Extraordinary Is Ordinary In A Humane Society

By | October 27, 2018

Extraordinary Is Ordinary in a humane world order. Every year in the back of the minds of thousands who live paycheck to paycheck is a thought that leaves them in limbo.

They live in limbo because they fear their next paycheck for whatever reason is not coming. Moreover, stemming from that subconscious thought about the next paycheck, can and do cause many to live vicariously.

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Extraordinary Is Ordinary defined in scripture

Being unsure and feeling joy from living through an imagined participation of one’s perceived experience lived by others is wrong. In my opinion, a desire for a dreamed lifestyle with that subconscious thought of no paycheck is a combination that doesn’t mesh. That is like trying to mix oil and water, it will never happen.

It is sad but true that the majority of people who live in a civilized society have become programmed. In the USA, it starts with a controlled media spewing propaganda and subliminal messaging. Followed by a public school system with a rigid enforcement of rules, and a learning process full of manipulation.

Extraordinary Is Ordinary In A Humane World Order

Extraordinary Is Ordinary to the determinedBeing programmed in the early stages of socialized interactions. And to have that carry on from generation to generation produces a mindset succumb to a way of life of someone else’s choosing. Therefore, the impact made our independent way of thinking, second to a dependent programmed way of thinking.

Furthermore, living haphazardly and unwittingly is a trap. It is comfort zone that many people into simply because they are just that; “comfortable.” The wants, desires, and dreams will be there, and one may think they are living life chasing their dreams. When in reality, it is only a hope, wish, and a prayer to reach the lifestyle they want.

Extraordinary Is Ordinary 

Extraordinary Is Ordinary it in in you to discover your destinyThroughout one’s life journey there should be an emphasis on discovering their destiny. One’s destiny is the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events powered by a specific universal energy that connects with the specific energy in each of us that determines a course of events. [Dictionary.com, LLC]

You will not find your destiny because it is nowhere to be found. One’s destiny is discovered from an internal thought process. It involves believing in yourself and having the will to pursue your core beliefs against all odds. That would be an ordinary process if one was not programmed or led to believe in the powers that be.

It is for that reason the word “extraordinary” exist. The accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Mother TeresaFrederick Douglass, Jehova, and others past and present who have the dexterity to pursue their purpose in life felt it was the ordinary thing to do. To be caught up in the ways of this world order is why we call the actions of those who follow their destiny extraordinary.


When one discovers their destiny, they have obligation to give it back to pay it forward. There is no intent to have monetary compensation. Furthermore, if it is truly your destiny that you are pursuing, monetization will be a secondary side effect of one’s journey. We are fortunate enough to live in the information age.

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