Exercises To Release Stress

By | August 20, 2016

Exercises To Release Stress that is caused by over thinking any situation or predicament that crosses your path when confronting your day to day actions are here.  Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

I like to compare it to an overheated engine; the entire driving force (our body and mind) is compromised by one thing, the radiator connected (a single predicament or situation; thought) to it.  If we take the time to get in touch with our inner selves, we can recognize our stress factors and apply Exercises To Release Stress.

Stress affects us mentally and physically it can damage your train of thought and your relationships.  Overwhelming stress is what leads to the emotional and physical problems.

Life today put pressure on us to perform be it for our family of work.  In our will to succeed, we have to step out of our comfort zone.  How you handle tasks and goals outside your comfort zone are when you need to apply Exercises To Release Stress.

Health problems caused stress include:

  • Depression
  • anxiety
  • Weight problems
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Skin conditions, such as eczema
  • Reproductive issues
  • Pain of any kind
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Sleep problems
  • Cognitive and memory problems

But all stress is not bad when you are under stress caused by having to accomplish an immediate task; your stress can motivate you to see it through in this manner it may prove your quality of life.  That is why your hear some people say they like working under pressure.  Stress in this manner can help you perform, motivate you to do your best, and you become alerted and see more clearly at what is needed to accomplish a task.

The body’s stress response

human nervous system

When you need to defend yourself, your body prepares for mobilization. The nervous system becomes aroused to take action—preparing you to fight or flee from the danger.

If the flight or fight reaction fails, the body freezes instead, a response known as immobilization takes over. In life-threatening situations, you survive high levels of physical pain or become unconscious; This can leave you traumatized or unable to move on.

Who knows you better than you?  You are the only one who knows what you think and feel.  So why not become self-inspired?  Learning to get in touch with your feelings and subconscious mind will help you find what you need to alleviate the stress.

Exercises To Release Stress

Self-awareness can change your thought process to cope with stress.  We stay in conversation with ourselves, whether we’re conscious of it or not. And what we say and do about ourselves can effect the stress we encounter in a negative or positive way.

When coping with the symptoms of stress, you have much more control over it than you think.causes of stress  But a lot of times we deal with stress in the wrong way.  We will eat, drink, take medication, lash out, or try to escape reality my doing a useless, time-consuming thing that compounds the problem; there are much healthier and more efficient ways to cope with stress and its symptoms.

Stress management helps to either remove or change the causes of stress; stress management can change how you interpret a stressful situation.  Stress management can reduce the physical impact of stress, and teach you coping skills.

There are therapeutic ways such as aromatherapy, and reflexology, that may have a beneficial effect.  Stress management techniques can found in self-help books, a stress management course, or you can seek the help of a counselor or psychotherapist.

We need to know the causes or the stressor more than the event itself and learn how to manage it. How you look at a  stressful situation, will be the most important factor that impacts you physically and mentally.

Dealing with stress

 By Medical News Today : Your source for health news since 2003

There are three broad methods you can follow to treat stress, they include self-help, self-management, and medication.

Self-help for treating stress

  • Exercise – exercise has been proven to have a beneficial effect on a person’s mental and physical state. For many people exercise is an extremely effective stress buster.
  • Division of labor – try to delegate your responsibilities at work, or share them. If you make yourself indispensable the likelihood of your feeling highly stressed is significantly greater.
  • Assertiveness – don’t say yes to everything. If you can’t do something well, or if something is not your responsibility, try to seek ways of not agreeing to do them.
  • Alcohol and drugs – alcohol and drugs will not help you manage your stress better. Either stop consuming them completely, or cut down.
  • Caffeine – if your consumption of coffee and other drinks which contain caffeine is high, cut down.
  • Nutrition – eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Time – make sure you set aside some time each day just for yourself. Use that time to organize your life, relax, and pursue your own interests.
  • Breathing – there are some effective breathing techniques which will slow down your system and help you relax.
  • Talk – talk to you family, friends, work colleagues and your boss. Express your thoughts and worries.
  • Seek professional help – if the stress is affecting the way you function; go and see your doctor. Heightened stress for prolonged periods can be bad for your physical and mental health.
  • Relaxation techniques – meditation, massage, or yoga have been known to greatly help people with stress.

Thanks for stopping by,  I wish you all the best with your Exercises To Release Stress, and may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let’s communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.    

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12 thoughts on “Exercises To Release Stress

  1. Hillary

    This is a very helpful compilation of ways to reduce stress. I always recommend exercise to my patients who have stress, as well as meditation. And of course, all the other things you listed like eating well, delegating responsibilities, as well as reducing caffeine consumption. But exercise is probably the most important thing you can do when you are stressed, and one that people avail themselves of least. Great post.

  2. Lainey

    Hi Maurice, I found your blog simplistically helpful. You have composed in a easy-to-follow format and have provided some good tips to reduce, and avoid stress, that we all have in our lives. I particularly found the inclusion of the video to be helpful. Thank you. Lainey

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