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By | May 27, 2018

Generation Z Marketing. Will the future of marketing be directed at the Millennials or the Generation Z marketing demographic? Even though the demographics of both are in the same age bracket (millennials-late 80’s-2000, and Gen.Z-mid 90’s-2000).  

There is a difference between the siblings as consumers.  Millennials —for a decade have been the obsession of marketers.  So which is it, Millennials or Gen Z Marketing? The baby boomers will be dropping from 25% to 8% of the workforce by 2025.  

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And at the same time, the millennial and generation Z demographic will be three out of the five workers in the next ten years.  After reading this article you decide on which is best when it comes to millennials or Generation Z marketing.

Generation Z Marketing

Gen Z  now is coming into their own as consumers.  Gen Xers already have some $44 billion in purchasing power, according to the New York advertising, agency Sparks, and Honey.

Furthermore, their buying power is only expected to grow.  And there are roughly as many Gen Xers (82 million) as there are millennials (83 million) and baby boomers (76 million).

The internet once was dominated by millennials, now according to the 2015 Cassandra Report on Gen Z, 93 percent of Gen Z parents surveyed said their children influence family spending and household purchases.

Hence the post-internet era is being dominated by Gen Z.  Based on that report, marketers need a Generation Z marketing strategy that differs from those directed towards millennials.

Generation Z Marketing is worth investingating


Millennials                                                      Generation Z

Tech-savvy                                                         Tech-innate

Transparent Slacktivists                                Protective(e.g. geo-location off)

Multicultural                                                     Active Volunteers

Tolerant of others                                           Mixed race and gender

Communicate with text                                Accepting of others

Share things                                                    Communicate with images (emojis)

Now-focused                                                   Make things future focused

Optimists                                                         Realists

Want to be discovered                                 Want to work for their success

Team-orientated                                            Collective Conscious

Millennials: Best Practices to Engage

Emphasize mobile platforms – Be bold and authentic

• Make sure websites are readable and accessible on mobile devices. • Many sites neglect to place their “donate here” tab somewhere immediately visible to viewers.

• In a culture of information overload, eye-catching always wins. • Genuineness is key: 60% reported that they liked it most when nonprofits shared stories about successful projects and the people they helped directly.

Empower them to make a change

• Millennials want to feel important; they want to know that they are helping to make a difference in the world and are not just a small part of a big organization.

• Some have called this the “goal of being recognized.” Millennials post videos, artwork and political calls to action to social media in hopes of generating engagement from friends and followers.

Gen Z: Best Practices to Engage

Appeal to their interest in cause and social impact

• Gen Z consumers are becoming hyper-conscious of companies’ charitable spending, as well as their corporate social responsibility and social impact programs

Provide incentive to share things on social media

• Remember, Gen Z communicates through images, so make sure you invest heavily in visual content, including high-res photographs, infographics, and videos.

Harness those who love your product or idea

• They’re more frugal, so if you have their support make you sure maintain it.

Avoid putting all resources into Facebook and Twitter

• This generation uses apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine at greater rates than Millennials.

Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z Marketing My Base

Generation Z Marketing can be a challenge.   U.C.L.A. student Hannah Payne told the New York Times, “Generation Z takes in information instantaneously and loses interest just as fast.” Some of us in higher are still adjusting to 140-character tweets.

However, we really need to be more well-versed in Snapchat and anonymous social media platforms.  One study reported that Gen Z is the least likely generation to believe in the American Dream, whereas Gen Y’ers would.

Ten things to know about Generation Z Marketing

By Suzanne Bearne

1. They’re ambitious, engaged and want to change the world.

2. Unlike Millennials, they’re a mature and conforming bunch. They’re already plotting their future career.

3. Fame and fortune isn’t on their agenda but having a positive impact on the world is.

4. Don’t keep them waiting – they want things now.

5. They’ve got food on their mind – it’s their second favourite thing to spend money on after clothes. They’re also interested in healthy food and check food labels.

6. YouTube is their go-to channel. Whether that’s to watch music or check-in with their favourite vlogger like Zoella, it’s where they spend huge swathes of time.

7. Having grown up with Facebook, Google and YouTube, they’re digital natives and literate in all things social media.

8. They make up a quarter of the UK population and have huge spending power.

9. Gen Z love to stand apart, meaning they’ll scour the web for unique brands from all over the globe.

10. They want to create – whether that’s code, a new website or their own label. They’re a bunch of doers. 


 Generation-Z-Marketing What About Them


The study reveals that Generation Z Marketing does not fall into social conformity, but they want to make a difference in the world. So marketing to Gen Z, a brand should tell their story of how they are out in an innovative way, trying to change the world for the better.

Fast Company article

A  Fast Company article suggests tackling controversial issues head on and taking a clear position when writing content should be our focus.  “For Generation Z Marketing, the honesty and exposure that a brand takes when doing something potentially polarizing often strengthen the connection they have with that brand,” the author writes.

As Deep Focus also reports, 67 percent of Gen Z prefers narratives and storytelling, so it’s no wonder Gen Z is flocking to YouTube.  In fact, Lenovo CMO David Roman believes it is imperative for brands to tell their stories in authentic ways.  

“Consumers want to feel inspired and part of something exciting, so telling a brand’s unique story is a powerful tool in achieving consumer loyalty and engagement.” Northeastern University communications professor Brooke Foucault Welles, who researches high schoolers’ social media habits. 

Their study shows Generation Z Marketing has to have content as experiences Gen-Xers want to remake.  “They really like video experiences and tutorials and actively seek those things out,” Welles said. “Kids are doing identity development work, coming up with their own brand preferences.”

Who Are The Gen-Xers

Therefore, Generation Z Marketing marketers need to know who exactly Gen Z is.  The group comprises a quarter of the population in the UK, but they have a lot of pulling power  – in the US alone they have $44bn (£28bn) in annual purchasing power.

Okay, is Millennials or Gen-Xers that you are going to concentrate on? I prefer Gen-Xers. Because as a whole, they will make more purchases. However, you cannot go wrong with either demographic. If you are considering to start an online business.

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