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By | October 25, 2017

Build Your Own Blog. Hey, everyone, I hope you are in good spirits. I did not plan to blog today whatsoever because I blogged yesterday, so I was on my every other day blogging schedule. In this article, I would like to share with you why you should Build Your Own Blog, and how it benefits you and your audience.  

My first encounter of the day was a visit by my son-in-law offering to take me a to see my grandson play football. So I went, and after the game we went out for a bite to eat, followed by a visit to their home where we socialized together. It turned out to be a pretty full day.  

Once I returned home, I got settled in and winded down from today’s activities. When I looked at the clock,

I was stunned after seeing all the time that has passed.

You know the saying “my how time flies.” Well on this day it flew fast for me. But my vow to blog steadily was on track.  

Had this been the day for me to blog I would have posted a blog before or after the game. Because to blog is to research, and that brings a learning experience. I vowed to put in my time to blog on a schedule that would suit me and give my audience a way of knowing when to expect my next posting on a regular basis.  

Even if you are not blogging for an audience or to monetize a website, and are blogging just to get your message to the public that is great. Because you grow with intelligence when you blog.

Build Your Own Blog For Enlightenment

Build Your Own Blog and ten reasons to blog

 Tips to Help Stay Consistent

The key to blogging is consistency. Consistency means to continually learn and hone your craft.

Blogging consistently is the key. It is not how often you blog; it is how consistently your blog.

TIP 1: Consistency is key your visitors will know when your next publication will be coming out.

TIP 2:  Stay positive read quotes of positivity, meditate while recognizing that negative thoughts are emotions that can be controlled.  Overcome it with positive feelings.  

TIP 3:  Tell a story. Write your blog in a storytelling fashion everybody likes a good story.  

One company blogged five times a weekly, with a relatively large amount of traffic. However, when they began to blog less than five times a week, truck tumbled. It was not until they blogged consistently for the next three months did their traffic started to regain the traffic they lost.

“Measure twice cut once,”

Preparation prevents a lot to f do-overs. Make sure That all content you publish is quality content, if you screw up it will be on the web forever. Here are five things you need to do before your blog.

  • You need an excellent design to be on top. Do not let your theme distract from your content. Your theme should attract visitors to your site, and help boosts conversions 
  • Write for your target audience. Write in detail and interactively and responsively with at least 1000 words, and utilize different formats.
  • Make your content more engaging, engage your audience by conversating, not lecturing, they are more likely to stay awake.
  • Using the words “we” and “you” this makes the conversation more personal, and your readers will react as such.
  • Moreover, this is my last one-liner quote for this article; “Plan Your Work, and Work Your Plan.”

Oh! Here is one more; build up your social media profiles, With this interaction, you can make almost any blog attractive. 

Benefits of Blogging Consistently

There isn’t one answer fits all for this question. Blogs are written in ways to inform, instruct, sale, problem solve, intrigue, storytelling.

Your audience, depending on the topic expects consistency from you. Mark Shaefer has put together his ten reasons why you should blog even if nobody reads your posts in the infographic below.

Constantly Produce Quality Blog Contents

No matter what,  stay consistent. Once you remain consistent with your blogging, it will become contagious and automatic. Put a minimum of 30 minutes per day focusing on your blog marketing activities.

Build Your Own Blog with frequency

This is not to say that you must blog every day, but use this time to set up and prepare. So how do you make time? I will state the obvious: if you want to do something you will do it regardless.

Keep in mind that the more you post, the more chances there are of your content being read. Pick a schedule that you can commit too.

I am part of a marketing program that is all about blogging. We give you free training to start with all the tools needed to set up an online business.

Furthermore, if you continue the training and become a member, we will give you bonuses and teach you how to run an online business. Join my marketing now!

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best with your blogging, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for responding Aslam, I appreciate it. Congrats on finishing school. Managing social media is a big deal. So to get a boost of confidence from you is inspiring. If you want ways to take your skills to a new level, might I suggest an online program that’s free to start and it teaches new and seasoned online business step by step how to succeed. Granted you are already knowledgeable, but check it out you will be surrounded by like minded people there to support you in all your efforts to succeed. Here is a link to review the program- And here is the link to join

    Good luck with your online business

  2. Aslam

    I have yet to find a blogging rhythm. We are moving to a new house and I just finished Social Media Manager School. Earlier this year I was able to increase my page views by substantially by blogging a few times a week. Some posts were ones I added new pictures and content to and reposted. One of my main goals this month is to get back to what I was doing earlier this year. There have been several campaigns that have turned me down just because I don’t get enough page views.

    Thank you for the post and the motivation!

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