Business Integrity Is Tough In The USA

By | November 24, 2018

Business Integrity is tough to maintain in the USA. The USA is where I am from and the only country that I have lived. Overall with the world economy being in the state that it is in, what I am about to write might hold true for businesses in other countries as well. 

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Integrity is the adherence to moral and ethical principle s, and when practiced one’s business moral character and honesty shine through. Therefore, with that said and trust is a key factor in the success of any business. What better foundation to build a business s is there than integrity?

Business Integrity

business intergrity is a must

By definition, today’s business integrity is lacking. Businesses run, promote and act accordingly within the premise of the state of the economic system and sometimes economic crisis of a particular country. Moreover, it is those in power that regulates the state’s economy that businesses follow.

I know that economical semantics and business integrity have no bonding attributes until; “the human factor becomes part of the equation.” The human factor is responsible to have integrity. Moreover, integrity needs to be at the table with a strong voice when it comes to economics.

Trust me, if business integrity on a global level was a determining factor in all economic decisions, there would be a new and better world order. We all know integrity is the element of one’s character is centered around. Therefore, integrity is a heartfelt, soulful feeling and character building emotion.

Checks And Balances

business integrity means morals

We all have obligating to incorporate integrity into our journey through life. Being one who self-practice all my affairs with a conscious of morality and humanity.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused on my business. And let me say “it is the human factor” that’ is the distraction.

In my case, the current events in my country is a blow to my heart. I do not want to be labeled an activist, maybe a conscious observer. I feel like I am sleepwalking through my business. It is hard for me to concentrate when so much blatant and disregard by our current white house administration for others.

For All To See

President Dwight D Eisenhower said, “an administration with no morals is an administration of greed.” I want to have the freedom and equality to act on all the rights and privileges allotted to me under the law of the land. People on the most part will look within their heart for making right or wrong decisions.

Not in America. America will not look within themselves when it comes to right or wrong decisions. And when dealing with authoritative figures with such flaws in their character you are dealing with shallow narcissistic individuals. And that results in feminism, sexism, racism, and what I like to call trumpism raising their ugly head.

It is sad, that of all the ism’s I mentioned, only one could be identified as a person. So if there is anyone in my community or elsewhere who can tell me how to keep moving on with my business as if nothing is else of importance is going on when we are clearly in a time of turmoil. Please help.

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