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By | March 3, 2021

Content Marketing Strategy. A content marketing strategy for your website is the key to your success. The importance of quality content, as it pertains to search engines, rankings, customers, your target audience, as you become a known authoritative brand in your niche starts with content. There has been a shift as to what search engines are looking for in a Content Marketing Platform.  Yes, content is still king.  

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But the length of your post; 1500-2000 characters, is needed for recognition.  Now epic content can be 650-1000 characters because it is direct and focused on less material and it is to the point.  That type of quality content along with your delivery and presentation is what will separate you from your competition.  That is if you get all of the parameters mentioned above right.  

Content Marketing Strategy

For all bloggers, the bottom line is to have your post get the attention you want, right?  To get that attention your quality original content has to be researched to find detailed information relating to your topic that offers a new perspective.  You can have a flair for writing, but if you can’t get your point across effectively in your Content Marketing Platform, no one will read it.

Creating unique and epic content

As a home business owner who is you writing to?  The consumer indeed, they are your bread and butter, so when you write to them, do so in an engaging way. Content marketing is a customer-centric strategy.

Your blog posts, reports, and other content aren’t product brochures; they are a way for you to connect, and attract your ideal customers.

Present your content so that it’s:

Informing-while at the same time entertaining and engaging 

Helpful-, knowing the who, what, when, where and why answers whenever applicable and make sure they are accurate.

Showing– why the product you are promoting is the best. Remember, you are writing to real people with real questions about the product you are promoting, and that poor spelling and grammar leave a negative impression on a brand.

Give them reviews, ratings, and comparisons. With the content, you write to know you are writing to a specific audience and who that audience is. There is different content for different audiences.

Keywords  has been a determining factor in search engines defining quality content.  Because of a keyword, stuffing search engines made keywords take a back seat.  Keywords have become a hindrance.  Marketers misuse them to the point that they don’t tell Google what an article is about, and keywords are not always used right by online consumers.

That’s what all the algorithm updates are about. Each iteration gets Google that much is closer to being able to input what you’re looking for, depending on the context of the questions, your location, and other criteria. Like Apple’s Siri, Google wants to provide an interactive experience; that’s where the search is going.

As of late search engines have redirected what they look at when determining quality content. Google wants solid concrete information provided to their end client delivered by quality content.

As of now, I say as of now because the top search engine (Google) is always changing its algorithms.  So, for now, take advantage of expressing yourself, focusing only on quality information.  It will heighten your writing skills.  

I just have to mention this:  According to a recent Econsultancy, search queries for the term content have doubled in the past two yrs Content has become its entity as a whole new animal. 

Content Marketing that Breeds Better Customers from Content Marketing Institute

Finding Target Audience:

What are the most important issue for your audience? Know this and you create a flow of your content from influence to decision making. This is the audience you write to from the opening sentence and throughout.

To find the overall persona of your audience:  are they family-oriented, goal-oriented, how do they go about making a purchasing decision or
what do they base it on? Learn their objectives for your product.

Know the keywords used when your product is talked about amongst groups, in social settings, at work, in car rides, etc.. know the wants and needs of your audience.

Do this and you can talk in your audience’s language telling them what is in it for them. By studying your website analytics, you can find a lot of this information. Target audience

More Than Just Words

Content Marketing Platform and Types of content

So by all means, answer their questions. As informative as it may be, a page full of paragraphs does not necessarily make good content. It will lead to scanning or skim the page or the visitor quickly losing interest.

Limit the paragraphs per page. Add images throughout the page that is relevant to the topic, and other formats of media such as videos slideshows, etc.. will help keep the visitor engaged.

Content and Google and Search Engines:

Google is in the business of answering people’s questions, and they want to do it as intuitively as possible, integrating with the way people now use technology. Our goal is to get you to the answers faster, to create a seamless connection between you and the knowledge you seek.

 The evolution of search:

Search is changing because technology is changing. One day we won’t be typing inputs into a search bar, we’ll just talk to our devices. Google is getting ready for that day, and we probably should try to keep up. Search engines aren’t out to make life harder for website owners.

They are a product, and as they improve their product, the game changes by default. To keep up with Google, all search engines have to provide the best possible search results.

They will continue to refine their ability to find the best, most useful content online. That’s why quality content is your best tactic for showing up in SERPs.

Here’s how Google says it about affiliate sites:

Because a search results page could return several of these sites, all with the same content, thin affiliates create a frustrating user experience. Notice that last phrase: “frustrating user experience” Google wants to be the go-to search engine, the one that understands the person’s intentions when they ask a question and gives the quickest (and best) answer.

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