Black Unity Exemplified

By | June 25, 2017

Black Unity Exemplified is being blocked by trickery. Do you not think this is true? Or do you think this is a ploy to keep Black people fixated on racsim so we do not see the bigger picture? What is the bigger picture?

The bigger picture is the business of Blacks uniting under one agenda. That agenda being everything we do, buy, make, say, and teach, we do it all for each other first, that is Black Unity Exemplified.

Because no other race than the Black race has lived in a time where we thought dehumanization, targeted assault, and being stripped of ones culture was no longer practiced.

Yet the Black race in America still lives with such blatant attacks fresh in our minds.

I wrote this for no other reason than to express some energy that I am not sure is negative or positive but I have to release it. By writing this I feel like opened a door for others to a dialogue on this topic that may at some point spread like wildfire.

The ploy is bombarding the country with negative insights into Black Americans ways, thought process and history. And while through it all, the same controlling powers strengthen this negativity by creating laws that weaken our communities.

Furthermore, not acknowledging the black contribution to this country while proclaiming a puffery of white acclaim to the country. As time moves forward Black America recognizes the injustice.

But what adds fuel to the fire is, why do those who are in control keep this farce going?  Why keep that up if for no other reason than to create an emotional uproar so we take our eyes off the prize.

The killing of Black Men by police nation wide do need to be addressed and action taken by a unified Black society and in a lawful and civil manner under the cloak of exclusivity.

Black Unity Exemplified

Rioting and uproar has to be replaced with a more tactical approach. Black America needs a united front not centered around a murder of one of our own. The way to unite can be done but I dare to say how on this platform for obvious reasons.

How do we as a people stop the oppression when the oppressor is in control? We do it without their knowing, there is a way to make it happen. See in the past every united front was killed off by murder and manipulation.

We had leaders who could guide us, and progress was made. However, it only got so far because the oppressor was able to counter our every advancement because we were to transparent. All Black America want is to be part of America, if that could happen we would not have to use the phrase Black America.

Why Unity

Black Unity Exemplified Means make a changeAfter researching and finding out how those in control would take the strongest Black women and I mean in every sense of the word strong.

They would try to take the will to be defiantl and believing  in oneself out of her way of thinking. And if it could not be done through manipulation they were told to beat her until she complied.

Their intent was break her so she will teach her children  to be compliant and fearful. So this compliancy and fear will continue from generation to generation.

Those who are in control have done more than infiltrate the Black Americas psyche.  All that you read just read can be reversed.

Just realize they can take what they will, but they cannot take your mind  so us it. They have manipulated the White society as well. The average white American can only go by what they were taught.

Therefore it makes since that they are so naïve they refuse to open their minds to facts.  Power and greed is a dangerous motivator. Mainly because it leaves no room for humanity or morality.

The Key is We as a People

Some say the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence were written for one race of people.  That is a real possibility.  But if that was the way it was meant to be than that race should have found an inhabited land.  And stayed there enclosed amongst themselves.  You cannot expect enclosure if you invade a habitat, cultivate your land on the backs of others.

It is this need for power and greed that causes a need for control. Why America can’t admit it’s wrongs to the Black race which it has done for others is beyond me. The price to bare is cleansing a nation and lifting a burden that is stopping this country from being whole. So, for as long as Black Americans are not recognized, is reason for us to organize.

I wish I could tell the way to overcome this continued oppression. But for the Black American who reads this, you should already know. If you want to voice your opinion, or maybe you have an idea, product, or passion you want to share with the world. Then I want you to join my marketing team now!

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6 thoughts on “Black Unity Exemplified

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you Helen for commenting because I believe only through dialogue and open mindedness, will clarity and understanding bring people closer to humanity and moral consciousness. On your first issue: I agree woman as a whole have been treated less than equal. However, in the case of the Black American Women.

    I know of no other race within the female gender where there were written and excersised rules except for the Black women specifically. There was a man who last name was Lynch who wrote a book specifically about breaking the will of Black Americans. This was during the time Of Jim Crow law.

    And this man Lynch wrote in reference only to Black women when he said go find the strongest willed black women in your group of slaves, and teach her to forget all that she knows about her past and family. Sell her immediate family off to others to intentionally break the family apart.

    And if that strong black women did not fall in line or break from her beliefs you whip them. if they still won’t break from their beliefs you beat the bitch raw. This was done in order to guarantee that all her future children and any others she interacted with, would learn to comply because she will teach them herself.

    On your second thought it is inconceivable for me to unity when have yet to be recognized as equal. when there is equality then maybe there will be unity. I cannot tell you how but however you feel about this topic don’t be silent. I am not saying become an activist. I am saying talk bout your beliefs in everyday conversations?

  2. Rob

    WOW! Great article. We need more people like you with this approach. There is one race; the human race! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Helen

    Hi Maurice!

    Thanks for writing on this topic! I love genuine people talking about real problems.
    I totally agree the US government and overall American society has been committing terrible atrocities to the Black communities among them for generations. And it is horribly confusing why greed and hunger for power seem to prevail over justice. We are at such a critical point in history.

    A few thoughts from my head:

    When you talk on women’s rights and those in power taking their will to be defiant and believe in oneself, that is so far from a solely Black women problem. That is a global rights issue, something communities all over the world are discussing. But all these communities have far more in common than they do different.

    That leads to my next thought and I genuinely don’t understand. Why are these issues ‘us’ versus ‘them’? Why can’t ‘we’ as a society, as Americans, as a culture based on celebrating what makes us different work on these issues together? Pointing out the discrepancies between different cultures seems almost counterproductive now. We all need to live in peace, so why can’t we all come to an understanding collectively? As a white woman, I feel totally excluded from the power to do much of anything at all. I want to help! I want to understand. How?

    Thanks again,

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you foe responding. I am glad you see a bigger picture. We respect police and as far as that goes I should say we respect good police.

  5. Kevin McNamara

    Hey Maurice,

    Powerful article man! More power to you. I am an ex police officer in Australia and I can’t for the life of me understand how those in control are not weeding the bad apples out of the force in the US.

    To live as one under one flag should not be this hard. I send much love and healing energy to all Americans to work this out without the pain of war. No doubt big decisions need to be made sooner rather than later.

    God speed my friend,


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