From a Passion to a Business

By | March 15, 2016

“From a Passion to a Business” that’s a phrase that rolls off the tongue and delivers a clear definition of what it means.  In reality, it gets a little foggy for people who want to follow their passion, basically because “life” gets in the way.  

The day to day grind forces people to prioritize, which in most cases than not means putting any dreams on the back burner.  Some people, are gifted enough to chase their dreams. 

Others were blessed with wealth which allows them the same privileges.  For many, the opportunity to follow and monetize their passions can only happen not due to their circumstances but by happenstances.  

To make a transition From a Passion to a Business, you need the opportunity.  It’s only when something drastic happens in one’s life, that would allow them the opportunity to alter their lifestyle to the degree where they can rethink everything about it.  

There could be situations like winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance.  Life changes usually occur when there has been a complete 180-degree turn in one’s life that demands or causes a change in the way one approaches life as it is for them now and with any potential plans for the future.

 From Passion to a Business

Some people live day to day, others live life with a purpose, some are bold enough to drop everything to follow the passion that they actually believe is a worthwhile journey, then there are those who are goal oriented.   For anyone to have a passion, there must be a goal or some reasoning behind it.  

This is their “why” that brought out their passion.  Passions should come with the intent to help others; it’s making a new path to enlighten.  

Your passion, of course, should make you a better, happier person, but others as well.  Who knows? Your passion could change the world.  Whatever life circumstance afforded you the ability to pursue your passion, don’t let it go to waste.  

Moving Forward

It has been said that when one door closes another one opens.  For me, this means that it is incumbent on me to recognize this and pursue that other door.  

Life is too short; there is no time for pity parties, or folding because I was dealt a bad hand in life.  When you are knocked down, you get back up.

I had to make a life-changing decision when my physical abilities became limited because of an accident. 

I am admitting that I did become depressed and turn all my feelings inward and made everything about me.  

It was a pretty dark place. Because of the family being concerned for my good being, I was convinced to try therapy.  

Therapy forced me to open my eyes and mind to the realization that there are other mountains I can climb.  I had to find that something was that I always had a passion for but dismissed it because I was letting depression beat me. 

I have always had a passion for family tithes, especially the children.  I want to leave a legacy for them to, something they will know as truth when times get complicated.  

passion to profit

I found my “why” and it has become an over boiling pot of passion for me, and I think about it constantly.  There is no me; there is only the family.  My passion is strengthened by the family support for each other.  

My favorite niece reminds me of how we have born soldiers, and we fight through circumstance.  I sought to find a channel to bring my passion to some form of substance. 

 I wanted to move past of having just a family mission statement.  I want to show family independence by bringing to fruition the knowledge and value in having your own.  

My online business is the channel for me to show the children my way of independence and give a real example that it can be done.  

My business is to help others become a success with a home business.  This is my way to help others, myself and family.  I am in a low-cost high-profit industry.  It is easy to start but takes work to become successful.  

I learn something every day without setting out to do so.  My depression is gone my days are full, and I do all my work from home.  

I would never want you to encounter a life-changing experience where you were caused to suffer.  But know whatever happenstance you find yourself in, don’t let blind you to knowing you can make the transition from passion a to business.

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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