Artificial Intelligence Technology In Marketing And Why Use It

By | February 21, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Technology. AI In Marketing And Why Use It? Hey, everybody glad to have you back. Well, once again technology has changed the way we market online. Although this new technology has yet to meet its optimum level of performance, it is best to get on the bandwagon now. Chatbots are the artificial intelligence to use in your marketing strategy. 

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Consumers use apps, texting, and the “I want it now attitude” causes brands to implement chatbots in their campaigns for a better CRM.  Top brands are advancing and using the chatbot technology. Facebook has already created its chatbot platform. IBM says, 65 percent of millennials prefer chat bots over human interaction. Furthermore, this percentage will increase as all segments demographically become more aware, and as the chatbot capabilities improve.   

Artificial Intelligence Technology growth chart

According to Ubisend:

  • 51% of people expect a business to be available to answer questions 24/7
  • Just under 46% would instead contact a company through messaging rather than email
  • Over 49% would rather reach a business through messaging rather than on the phone

Artificial Intelligence Technology In Marketing And Why Use It

Improving a better CRM by way of chatbots stems from the in-depth insights gathered from bots. Brands are leveraging chatbots to offer advice and complete transactions. Chatbots For Customer Service With the use of big data marketers can use the in-depth insights gathered by bots to know the best time to send the right content.

Artificial Intelligence Technology And Future PerformanceChatbots are in the infancy stage when it comes to marketing. However, according to a survey by Oracle; by 2020, 80 percent of marketing professionals are expected to use chatbots for customer interactions. Artificial intelligence is becoming a focal point for online marketing. 

Chatbots must be relative to the consumer’s position in the purchase cycle. To apply this coupled strategy hone your chatbot application skills for building bots. For a consumer to have a bad experience interacting with your bot, will be damaging to your brand.

The Customer Experience In Artificial Intelligence Technology 

CRM in combination with bots gives marketers the ability to deliver content that is dynamic, unique and personal more so than ever before in new and meaningful ways. Bots help you build trust and an emotional bond with your customer. That is why “right now” marketers need to be innovative with AI into their marketing strategy. 

Artificial Intelligence Technology and companeis investment by percentageChatbot marketing is more than a trend. Being in demand even in its infancy because of consumer intelligence and influence.

Therefore, you as a marketer will have a jump on the competition by getting in the game now. As the chatbot becomes more intelligent the experience for you and the customer will be profound.

Imagine how much free time you will have to concentrate on other areas of your business because of artificial intelligence. 

Chatbots Are Not Human

Chatbots are not human so do not build them to communicate within the human process. At sometime soon, I say before 2020 the capabilities a chatbot will be more sophisticated to carry a conversation. For now, it is best to build your bot, using easy direct responses to simple questions it can follow. However, be prepared to enter the conversation by following it with an email.

Avoid Making These Common Bot Marketing Mistakes-Murray Newlands owner of chatbot builder

Now that you have an outline of your bot marketing strategy, it is essential you avoid making the below bot marketing mistakes:

  • Not building a dedicated website page for your bot.
  • Not listing your bot in bot directors.
  • Forgetting to leverage existing customers for promotion.
  • Programming your bot to be overly pushy or spammy.
  • Making your bot too broad. Keep its functionality and utility clear at all times.
  • Not giving your bot a unique name.
  • Not doing all the necessary post-launch tests.

Newlands says “The specific value of chatbots fully depends on your organization’s communications with its customers. But, it is without a doubt that companies worldwide are having to embrace yet another digital tool to succeed. 

Messaging platforms have now exceeded social networks in popularity, so learning how to be successful in this environment will dictate how the future of your relationship with your customers evolves.”

Artificial Intelligence Technology will continually help marketers connect with their customers in new and meaningful ways. Moreover, by embracing the chatbot now, and focusing in on your target audience, implement your bot simplistically into your marketing campaign strategy. As marketing technology evolves, your campaigns have to adapt.

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