Donald Trump and Business What Is It About

By | August 8, 2018

Donald Trump and Business. Hello everyone glad to have you back, Well we have a new president-elect of the United States. And it is the businessman Donald Trump. If you still do not know him, guess what you’re fired.  One thing about Mr. Trump; he will say what’s on his mind.  This is one of many things we can learn from him.

Donald Trump, soon to be POTUS, is a master manipulator. He arouses emotion. You can like or dislike the man, but either way, I will bet you listen when he speaks.  Because Mr. Trump speaks with confidence in a positive and affirmative tone. We listen so we can strengthen or leverage our interpretation of the man.

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Donald Trump and Business

Donald Trump and Business

However, all of the POTUS messages or tweets can no longer be taken for granted.  The POTUS way of delivering messages is probably a tactic used in his business practices. I think Donald Trump and Business is a combination built on swag.  And his way of communicating is a marketing strategy in itself.

On the political front, I do not know how successful the president-elect will be. In the marketing world, temperament and empathy and too often morality is a non-factor in business transactions. However, in the political arena morality, temperament and empathy if not should be a major factor in politics.  


The president-elect is not making personnel decisions anymore. All his bravado and provocative talk will be challenged by people who have been in the political game a lot longer than he has. And making decisions from a business standpoint might not always work. What do you think?

Donald Trump in business, marketing, and personal branding has made his mark.  To pick up on my previous comments, no one has a better handle on marketing than Donald Trump.

 Moreover, it is something every business owner can learn from. But if you think he’s doing it all himself, you’re wrong. He has an entourage giving advice even though he probably has the final decision.

It just amazes me how many small business owners try to do it all. There are too many hats to wear. But what is also commendable that many small businesses have come to that realization.

Small business continues to seek outsourcing for some their formats and platforms. Do you think when you speak your mind it helps or hurt in business transactions?

When someone speaks without hesitation and says what is on his mind, it shows a.) you are not a follower and b.) that person is speaking with authority. And when you are the POTUS that just increases his visibility.

What Donald Trump Teaches Us

Like him or hate him you can’t wait for him to comment on something. Another thing we can learn from the POTUS is how he leveraged his status of being well known into successful business ventures.

Trump always made marketing a top priority and invested with businesspeople with his personal interest at the forefront. Marketing is manipulation.

Marketers work to get a response from consumers through there calls to action. To get a response marketers learn all they can about their target audience and create content from that.

Their findings. The POTUS has managed to parley his marketing prowess straight to the White House. How?

Did The POTUS Win The Election On His Political Prowess

Donald Trump ran a campaign based on hate and fear. In other words; the combination of emotion, manipulation, and popularity marketed to a specific audience that hates and fear change.

Moreover, like in his business ventures, the POTUS achieved his goal with no empathy, morality, or temperament. It is noteworthy to mention that the Republican Party projected an unsupportive role for the Trump campaign.

However, as it turns out the Republican Party disdain for Donald Trump stopped as soon as he became president-elect. I believe Donald Trump is not Presidential material.

However, for a man with no political background that I know became president by marketing. 


Let it be your choice to determine your level of success. Donald Trump and Business work.  What works for you? 

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See you on the other side

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Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best in life. May you have blessings and prosperity.  Let’s communicate, share a comment or questions and I will get back in touch with you.

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10 thoughts on “Donald Trump and Business What Is It About

  1. simon watson

    I am from the UK, so I only really know the basics about Donald trump. I must say, I did find this article very illuminating and it gave me a little insight into the world of the president elect, so for this I thank you very much indeed.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for responding I appreciate it. And I agree with you on all points. I certainly can see marketing as a synonym for manipulation. Pat Flynn is someone that I follow, and his transparency is commendable. Comparing him to Trump there is only one; marketing. I due not like Trumps arrogant approach with his call to action. You will notice he will speak with authority always followed by his favorite line “trust me.” But How can you? Unless you are easily manipulated.

  3. Kevin Bulmer

    Hi Maurice,
    Thanks for the article. I’m in Ontario, Canada. We kept hearing from our American neighbours that a bunch of you were going to move here if Trump were elected. You’re all welcome, of course, but I haven’t seen the mass exodus yet. Lol
    There is one word you used at the outset that describes it for me: manipulator. In fact, is that not what marketing is in some sense? It’s influential at the least, manipulation at the most. Personally, I view Trump’s ethos as dangerous and damaging to our collective spirit. I wish him no ill will, but don’t in any way support the blustery, ego-driven perspective I get from him.
    In the online marketing world, my suggestion it to model a guy like Pat Flynn, and not because of money, but because he leads with transparency, service and integrity. Flynn is like a flute. Trump is like a chorus of trumpets – I can hear him alright, but he’s always in my face, hurts my ears and makes me crave some quiet.
    Your post got me thinking. Well done!
    Keep up the good work and best wishes to you!

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for responding, I appreciate it. You make some good points. Now that he is president elect many still doubt his ability to all that being president entails. Seeing he has no political experience it is at big wait and see as for know. But those in the business world are expected to get rich

  5. Andrea

    Mr. Trump didn’t get to where he is by not having the skills, that’s for sure. He’s a businessman and a very successful one too, you’re right about that. His acumen, drive, straighforwardness and fearlessness gets results, doesn’t it!
    Just like the rest of the world, I’m very eager to see how he fares as POTUS.

    Thanks for the interesting read, Maurice!

  6. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for responding I appreciate it. Like him or not you have give to him when it comes to marketing

  7. Steph Hill

    This is an intriguing article. I will admit that I have had and still have some serious reservations about Mr. Trump but you are very right when you say he is good at marketing. He does speak with authority and possesses a very strong personality. I can see how online business owners can learn from the marketing tactics of Trump. People do listen to him whether it is to love or loathe him, they do listen, as you said. Thanks for your great post. Keep it up.

  8. Diego

    Hi Maurice, great post, informative and educational. I live in Australia so I have an outsider’s point of view. It’s definitely going to be an interesting time in the White House with a business man running the show although as you point out he won’t be doing it on his own. I’ve read a few of Trumps books like Art of Deal, How to get Rich and one he co-wrote with Robert Kiyosaki called Why We Want You to be Rich. I’m always trying to learn from successful people in self development, real estate, stock trading and business, regardless of whether I like the person or not. I think that Trump knew exactly what he was doing from the moment he decided to run for president. He is a master communicator and sales man, he just knows how to win. Interesting times ahead,thanks for sharing your views. What is the feeling like at the moment in the U.S, now that the election emotion is over?

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