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About Maurice Jackson

Hello, my name is Maurice Jackson I live and, started my business in Detroit. My intentions are, to help any and every one with affiliate marketing as a home business, become a successful professional. My first career was working for the city of Detroit as an inspector, where I thought I would retire. But life bring change and surprises. I sustained an injury that led to an earlier retirement than I had planed. With that said I reinvented myself in April of 2014 and, became part of an affiliate program. Within the time of my reinvention leading up to the present, I am generating lots of traffic to my website and it grows everyday.ROI has been minimal but then again I invested nothing to start. I am at the point of letting my site mature, as I keep writing quality content about it. In this business you have to pay your dues. And, I and the rest of our family (become a member and you will see the family side of it) of 109000, including the founders of the program (yes they participate), will see to it that we all will be making a substantial amount of revenue in the near future.

Attitude Is Everything For Character

Attitude Is Everything For Character.  Hey everybody, glad to have you back. Everybody has an attitude; a type of expression or opinion good or bad about everything.  Moreover, your attitude in any arena stems from previous experiences. What’s noteworthy is attitudes comes from one or a combination of the three components. I will elaborate on… Read More »

Keyword Search Tool and SEO

Keyword Search Tool and SEO (search engine optimization). Keywords, in combination with other factors such as backlinks, keyword placement, tags, and description helps your SERPS.  Your keyword selection should have the importance that it deserves to better your sites position in the SERPS. The website who efficiently target keywords will be in line target an audience… Read More »

10 Habits Successful People Avoid

10 Habits Successful People Avoid. Hi, this article will help you get closer to attaining the success you want to achieve. Yes, success is measured at different levels for everyone who seeks it. You are what you think and what you believe becomes your habits. Furthermore, it is your habits that form your character. Your character… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing Is Business That Empowers You

Affiliate Marketing Is Business. Hello to you all, as always, glad to have you back. Have you ever thought of affiliate marketing as anything other than business? What comes to mind for many is; hobby, something to do, or a way to make some chump change. However, Affiliate Marketing is Business.  I have always wanted to be… Read More »

What Is Online Affiliate Marketing

 What Is Online Affiliate Marketing? Hey, everybody, I hope this blog helps you in some way in understanding this industry and all that it entails.  Moreover, if ever asked What Online Affiliate Marketing Is. You can answer with confidence.  Online marketing is affiliate marketing is a low-cost, high-profit industry.  Marketing done online is using a website as… Read More »

How to Promote a Business Online

How to Promote A Business Online. It may sound obvious to my network community. However, for newbies and first-time visitors knowing How to Promote A Business Online is the same as all online advertisements. Moreover, that is marketing. Online marketing, affiliate marketing, or internet marketing are ways of promoting online. They all operate with the same intent.… Read More »