From Vision To Redemption

By | September 24, 2018

From Vision To Redemption. What inspired me to get people to see light for the need to discover their destiny is the record producer, rapper, and social activist David Banner. Every activist has a conscious and a vision of how right or wrong they perceive life conditions to be. 

From Vision To Redemption takes actionSo, as I share my thoughts on this matter I ask all who read this to share your opinion, and or, your vision of redemption.  

I see ones vision as the path to discovering one’s journey in life. Having a vision is just a thought or a dream. acting on that vision means you are a visionary. 

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Visionaries put things in place in order to see their vision manifest into reality. Visionaries are those who come off the sidelines and jump into the process of making a difference or change for the better of all.

The reasons why things are the way they are; be it right or wrong is because the powers that be have a vested interest that benefits their position in the fight for power. To disrupt the status quo is to disrupt the powers that put it in place.

Identifying what is wrong with the status quo, and the negative energy it generates is what causes a visionary to seek redemption.  Furthermore, it is most noteworthy to know that seeking atonement for a fault or mistake; be it for satisfaction, reparation or humankind will come with repercussions.

From Vision To Redemption

By elevating people’s awareness of the facts, with education, and leading by example why a change is needed will bring attention good and bad to the cause one is fighting for. It will be a test of one’s character when one has to hold true to their core beliefs.

From Vision To Redemption is a choiceEven when the mass majority are led to believe your endeavors are useless.

Any wrong that has been allowed to exist needs to be addressed by any means necessary. 

All my life I have struggled with inequality. Growing up in the sixties and seventies drastically influenced my life.

The peace, anti-war, and the civil rights movements were widespread.

All wanted a change in how the United States governed the people with laws that were meant to protect only a selected few of its citizens. Being aware of and seeing people of all makes unite in a conscious effort to make a difference for the better is why I have the activist trait in me.

Exposing a wrong that is still actively practiced by leaders in position along with others with a platform that has a large following is wrong.

What The Devil Means For Bad God Uses For Good

I grew up in the era of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, John, and Robert Kennedy.  All were visionaries seeking change in American society and all of them were assassinated. It is a hard road to take, facing haters and repercussions.

From Vision To Redemption with loveI would even dare to say that Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler were visionaries with selfish and twisted mythologies.

The point is self-awareness, believing in self, persistence, and focus is key. Anyone with the courage to pursue their dreams can have a successful journey.

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8 thoughts on “From Vision To Redemption

  1. Dini

    Maurice, very nice post and well-written too !! I teach people the same , self-love is so important ! Good job !

  2. Erick Darke

    I totally agree that one must have the courage to pursue their vision and goal is really important . we are living ina time when anyone with a laptop can have a voice in social matters . All the great leaders have been assassinated because of those who fear equality and change .Because when you look at it it is a small percentage that has most of the worlds wealth while others struggle to carve out a place in life due to choice or circumstances Great article .Hail El Haj Malik Malcolm X

  3. Joanne

    Thank you for your post!
    It is great to hear that you are trying to create something positive for people.

    I am inspired by your uplifting messages!

  4. Boby

    Your post is really inspiring!
    It’s sad but also true – not all the people have a clear vision of who they want to be or what they want to do.
    This article of yours could really affect them though in my opinion.
    I wish more people would have the chance to read it.
    Thanks for sharing!

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