Constant Content Is Essential

By | February 22, 2020

Constant Content is essential to any online marketing strategy.  But most of all, remember consistency is what builds authority and trust.  Consumers are pretty knowledgeable when shopping online.  Before a customer makes a purchase they will research, ask others, and compare products or services.

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Moreover, when marketers start a marketing campaign the key is Constant Content.  If you want your brand or campaign to be remembered by customers, you have to have a unique approach.  Also, have value, be informative, show why your brand or goods are the best, and helpful.

It is imperative to have your goods seen. Content marketing online is the best platform for online marketers.  Even with the formats that marketers use, such as images, video, and Infogrames.  The content amongst all the forms one may incorporate is the heart of any campaign.

Not just as much as possible but consistently with quality content.  It is your Constant Content that will keep you in a prospect’s mind.  By being constant, your visitor will know when to expect updates.  If you stay constant means, you are reliable and trust in you by your visitors will soar.

Constant Content Is Essential

Constant Content-consistency When creating content from a marketing standpoint, you have to know what type of content to create.  A study by Forrester says “70% of the buying process is finished before consumers connect with a live salesperson.”

Therefore, marketers must know what phase the consumer is at in the purchasing cycle and gear their writing for each phase.  The type of content will depend on where your customers are in the purchasing cycle.

So when you are writing to customers at the beginning of the cycle.  Write content that centers around being informative.  At the beginning of the cycle, customers are indecisive, open-minded and do their research.

Type of Content

Consumers use a variety of platforms to learn about goods.  When your customers are at the next phase of the cycle, they will be ready to make a decision.  Your content in the decision phase should concentrate on showing why your goods are the best by giving a rave review.  In the purchasing phase of the cycle, consumers have already made their minds up.

Your content at this phase should incorporate content from all phases.  Thanks to IoT marketers can take advantage of using SAS and know where a customer is in the cycle.  By being able to understand an individual’s point in the cycle, we can create content accordingly.

In conclusion, know that as you create Constant Content. The content has to be directed at and created for a specific audience.  Only then will you be able to interact with your prospect in real-time.  Always make your prospect feel like they contribute to the solution that leads to their decision.

Make the prospect feel as though the purchase was made on their terms.  After all, with inbound marketing, the consumer is always right.  If you can keep that in perspective as you write, the better chance you will have in closing the deal.

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your online business and remember Constant Content is key. May you be blessed and prosper. Please, let’s communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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6 thoughts on “Constant Content Is Essential

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    You have to know your audience in relation to the type of site you have. For instance: a site for reviews will have less consistency than a site promoting s business, which would require more constant content. But I would say every other day and no less than three times a week is sufficient. Thanks for responding.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for taking time to respond. I think your way af handling content is excellent. I hope others read your message.

  3. Roxana Guy

    Very informative. I agree, quality content is one that many bloggers, including myself, struggle with most in blogging. I never thought about my audience as much as I probably should have. I just wrote articles in the hopes that someone would show up. I never thought about my audience coming to me for information or for help. Silly, I know. But when you write one thing because you’re passionate but your audience is completely different, you have a bit of a problem. Thanks for this article. It’s been a real eye opener!

  4. john

    How often do you think you should add content to your website to keep your audience happy and engaged. I currently try to post three times a week, is this enough or should it be increased. I have seen some that only post once a week and have some success.

  5. Dan

    Publishing content on a regular basis is definitely essential when starting a website! I find that making a mind map really helps when creating content because it helps give me lots of ideas! Great article man!

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