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By | July 18, 2019

Better Mobile Marketing. Hello to you all, as always I am glad to have back.  If asked, could you produce a copy of your better mobile marketing strategy?  Moreover, could you on a scale of 1 to 10,  tell us how your applied strategy rates?  With ever-evolving technology, the growth of mobile users growing by the billions yearly worldwide.  

Add that to the online customer comes first policy, and the online consumer becoming more educated when it comes to online shopping, now is not the time to grow complacent.  Your CRM had better be on point when interacting, leveraging, and marketing your brand by way of the customer experience.

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People are attached to their mobile device so much throughout the course of the day; it is like having another appendage.

They look at it more on average of 150 times a day; it is with us 24 hours a day, they are lost without it. We look at it more on average of 150 times a day; it is with us 24 hours a day, they are lost without it.

Better Mobile Marketing

Although the infograph below is dated it is still relevant today.

Better Mobile Marketing for 2018 and beyond

A better mobile strategy will focus on the online sites where the largest masses of consumers are, and the optimum way to form long-term relationships with consumers.  

The publisher intends to bring solutions to and solve problems for the consumers.  I should honestly say consumer instead because 2018 and beyond will open the door to new technology that will provide a one on one between publisher and consumer experience.

With target audiences joining communities and groups within social networks, you could equate SEO marketing and mobile marketing as one and the same if you ask me.  The only difference being is when you are working within the mobile market you are promoting to other streams along with the social networks.

 When it comes down to it, SEO marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, once you find your target audience and learn how the game is played. It is all just marketing.

Back to a better mobile marketing strategy.  With mobile marketing, concern yourself with rank, quality content, and the number one concern above all, is consumer relationships.

That is what it is all about.  You can have all the bells and whistles on your mobile site or app.  If you are not forming long-term relationships with your clients, your campaign will fail.


Tendencies of online consumers which is more of a mainstay are immediate responses. Also, if the pages on your website did not load within eight seconds, a visitor will leave your site. Now, that same impatience has spilled over to shopping and communications.

Real-time streaming between merchant/marketer and consumer is a concept that allows communication between the two Marketing Automation.  

What to do:  

Data, data, data, in other words, know your customers, their devices, their language the lingo, so they know you are liked minded, engage-chat within the groups and or communities they join.  

What concerns your customers online the things that you can relate to the product or service you promote, should be your concern as well, make that connection.  

Better Mobile Marketing and consumers actions

Your mobile strategy is part of your marketing strategy. Analysis and the use of the automated software that is at the marketer’s disposal today will provide more detailed the results needed to make the right decisions to determine the customers’ behavior with your CRM.  Take your results and engage, engage, and engage.

Better Mobile Marketing Content Presentation:

It might seem to you, that this would be no brainier when publishing on mobile devices, but it happens. People neglect to write content that is compatible with mobile devices.  That means recognizing the fact mobile devices are used mostly with people on the move.

They are scanning your content at the first look at your content. Headers and subheaders should give an outline of the material in an order that summarizes your story.  On mobile devices, content optimization is as important as your SEO.  Here is some advice for your mobile content:

Engaging: Content should be interactive.  Open the door for a response, let them tell you what they want.  Appearance: The screens on mobile devices are small.  

Do not right unnecessary filler content. Write directly about what you offer with CTA embedded within “to the point” quality content information.

Headers and subheaders: 

Should give an outline of the content in an order that summarizes your story.


All of your images should be relevant to your content and, if possible, informative.  By speed being a concern of performance, the size of images can affect load time.  

From Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Best Practices for a Mobile Welcome Campaign

What happens after your customer engages with your mobile marketing program? Your welcome strategy for any new mobile customer should include a combination of channels—email, mobile, and social—to support consumers’ cross-channel behaviors.  Furthermore, don’t think of “welcome” as a single message.

Whether your welcome strategy covers the first ten days or the first two months, as with any relationship, it takes some time to get to know each other.

Here’s a sample step-by-step welcome mobile marketing campaign. We will use a retail company’s mobile app as an example, but you will see how these basic ideas can apply to almost any industry.

Day 1
Jane Doe downloads your mobile app to her iPad. When she opens the app, she registers with her name and email address. She clicks from the app home page to your summer collection, then clicks on two different skirts. At that point, an alert window asks if she would like to receive mobile push messages.

She accepts and closes the app. She then checks her inbox to find a mobile-optimized welcome email from your company. This email 1) thanks to her for downloading the app, 2) reminds her of the

key app benefits and 3) invites her to connect with other fashionistas on your Facebook page and Twitter.

Day 5
On her phone during her lunch break, Jane sees a second welcome email, then an update from your Twitter account about your loyalty program. Later that day on her laptop, she signs up for your digital marketing program, which includes both email and mobile coupons.

Day 10
Jane receives a push notification about a sale you are having on summer skirts. While she waits at the hair salon, she uses your app to buy three dresses.

Since consumers do not operate in single-channel silos, marketers cannot afford to either. Whether you are a retailer offering an SMS coupon or a bank offering account balance push notifications, make sure your messaging channels work together to provide real value to your customer.  Your better mobile strategy should be defined as providing the best consumer experience possible.

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