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From Vision To Manifestation

From Vision To Manifestation. What inspired me to get people to see the need to discover their destiny is the record producer, rapper, and social activist David Banner. “Every activist has a conscious and a vision of how right or wrong they perceive life conditions to be. Affiliate Disclaimer: I get commissions for purchases through… Read More »

Better Mobile Marketing

Better Mobile Marketing. Hello to you all, as always I am glad to have back.  If asked, could you produce a copy of your better mobile marketing strategy?  Moreover, could you on a scale of 1 to 10,  tell us how your applied strategy rates?  With ever-evolving technology, the growth of mobile users growing by… Read More »

Lately In Review A Marketers Dream

Lately In Review. Lately is a Marketing Dashboard that offers an overall analysis of your website. Also, Lately offer automated control for your outsourcing many of your daily duties. Efforts are pointed at scheduling, publishing, task management, analytics and more, in one place. Affiliate Disclaimer: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this… Read More »

Power Is In You To Be Better

Power is in you. We all have a desire to find our place in this world. If you don’t you should. But it seems the majority of us sell ourselves short. We put limitations on our ability to achieve. Affiliate Disclaimer: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. What I mean… Read More »

Make It So By Writing It Down

Notes, diaries, journals, and thoughts that are written on scratch paper are certainly a key to success. Yes, there is the business and other steps in the process that one has to go through in their journey for success. However, the campaign, no matter what it is, begins with a thought. Unless we are sleeping… Read More »

Technology And Marketing

Technology and marketing. The two go hand-hand with online businesses because online marketers would be out of business without technology. Marketing is the transaction of goods and all that it entails in delivering the goods from merchant to customer. Affiliate Disclaimer: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. The execution of… Read More »

Dashlane In Review I Like It

Dashlane in review. Dashlane is software that manages your passwords. Moreover, it is definitely one of, if not the best Saas there is. Dashlane is a password manager app and is a secure digital wallet. Also, the app is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. The app’s premium tier enables users to securely sync their data… Read More »

Does Gratitude Mean Happiness

Does Gratitude Mean Happiness? Below this paragraph are words that I felt such an intense feeling of self-worth. The clarity, truth, and facts in the following words I take no credit for, but I felt the need to share it with my readers. Next time you’re down and out, reach for these healing quotes to mend… Read More »