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By | March 11, 2018

Customer Loyalty Metrics.  Again hello to you all and glad to have you back.  Hope all is well with you and yours, and your customer relationship.  If your clients are in a good relationship with you, then you may be closer than you think to build a loyal customer relationship that produces growth in the trust factor for your brand.

Digital marketers are making loyalty programs a priority, with 57 percent developing plans for increased loyalty budgets in 2017. A good relationship with customers when running a business is something that sparks exhilaration and places us in our most productive state.

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A good customer relationship along with a Customer Loyalty Metrics fuels the passion for keeping one to move forward with a growing business.  However, more importantly, the customer relationship revolves around building trust and loyalty.

building loyaltly

Whether at home or the office, a good customer relationship does not come spontaneously.  

They take commitment, consistent effort as well as learnable social skills.  

Trust is an ingredient that builds strong, long-lasting business relationships. Moreover, on a more personal note, a good relationship for me when interacting humbles and inspire my level of gratitude

Customer Loyalty Metrics

Customer Relationship


In this era of online marketing, customer loyalty is critical. It is easier to keep a client than it is to gain one, five times as much harder as holding one.

Loyalty programs are a possible strategy to bond a long-term customer relationship.  A study shows that one-third of consumers participate in loyalty programs.

Two-thirds of those consumers say they would likely recommend a brand with a good loyalty program.  Although the numbers are not high, top loyalty programs can increase revenue.


To do so, businesses require a loyalty program that:

By Nancy Berg, Kobie Marketing

1. Centers On The Customer Experience

When shoppers sign up for a loyalty program, they expect to be treated differently. This can be interpreted as many things, such as additional savings, increased communications, special offers. Moreover, it is vital that you recognize these differences to ensure what you are providing is valued.

No matter how loyalty is rewarded, companies should prioritize their customers’ unique demographic and geographic footprints. Offering shoppers a free cup of coffee is excellent, but thinking through what other components of your strategy will make your customers feel valued is even better. The latter approach ensures that customers themselves, not their purchases, dictate your investment.

Your communication strategy needs to reflect your shoppers’ preferences as well. In addition to content, the channel you communicate through and the volume of communications is equally as important. Loyalty programs demand the modularity and communicative flexibility to be highly segmented and meet a wide variety of customer needs

2. Engages Consumers At Key Milestones

Key company milestones are an important time to introduce customers to a loyalty program because you have an interested audience. That can help a loyalty program feel less obtrusive, more exciting and in a shopper’s best interest to join.

Milestones will look different across industries, or even among the various companies within the same vertical but taking advantage of these unique opportunities, like the back to school season or traditional holidays, will encourage consumers to participate.

3. Works Across All Departments

Regarding finances and efficiencies, loyalty programs suffer when siloed across multiple departments. Your customers view your brand as one enterprise.

For instance, loyalty programs bridge both marketing and customer experience efforts, and it is in the best interest of both teams to work together to produce a single, stronger loyalty strategy. Plus, internal redundancies are a significant profit drainer.

Likewise, personnel within any department should be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a loyalty program. They are great advocates for your brand, and they can represent the value proposition in every interaction. That extends all the way from the c-suite to associates on the store floor.

4. Uses Data To Improve Over Time

Companies can indeed develop a limited-time program to test a loyalty program’s effectiveness, but the ultimate goal should be a long-term program capable of building and retaining customer loyalty to your brand for a lifetime.

To do so, companies must capture customer data and learn more about shopper behaviors and needs. As businesses come to understand better the value each customer segment provides they can customize future marketing efforts, drive personalization and relevance, and continuously develop new customer experience enhancements. That will help consumers feel the added value of a loyalty program and, again, positions the client’s experience at the center of all loyalty decisions.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

CRM (customer relationship management) Focuses on service,   response time, customer input, one on one interactions with the client, and help customers solve their issues.

It includes the following:

  • Automation that makes sales promotion seamless, along with providing data analysis that tracks client’s history for future sales.
  • Analysis of demographics, diagnostics, and research to identify KPI; (key performance indicators).
  • Management which helps them manage growth and demand, and offers an excellent report to equate sales history with sales projections.

Types CRM Interactions

Some CRM systems use social media networks like LinkedIn, and Facebook to track and interact with clients who share their opinions and experiences. Omni-channel marketing is not new. However, the ways of communication differ from channel to channel. That difference along with analysis, value, and real-time responses with appropriate content are the ingredients of a Customer Loyalty Metrics.

There is so much software available that can improve your customer relationship. It will be your strategy that makes or breaks your online business. A business must be willing to test, change and take chances with their plan when needed. I want to help you with your online business.

If you are starting an online business or wanting to take yours to the next level. I want to invite you to join my marketing team now! Get intense training and all the tools needed to create an online business for free. Moreover, when you opt-in and become a member, we will teach you how to run your online business. Furthermore, as a member, you will have access to all that the program offers as shown in my review.

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Thanks for stopping by,  I wish you all the best with your Customer Loyalty Metrics, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Let us communicate, share a comment or question, they are important. Moreover, I will get back in touch with you.



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22 thoughts on “Customer Loyalty Metrics That Customers Like

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    loyalty is showing appreciation to your followers. to show them how much you appreciate they’re following you would have to give them something of value and expecting nothing in return.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    thanks for responding. know that building Trust takes time and customer relationships is the biggest part of it.

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I do appreciate you taking the time to respond I am sure all who read this will benefit from it thank you

  4. Kathleen

    What you’ve included in the customer loyalty information is so true. I was reading this from the perspective of the shopper, and thought the same things as outlined in your post. It’s also useful information from the perspective of a business owner. I wouldn’t know how to start a loyalty program but this is certainly useful for getting your head around thinking about what is needed to be considered when developing a loyalty program. Very helpful, thanks for sharing.

  5. Steve

    Loyalty programs are a great way to engage with your customers. As you mentioned customers expect to be treated differently when they are a “member” of something. They expect a little bit more attention. When you can reach out to them with an offer, like you mentioned in milestones, that is a great opportunity to engage without being annoying. You make some very valid points here, and I would love to be able to incorporate some of these ideas into my online business. I may reach out to you for more granular information on how you do this. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate a good read on growing my customer base.

  6. Zahub

    I recently signed up for an affiliate network and was asked if my website had any loyalty programs and I said no because I thought they were just rubbish but after reading your information, I gained some insight on to how they are actually useful. You sure proved me wrong and I might actually incorporate some sort of loyalty program and track customer data when I get the ball rolling. Thanks Maurice

  7. Alejandra

    Hi Maurice,
    Thanks for sharing a great article about customer loyalty metrics.
    As I started my own online business I’m always looking to read more about how I can do better, I never thought I could work with some ideas on create a program to motivate loyalty from my clients, but this is a great idea.
    I’ll be working on how to get some ideas to create a loyalty program for my business.
    Do you think this will work with digital products also?

  8. Jacqueline Smith

    Hi Maurice,
    Thanks for this post.
    I agree with you in that customer loyalty goes a long way. Unfortunately, not all companies practice this.
    They will entice you into something and then you will never hear back from them again. That’s a shame because some of the companies whose services I have used in the past if they had kept in touch with me, I would have used their services again. As you mentioned, they weren’t consistent.

    Then, on the contrary, I seem to get regular updates from a company that I wasn’t pleased with their service. In fact, they called me and offered me a discount code to attend an exhibition. Their tactics are very manipulative and I was feeling this on the phone with their rep. I will not be attending as they have a way to make you feel that what they are offering is the best and sometimes when you are surrounded by salespeople in such an environment you let down your guard and give in.

    If you were to advise this company about customer loyalty, what would your number 1 advice to them be?

  9. Philip

    Hi Maurice,

    This has been very useful to me to read. I have yet to produce my own customer loyalty program and is certainly very help to learn about customer loyalty metrics. I am going to put your article to very good use and make sure I apply what I have learned here today. Looking forward to your next article and I subscribed. All the best.

  10. Anna

    Hi Maurice,
    Very informative post. I agree that it is twice harder to find a new customer compared to keeping your current customers happy. It is a very cooming scheme of marketing-sales-customer service for a lot of businesses. And I would say that customer service is nowadays one of the most important elements in our very highly competitive environment.
    Regarding the affiliate marketing, how would you keep your traffic loyal? What initiatives could be provided?

  11. Dalton

    Hi Maurice,

    Interesting thoughts on CRM. I have a Master’s Degree in Engineering that focused heavily on customer relationship management. We have many different databases that allow us to manage these relationships. You are right about the increasing popularity of loyalty programs and how they are utilized.

    In the digital marketing and online affiliate space you can definitely see the need for this type of CRM. I like that you included the detailed outline and concepts that Nancy Berg has come up with. Her graphic on the CRM Life Cycle is a super helpful infographic to remind you to plan and take deliberate steps towards managing your customers effectively.

    Any good articles you’ve written that outline this more in detail?


  12. Steve

    How would you be able to build a loyalty program with affiliate marketing? Sure you can get people to trust your recommendations and buy based on your review of things, but you can’t actually offer discounts on someone else’s product. What would you recommend for someone in affiliate marketing with a niche site to implement a loyalty program?

  13. Shannon

    Good content I’m still in the process of setting up my website this gave me the right insist as to how I should treat my customer for them to come back. Thank you.

  14. Kari Havu

    Customer loyalty is the foundation for a successful business. Without it, it’s hard to succeed in the long run. Various customer loyalty metrics show the current situation and the weak areas to be invested. It is important to do this activity long-term and thoroughly by analyzing the results. This article gives a detailed explanation of the different methods and how to best leverage of them.

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