Business And Kids The Perfect Combination

By | March 21, 2018

Business And Kids, what a perfect combination. Who would not want their child to be sound in the knowledge of business?  If we all want it, then where is the media push, the school curriculum, the parent participation, or mentorship programs?

The weight falls on the parent or guardian. The question becomes; where and how to start. Just like we instill work ethic, sports, charity, faith, and professionalism as we raise our children, we have to include entrepreneurship in the mix.

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Business And Kids

Business And Kids become artistChildren and entrepreneurship, can be taught under the same guidelines of any other occupation that children respond to when asked the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

For some reason, even though we want our kids to have business sense, it seems there is a disconnect when it comes to supporting a child’s growth in business. I guess I am speaking for people in the same boat that I am.  I am by no means an upper-class type or an expert of any kind.

However, I think the upper class can be an example of having already successfully traveled the road of entrepreneurship. The successful business person can teach their children to be a successful businessperson with fewer bumps in the road. So, I say start a strategy to instill entrepreneurship in your child’s life.

The younger you began your plan to implement entrepreneurship to your child the better. We all know that children can adapt and are eager to learn. I call them little hard drives with a terabyte of memory.

At What Age?

Business And Kids at what ageSusan Jindrich. Moreover, Learning Systems says: The brain is very much like a computer. It has the potential for storing information.

Depending on what we put into it, the early experiences influence the way a child mind develops. Everyone who works with children has an awesome responsibility for the future of those children. The activities you do with them from birth to age ten. 

Children take experiences from their environment, they learn problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and language proficiency. Entrepreneur Norman Goldstein, Founder of By Kids For Kids, an educational and family marketing company.

Connects its clients to teachers, students, and households with innovative marketing, corporate social responsibility programs, and national competitions say: “There’s a difference between teaching 20-year-old entrepreneurship for the first time than in explaining it to a child for the first time.” For children, according to Goldstein, entrepreneurship will eventually become embedded in the DNA and in the way they look at the world.

Dena Hale, Ph.D.,  an Associate Professor of Marketing at the  H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business agrees that it is critical to start building an entrepreneurial mindset at an early age. “The student generations growing up now are looking for something more than a steady career with benefits and retirement,” says Hale.  “They want to give back and be part of something bigger,” Hale says building an entrepreneurship mindset is more than teaching business to students.

However, it is about how to view everything they do in life. “Teaching students how to think differently, how to see two or three unrelated things and combine them into a suitable process, is how innovation progresses.” 

Below 10 Ways To Teach Business And Kids David K. William- contributor.

1. Let Your Child Learn Financial Literacy As Soon As Possible

Business And Kids and the LITERACYFinancial literacy is something that all children need to know. Unfortunately, schools often do not teach in this area in your child’s education. Don’t leave this area to chance. Teach your kids about money from an early age to give them a solid grounding in finance.

Educate your children about saving and investing and show them how money can be used to make more money. If you see them throwing away coins, tell them to pick them up.

Kids need to understand that every medal counts. Discussing with your partner or with yourself about how to spend your money, how much to save for a particular thing, say vacation, and stuff like that, let your kids in on it.

For example, ask your children for advice on what you should save. Giving them this level of trust and responsibility helps them develop good money sense and nurtures their entrepreneurial mind.

2. Teach The Importance Of Observation And Self-Awareness

Help your kids recognize that the world around them is full of business opportunities, and finding them just requires some careful consideration, self-drive, and creativity. They do not have to work for someone else. 

The next time your children ask for money to buy a favorite gadget, ask them to look around and brainstorm ways to create the wealth With an entrepreneurial spirit.

You can also encourage entrepreneurship by asking your kids to start small projects like a lemonade stand or sell their old toys online through sites like Craigslist. That will teach them how to fix prices, market well, spot scammers. Which will bring your kids into the fray of the real world?

3. Encourage an attitude of exploration and inquisitiveness.

Business And Kids and exploration

The scientific attitude is composed of: curiosity (passion for exploration), skepticism (doubting and questioning) and humility (ability to accept responsibility when wrong). OBJECTIVE 3| Explain how the scientific attitude encourages critical thinking. Psychology 7e in Modules.

In addition to urging your kids to explore their environment, push them to develop an inquisitive mind and continuously ask questions. Don’t let them get too comfortable with the same solutions for problems.

They should study many things and be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay Inc., agrees that exploration and inquisitiveness are important. 

“Our kids seem to thrive in situations that engage their curiosity and allow them to explore and discover the world around them on their terms,” Mr. Omidyar says. 

Let your kids walk around their community and engage with people from all walks of life within considerations and safety precautions. You never know what opportunities they might find out there.

4. Teach How To Reach Goal By Planning

Setting and planning goals are an integral part of being successful in business.  These are habits that will be ingrained in your child’s psyche. The sooner your child learns to plan, set goals for completion, the better. Teach kids to set S.M.A.R.T-Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals and to reach them.

Ask them to write down their top five goals or objectives. Studies show that written targets are over 80% more likely to be achieved. Ask your children to write down five actions necessary to accomplish these aims carefully.  Encourage and support them throughout to reach their goals. It enhances your child’s self-worth, self-drive and overall feeling of personal accomplishment.

5. Urge teamwork

No one can be successful by themselves, we all need help on our journey to success. Successful entrepreneurs outsource workloads and team up with others whose opinions they value. The best ways to promote teamwork from an early age is to urge your kids to participate in sports.

Sports can be an excellent classroom for entrepreneurial principles and values. Arthur Blank, co-founder of Home Depot Inc. and owner of the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons, agrees and says, “Sports teach how significant teamwork is.”

6. Reward And High-Quality Work

Insist that your kids take personal initiative and deliver high-quality work each time, whether it is homework, chores or extracurricular activities. When kids do their best in everything they do shows that they are responsible and dependable, and it contributes to their overall success.

7. Impress on children to learn when failing

Business And Kids COMBINEDIn school, children learn that failure is severe. Author Napoleon Hill, who wrote “Think and Grow Rich,” said that “Every failure carries with it a seed of equal or greater benefit.” Insist that they NEVER just give up, and know that failure is a part of success. People who have achieved have also failed at something. Patience and persistence are essential to success.

8. Bolster effective communication skills

A crucial skill that every young person needs to learn efficiently is communicating. Tell your kids to articulate their ideas and speak their mind in a way that is understood. They will have the winning edge in their personal and professional lives. Teach your kids always to be respectful. Tell them to speak with authority.

It is critical to show them how to maintain eye contact when talking in person. Moreover, when speaking on the telephone, teach them to speak slowly, clearly and confidently.  With written communications, encourage your kids to write grammatically correct flowing sentences. This lesson will be instrumental in their future as adults and business owners.

9. Give Back To Society

Business And Kids and honestyThe most productive and happy people on earth give back to society. Why start a business if it does not help a more significant cause? Teach your kids to be charitable. Life is not always about you. Life is also about contributing to the world to make it a better place than you found it.

Ask them to choose a charity or a particular cause to help a portion of the income they generate. Moreover, support your children wholeheartedly. A part of Business And Kids, is to have your child volunteer in activities that they will participate in society. That way your kids will lead a full of meaning and service to humanity.

10. Set a good example

In the end, many entrepreneurs say the thing that inspired them to achieve entrepreneurial success is their parents. They learned most from their parents who led by example. 

Practice what you preach. Your kids are looking up to you. When you tell your children to learn from their mistakes, show them that you too work hard and learn from your mistakes. When you say to be patient and respectful, be patient and respectful yourself. You are your children’s most significant role model and will likely remain so their whole lives.

The combination of Business And Kids will lead them to become leaders. The principles of teaching your child about business are the same as any other occupation you would not mind seeing them pursue. However, learning entrepreneurship is everlasting because with each innovation that comes along a business will be created for it.  Children and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand, Give your child the opportunity to things in a different and brighter light.

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See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with Business And Kids training. May you have blessings and prosperity. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you. 

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16 thoughts on “Business And Kids The Perfect Combination

  1. Louie

    I agree with you entirely. Financial education, business sense are something we parents or guardians should instill early in the minds of our kids. I wish the school could play a better part in this but at this point, we have to take over if we want them to have good financial sense. And that failure is part of learning and growing, but to never give up.
    Do you think natural business sense has something to do with genetics too, not just the natural inquisitiveness of a child? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! Big thanks!

  2. WealthyBen

    Hi Maurice,
    I call this “an action taker article”. It was well said and communicated. For example, in the country I reside – as a college or university leaver – it also quite difficult to get just any jobs, not to talk of good jobs. The wise few people create jobs for themselves by going online. Our colleges are not helping the matter because there are no curriculum that centered on entrepreneurship. We are currently living in a world where the people are far outnumbered the available jobs – so entrepreneurship is the solution.
    Best of success,

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    That is why the onus is on the parent to learn right along with their children. There is nothing better to share such an experience.

  4. Jill

    Hi Maurice,
    What a great article. So agree with what you said and truly believe that what is taught in a lot of schools is not meeting the needs of our children today. In a lot of countries, mine included, it is very difficult for school leavers and even the fortunate ones who go on to study at universities get jobs. It is the young people who are encouraged by their parents to work during the holidays or teach them the skills to work for themselves , that flourish.
    All the best,

  5. King Kong's Girl

    These tips should be read by all parents out there. I wish our parents had the same access to materials like these so that our generation of today are already accustomed to the entrepreneurial mindset and pass it on to the next. I also believe, everything should be taught at the earliest age of a child possible because then is when they are more receptive. However, if the teacher doesn’t know this, what can he teach his students? Very worth sharing. Keep up the good work.

  6. Tony

    Hi, Maurice,

    Thank you for the insights here! I have three small kids and agree with your standpoint! We have to use every opportunity possible, to show our children what are the rules and principles of the financial world!

    I liked your advice very much that we, parents, have to set a good example for the kids!

    I will grab a few ideas from your post and will try to apply them.

  7. William Fenerson

    I agree with much of the article, however I believe that a child is only going to go as far as their parents. How can a child be taught if their parents were never entrepreneurs or any good at business? Their only option then would be to have someone outside the home take an interest in and mentor them.

  8. Rabia

    I Love this article and the very topic you have covered Maurice. I agree with you 100% that children should be taught entrepreneurship from an early age and that schools should make sure they include Entrepreneurship as part of the national curriculum.

    It reminds me when a friend of mine came to visit me and the family only a few weeks ago, and during our conversation, I could not help but touched on Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, two subjects which are I am very passionate about and close to my heart.

    I was trying to encourage her to think along these lines and envision her life and what she would like to achieve for her future and her family. Her life should not be limited to just working for someone else, trading her precious time for money by making someone else richer.

    I remember telling her that I will support whatever my children want to do or study in their lives, nevertheless, I will make sure they include Entrepreneurship in their pursuit of excellence. You can achieve much much more in life when you pursue this journey as you already know yourself, being an Entrepreneur and running your own business.

    Thank you for sharing this very much needed article.

  9. Vee

    I was just thinking about this topic a couple of days ago… I don’t want to push my children too hard… but instead give them the necessary tools and abilities to give them enough confidence so they will drive themselves… While working on my webpage, I looked at my 10 year old daughter working on her youtube channel, and thought to myself “ha… she’d probably be better at marketing than I am.” Reading this article has really inspired me to try and teach my children some new things about the online world and given me quite a few ideas on how to teach them the value of money and organization. Thank you for writing this.

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