10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur Who Are On Their Game

By | April 24, 2017

10 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur are traits found in all successful businesspeople. Entrepreneurs who choose to work from home have the added responsibility of multitasking. These tasks would be divided into departments in businesses with staff.  

Ones ability to become a success with a home business requires self-discipline because more often than not, they are the sole proprietor.  So if we examine the entrepreneur who works an online home business, we know that their traits are robust and of profound character.

The successful entrepreneur knows the importance of not having any false pretenses. Online home businesses have become a very popular option for people seeking alternatives to make extra income or changing careers.  

Studies by the Small  Business Association show that 50% of small businesses are operated at home and the percentage is growing. Depending on the type of business you want to start, some have to be governed by state laws.  Moreover, if you are not sure, check with your local and state governments to find out if you are compliant.

10 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur I mean the successful business person, has to have what every successful person in any field or business has. Moreover, that is a good character, sustainability, humility, accountability, perseverance, will step out of the box, and the need to help others.

Your Entrepreneurial Profile

If you question your profile meeting the characteristics of an entrepreneur, just take an honest self-evaluation about your capabilities and yourself as a person.  If you want an external evaluation, here are a few test by those in the industry

BDC Test:

A Canadian bank that is exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurs. This test compares your results with the average results of entrepreneurs today.

Forbes on-line Test:

Included in the article Want to be an entrepreneur?  Take this test to see if you´re ready the business person and entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship aptitudes test”:

Entrepreneurship aptitudes test” offered by the North American company “Psych tests”. There are 131 questions. In the end, they offer you your profile for free, differentiating between your actual and potential strengths and weakness to examine what to work on to bring one closer to entrepreneurship.

GET2 Test  

(General measure of enterprising tendency): created by the doctor S. Caird from The Open University. In the end, it shows your weakness and your strengths in different areas that are important if you want to be an entrepreneur.  

Characteristics Needed of an  Entrepreneur

10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur


It has been said that if you are working and it is what you love to do, then it does not work at all. You are on a journey that is a labor of love. There’s energy driven by the belief in what they are doing. 


A successful home business owner knows there will be times when you are up against the wall and can’t see a way to solve the problem. That is the time to persevere and seek out the advice from mentors and keep trying but never quit.  

Understand that “to fail is to succeed.”  There is no successful person anywhere that hasn’t faced failure. You learn from your mistakes and move forward with the lesson learned.


Another responsibility of a home business owner, wearing many hats. Therefore, every aspect of your business is your responsibility. See, your words have to be of value in any conversation about business. It will be your ability to dialogue that holds you accountable and you continue to learn.


With each successful goal, there is no need to grandstand, remember how you had to reach out to others. Pay it forward and continue to whenever you can. A humble opinion of you could go a long way in the eyes of whomever.


Your moral and ethical nature should be of high quality. Moreover, with it, you gain respect and recognition that builds trust. A man of good quality is an honorable man. Customers and prospects will associate this with your business and the trust of loyalty will follow.


Have the conviction to hold true to your beliefs when the naysayers and haters are around is commendable.  Believing in yourself is paramount, without it, you have nothing. It is your self-awareness that allows your convictions to be unwavering.

Take Risks

Think outside the box. Moreover take chances after thorough and proven research, testing, and networking turns that chance more into a probability of a successful venture.  

Giving Back

There is nothing greater than doing charitable work. Furthermore, giving without any expectations means doing the work of the supreme architect of all there is. Within your business offering, helpful information beyond the scope of things will pay off effortlessly.  

Maintain Focus

It is imperative that you stay focused on your journey. Because it is the journey that gives rise to success. Furthermore, your journey continues for as long as you are in business. There is no end game. However, the minute you began to lose focus, you open the door to procrastination and self-doubt. 


The 10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur, can be a checklist of the qualities found in any successful person in any arena. Moreover, they are the make-up of someone who is self-aware, confident in their abilities to adapt and have an open mind. Furthermore, they understand that failure is part of the process.  

Moreover, the character of a person is not an inherent quality. Although some seem to have an aura beaming of good character, it is not that simple. In your pursuit of success, I believe, that surrounding oneself with people on the same level paramount.

Nobody becomes a success by themselves. There are mentors, motivator, communities, and support as well. I want to help you be successful. Join my marketing team now! We give intense training for setting up an online business for free.

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See You On The Other Side

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May you have blessings and prosperity. Let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you. Thanks for stopping. I wish you all the best in mastering the 10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur. 

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6 thoughts on “10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur Who Are On Their Game

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Do not be afraid of the assessment test. Remember characteristics traits can be learned. Thanks for responding.

  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you for this, Mr. Jackson,

    I never really thought to ask myself if I had the right personality to be an entrepreneur before I started. I just jumped right in. (I just double-checked my spelling of entrepreneur! Yesterday I didn’t know how to spell entrepreneur, now I are one! Yuk-yuk!)

    I don’t know if I should take one of these personality tests or not. What if I find out I don’t have the right personality? Then what? I’d hate to learn that I won’t make it because I don’t have the right personality. I think that would crush me right now. What about time management? It seems like I have a million and one things to do every day.

    I probably won’t take one of these tests today. Perhaps I’ll bookmark them. After all, I’m trying my heart out to succeed, and I have to budget my time very firmly!

    There, I bookmarked one. Maybe I’ll give it a shot in a month or two.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking article!

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    You’re right the characteristics I listed are a good measure for anyone who wants to build character no matter what arena there in. Thanks for responding I appreciate it

  4. Chappy Krauthoff

    I have taken the Forbes test. I am still here so you know how I did. Been in business since 1972. Some of the businesses did good and some did not usually because I took my eye off the marketplace. I would not say that I meet all the characteristics but they are a good guide to live by. Thanks

  5. Michelle

    I love these characteristics you have provided! While I can attest first hand that they are certainly pertinent for an entrepreneur, they really are helpful for anyone. Growing in these areas can really make a huge difference in one’s life.

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed this post!

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