Everything Is Energy Is Putting it Plainly

By | September 29, 2018

Everything Is Energy Is Putting it Plainly. Do you believe there is a universe and the energy content in it affects how we live as a people?  How about a higher power, or a force greater than you thought could ever exist?  What if I said you can live and discover your life’s destiny.   We are all put on this earth for a purpose.  

And I think everyone’s journey through life is to find their life purpose. In one’s journey through life, there will be signs pointing towards one’s destiny. Therefore recognizing, accepting and acting on these signs is the challenge.  Moreover, the signs as everything else in life is transformations of energy, but Everything Energy is Putting it Plainly.

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Furthermore, to explain the effects of energy in your life would require you to open your mind beyond conventional thinking.  Because, if you believe that the universe is energy.  And believe that the universe can connect with the energy within you, you can start the journey to finding your destiny.

Everything Is Energy is a true phenomenon.  However, we live in a world where power is everything, or so we think. I personally think the “powers that be” prey on our conventional way of thinking.  In doing so they block our energy given off from our subconscious.

  Everything Is Energy-an Einstein quote

The “powers that be” use manipulation, propaganda and subliminal messaging bombarding our conscious real-time energy twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  You can easily get caught up in the want for materialistic, and the greed it demands.  

If you want to remain ordinary go ahead and except things just as they are.  In doing so, you neglect your energies coming off the core beliefs in your sub-conscious. It is the energy in your subconscious that can transform you from ordinary to extraordinary.

Everything Is Energy

There are many studies that show the molecular structure of a glass of water changes when you speak negative or positive to it.  This study shows why affirmations are so important and powerful.  There is a battle going on between the energy of our conscious and our subconscious minds.  Our subconscious, are beliefs we hold internally, it is energy we choose not let go of.

Our consciousness is the interactions of energy that we deal with in real-time.  Knowing how to read and act on the energy you attract in real time is lesson 1 in finding your purpose.  I believe your subconscious mind needs to be free of negative thoughts or what I like to call negative energy.  Therefore, if you want nothing but positive energy, make the conscious effort to release your negative energy.

Positive Energy

Everything Is Energy and the energy in you

The following idea, by Dr. Denis Waitley, has been proven true by thousands of people from all walks of life as well as NASA scientists, professional athletes, and physicists alike!

“When you visualize, then you materialize. If you’ve been there in the mind you’ll go there in the body.”

Ever hear the phrase “you are what you think”?  Positive energy as you know grows from gratitude and charitable acts. If you want to feel positive and on cloud nine every day, drown yourself in gratitude. Health, harmony, happiness, money, creativity, and love will come to you in the future based on your present actions.  

When you can literally see yourself in the place you want to be in your mind, you can work towards success and happiness. Giving is the gateway to receiving. There is an opportunity every day to give. Give through communication, be-appreciative, smile, and love.  

Therefore, your actions in real-time are the conscious energy that determines your future.   So if you project positive energy you can receive positive energy. When you live life like this, everything you want will come to you before you even ask. It is most noteworthy to know that negative energy will have the same effect.

Ms. Regina Saucedo, Light Worker, Energy Healer at Sedona Soul Adventures and Founder of LoveVision has been in the academia of the effects of energy on people for more than a decade.  Ms. Saucedo work with people on a daily basis to help them release stuck energies to heal the mind, body, and the spirit has made me a strong believer in the effects of energy.

Everything Is Energy and reasons for your energy

Ms. Saucedo says:  “The law of attraction is very real. We are all creating always of we realize it or not. Many people are holding thoughts and speak words that keep them from having the life they truly desire.  Many people don’t understand how the universe responds to the energetic signals we send out.

You get what you focus on. If you focus on what you don’t have the universe will support you in that energetic. If you focus on what you want it will manifest itself. Now I know that sounds too simple but yet it’s s true.  If you focus on what you do want, fantasizing about it in the day.

Along with speaking about it in your conversations, writing it down in a journal daily, using your imagination to see yourself there, then you will see it show up much faster than if you spent your days complaining about what you don’t have. When you resist what you want it will persist.”

What is Your Destiny?  If you do not know, tap into your inner being. Meditate, read, research and have an open mind. And you will eventually realize that your energy connects to the universe. A universe ready to give you the path to living the life you deserve. I have written numerous articles relating to self-awareness and discovering one’s destiny on this website. 

Self- awareness is a major factor in finding success. Furthermore, if you are confident, believe in yourself, and want to find a path to your success, I am inviting you to join my marketing now! Our team of affiliates will teach you how to bring your vision to the internet. Come and get intense training and all the tools you will need to create an online business for free. Furthermore, as a member, you will have full access to all that the programs offer’s as shown in my review.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by, Moreover, I wish you all the best in your efforts in your quest for success. Everything Energy is putting it plainly. You can tap your energy into your online business.  It all starts with your actions.  May you be blessed and prosper.

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26 thoughts on “Everything Is Energy Is Putting it Plainly

  1. Jennifer

    Hi and thank you so much for this article.

    It is good to get reminders to keep me on track . Very informative and helpful.

    Thank you

  2. Steven Rinker

    Great Post Maurice!

    I totally and with 100% certainty believe in the energy of the “Law of Attraction! I learned a long time ago that “Thought Become Things” so Think great thoughts! It is really that simple!

    Great read my friend. Keep up the great work!

  3. Dean Gunter

    I love this article, and I am so glad that you have created it because this information and truths need to be spread amongst the masses to realise the true nature of reality and how powerful we are as infinite spiritual beings living in a universe that vibrates at frequencies.

    Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our reality, this is why we are bombarded with negative news and programmed to think that we have limits. Our only limits are what we believe in.

    Thank you for sharing and keep spreading the truth, have a great day and all the success, health, happiness and success that you deserve and desire, take care.

    Kind regards.


  4. Thierry

    Nice article. The law of attraction might have made many of today’s success stories. You attract what you think of, what you believe in, and what you act to achieve. This goes in the same line fo thought as Feng shui which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Something you might want to explore?


  5. Scott

    We need more of this, especially in a world of negative main stream media news seems to be taking over. Thank you.

  6. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for responding, you are so right it is all about consciousness moreover it’s about being conscious your subconscious.

  7. Andrea

    What a wonderful “feel good” article!

    Another way to find out your destiny or your calling is to simply ASK questions and expect to receive an answer. For example, by actually saying out loud, “What do I want to do with my life this year?,” an answer or a direction is presented to you. Do you think that is effective?

  8. Nichole1978

    Although there are already so many articles and videos about manifesting what you want in life, I believe this article could be an excellent addition. It’s very inspiring. I congratulate the author for this excellent post. You have put so much time and effort for this. Good job!

  9. Regina Medina

    Well said Maurice! We need to be have more conscious conversations such as these. There are people who have been having these conversations for thousands of years and limiting access to this wisdom with dogma, fear programs, and confusion for the rest of us. Now that science and the internet have opened the door to access to this wisdom once again we can began to dialog and explore these truths about the universe we live in and how to live activated. Im so excited about the possiblities of all man kind uaing this wisdom to free themselves to live the way we were truly meant to live. On an even playing field, with no class system or minority programming. We are all valuable, powerful creators. We need to learn how to live in energetic harmony -mind , body, and soul to create a world that is heaven on earth♡ Thank you for your contribution my brother. Much Love

  10. Brent

    very nice article. We all need to have this reinforced over and over until it sinks in. All of this is true as it has been proven but just nobody thinks that it is that simple. Thank you very much for your POV on this as well.

  11. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. Could you imagine if the affect if the majority of the people took the time to find themselves on the world?

  12. Francesco

    Hello Maurice,
    it’s been a very interesting read, absolutely. The law of attraction is a field I am really interested in. For this reason I am going to come back to your website for more, insightful readings.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this


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