Develop A Customer Persona Template

By | December 12, 2017

Customer Persona Template. Discovering a customer’s persona is an excellent guide for setting up your marketing content. A buyers person is a tool that helps the content marketer create specific engaging content for an audience and specific individuals. For all intent purposes, it is best to have 3-5 buyers persona types. Customer Persona Template means finding your audience

A Customer Persona is a template that can show you how to write content to solve a customer’s particular problem.

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Furthermore, your content can fit their position in the buying cycle because you have identifiable knowledge of the client’s profile. Combining this information with your presentation of the value your product or service has is effective marketing. It is the customer’s personas that help you deliver content that will be most relevant and useful.

Developing A Customer Persona Template

When you know what makes your target audience or that ideal individual buyer persona tick,  you have the beginnings of a buyers persona which you can create content and a marketing strategy to deliver that specific message.Customer Persona Template is gathering information about them

Gender. Some buyer personas are not gendered specific. Age. The age of a buyer persona tells you if they are baby boomers, millennials, X or G generation.

The age says what to prioritize. Profession. In B-to-B business, you know the buyer’s trade. But in B-to-C business, you may not.

But if you can find out their job status and how familiar they are with your product or service you can make your buyer persona profile much more accurate.

Purpose. The purpose of your product or service is the heart of marketing.  Know and promote how your customers can use your product. Education.

Today’s buyer is well educated when it comes to buying online. The educational background tells you the type of vocabulary to use in your content along with the use of different formats.

When developing a buyers persona, you want a much information as possible about your audience or individual customer. You can dig deeper than the five points I just mentioned. The more you know, the better you will be able to pinpoint their needs, and how and what to communicate to them for them to make a purchase.

Now What?

To know whether your personas are connecting to your target audience’s current situation and purchasing needs accurately, you will have to look at how the information was gathered and how to interpret the information.

How to create a marketing personaCustomer Persona Template is knowing what is a target audience

Although the procedure for creating a marketing person has been written many times, it would be redundant for me to repeat it again.

There are many sources of information on your audience, from the tiny details logged away from your site statistics to actual conversations with customers.

Ar Shopify Blogs there is a more in-depth blog for coming up with information related to your personas.

Here are three places to look: Check your site analytics.

Inside your analytics, you can see where your visitors came from, what keywords they used to find you, and how long they spent once they arrived. 

A digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, called Single Grain will reveal the desires that led your audience to your site as well as the tools they used to get there. They offer a free consultation and focuses on your ROI.

Social media research You can also do some research on social media. Use social media listening to find your potential customers asking questions or airing problems your product can solve on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or even Snapchat and Instagram.

Ask your audience questions. Who knows your customers better than they know themselves? Surveys and interviews are often a critical component of building a useful marketing persona.

In particular, interviews and surveys can reveal deep insight into your customers. Because, you can dig into their answers and follow up with the goals, values, and points that will resonate the most. When you have detailed buyer personas, you can, and you must use them in your marketing.

Here’re some tips to use buyer personas. Talking to people specifically When knowing a buyer persona, you can interact directly with them instead of indirectly. Solving problems.  Knowing your buyer personas when talking about an individual issue a buyer has, will make for more engaging content.


Once you know what makes your persona tick, add some stock imagery and video that is relevant to your persona. This visual of your target audience will help keep your core message consistent. To avoid becoming complacent, review your personas on occasion and make use of buyer persona examples.

Stay current with any movement in the buying lifecycle of the persona so your content remains fresh. To sum it up a customers’ persona is getting as much information as possible about them. For personas to become useful tools, it’s best if they’re based on interviews, customer interactions, surveys, and the buyers (customers) themselves.

Furthermore, you must study your analytics, A/B, test, and interact to deliver relevant content. Therefore, if you are considering or have just started a home business, I am inviting you to join my marketing now!

Moreover, with us you will intense training and everything you need to create an online business for free. Furthermore, when you opt-in to become a member, we will teach you how to run your online business at its optimum level. As a member, you will have access to all that the program offers as shown in my review.

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Thanks for stopping by,  I wish you all the best in perfecting your buyer personas. Furthermore, may you have blessings and prosperity. Leave a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Google has just come out with a new way to Target your audience it’s mostly automated they call it the Google Display Network GDP. what they do is send pop ups of your website to relevant Target audiences within your niche.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Kev, it sounds like you’ve been taking the right approach I think the key here is to review your analysis and Diagnostics and go from there. thanks for responding

  3. Gail

    Hi Maurice.
    Thank you for this informative article. I find your tips at the end of the article really useful for finding out more information about customers and site visitors very eye-opening and had not thought of a lot of those things before. I believe that if we are in a niche market then you are right to say that we need to understand our customers and their needs better which means understanding them. Thanks again. Gail

  4. Rox

    I love this post. A lot of people choose a niche but forget about their reader which is the consumer. I love how you have detailed how we can discover their persona!

  5. Philip

    Hi Maurice,

    I found this helpful and the inner workings of the customer persona is at the core of marketing as you say. Sounds easy, but finding that mindset and then augmenting your marketing strategies to it is another. You have supplied such a way to many who are working tirelessly to target their audience in a way that converts.

    The Social Media Tip is not one I had even thought of and I will be spending more time on there as a result. This is of course a huge source of traffic online so it is best to try and get involved with the conversation and stealthily extracting your target audience needs and wants.

    I book marked your site and I am looking forward to more insightful ways to apply your knowledge. Don’t suppose you know the best way to target your audience on Google+? I still find that platform too confusing and time consuming to bother with it.

    Thanks again.

  6. Sarah

    Very helpful! I’m going to look closer at my analytics account tonight. I’ve never delved that deep into my customer persona, but it makes sense how you can use that to your advantage when targeting specific audiences within your niche. Thanks for the great info!

  7. Kevin McNamara

    Hi Maurice,

    Thanks for a great and informative post. I have neglected this area on my websites and its a great reminder to go back and research my customers. I have used Survey Monkey before and found it very good.

    I have also done free coaching calls which is also a good lead for knowing your customer. I haven’t done these things for a while but will get back to it. Thanks so much,


  8. Rick

    I never considered just asking my readers what they want. Many times I just get an idea and pursue it, research it and start writing. I need slow down and take a closer look at my readers want and who my audience really is. Thank you for the heads up.

  9. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I think because you have such a broad niche, I suggest that you write your content in a storytelling manner that is not target to a specific audience but to a general audience

  10. Owain

    I havent really thought about targeting particular personas with my genealogy site. As my niche attracts people from all different ages I have tried to keep my site simple. It’s easy to navigate, easy to read and I don’t I obviously don’t include bad language on it.

    Do you think that I should target particular personas with some of my posts. It makes sense if a product or service is only tailored to a particular group.


  11. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Survey monkey is a good tool to judge a prospect place in the purchasing cycle. However, thanks to big data there is software available that give better analytics

  12. akbar zaib

    This was a very a very informative post. I like the way you explain everything, especially the way how to reach out your target customers. I wonder you if you are using a specific formate or questionnaire to collect you costumers views?
    thanks for sharing

  13. Misty

    Hello and thank you for this informative article! I was most intrigued with Single Grain. I have utilized a site called StatCounter for this in the past. Are you familiar with StatCounter? I am wondering if this Single Grain is similar to that or even better?

    I think it so essential to keep your audience in mind prior to writing any content for publication! You have to appeal to them. And… the best way to do this is to get to know them!

    Thanks again for this article! I will definitely be looking more into Single Grain! ((:

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