down in steps. I’m new to affiliate marketing and by reading your tips of mistakes to avoid will help me with my online business. I’m still working on getting more traffic to my site. I like the email list idea. How do I set it up?

    Thank you.

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    The next step no matter where you are in your business plan, is to continue to step out of your comfort zone. I would go one step further and say all successful people have no comfort zone.

  5. ariel

    Hello Maurice,
    Wow, this is a perfect article to use for the novice and intermediary affiliate marketer. You have put everything on the table. And laid it bare so there is no room for excuses. I am so grateful for this article.
    And the understanding that patience and perseverance is the only way to truly build a strong infrastructure. It took Amazon years to become Amazon.
    Thank you for this! Great job. What do you think is the next step to success?
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. Colin Thomson

    Informative article and a good read. thanks for giving us all some good tips and a different perspective of affiliate marketing.

  7. stunning Bell

    OMG. You wrote your article as if you were directing it to me. How do I create a mailing list again? Why have I always avoided the topic? One which is so important.

    Having too many affiliate programs????? This is indeed an awesome article. Thanks for pointing this out. You got some great advice going on here. In fact, I have bookmarked this page.

    You got this article right. Congratulations. I enjoyed reading every bit of it.

  8. Steph

    Thanks for sharing. I think you’ve listed some of the most common online business mistakes which need to be avoided, and I like how you’ve provided helpful tips to help overcome them.

  9. Nick

    Really good article Maurice! I like the idea of detailing the common mistakes because normally new starters very often find themselves in one or more of these situations sooner or later. Recognising this mistakes early on is key to being able to overcome them. Will be back to read more!

  10. Sarah

    Very informative article! I can relate to several of these points you discussed. I am at fault for questioning my progress and the path I’m on. You are completely correct in regards to writing down your goals. It keeps you accountable and can always give you your “why” to keep moving forward! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Todd


    You have hit the main points in the mistakes to avoid. The excuse of not having enough time to work on a home business may be a popular one. Making a commitment is what it is all about and knowing that it will take a while to mature, but when it does it is fantastic. The most important part to avoiding mistakes is to not be afraid of them, as you mentioned there are good days and bad days, but having a job working from home online is fabulous and well worth the effort

    Nice job on this post, You have taught me something.

    Take Care

  12. Jasmere

    I think the point you touched on, giving up is the most important one, people think that an entire business will be built in a day or even a week and that’s just not true. Like most things in life it’ll take time but if you stick with it you will see results.

  13. Linda

    Great article! Thanks for sharing this information and especially facts about traffic! Your article is a great reminder what I need to do! Thanks!
    Sometimes I think that I need to change my niche, and there are times when I want to quit and not sure about myself. I really need to think about my goals…

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