Get Out Your Comfort Zone

By | March 1, 2017

Get Out Your Comfort Zone as quick as possible if you want a successful journey in whatever you are pursuing.  Personally I’m on a journey to find success with my online business.  If you are living life, then you are on a journey as well.

In our pursuits it is worthy to note that the journey itself is the focus and not where it leads.  As you know, we will have the ups and downs in our pursuits to have happiness.

But if you do not face the hills and valleys you encounter, you settle down in your comfort zone.  Get Out Your Comfort Zone if you want to progress.

I could sum it up by saying: “living life means you have stepped out of your comfort zone.  Existing in life means you in a comfort zone.  Comfort zones are find if they are temporary in stay.

However, a temporary stay in your comfort zone could be dangerous if you stay to long, and not aware of what is happening.  One could easily fall back to bad habits.

Which means you have taken backward steps with no advancement at all.  Calling it a comfort zone is a misnomer it think, because you are not comfortable, if anything you are stagnant.

Get Out Your Comfort Zone

To become stagnant or comfortable in your journey to success, means you have peaked in learning.  You have reached the furthest point of your comfort zone.

To have continued growth in knowledge and the ability to conquer new challenges, you have to Get Out Your Comfort Zone.  Your pursuit to follow your passion, discover your destiny, or leaving a legacy of achievement, stops when you are stagnant.

Many people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone.  Furthermore, I will say a majority of us will not leave our comfort zone for different reasons.  Earlier on in this article I called the “comfort zone” a misnomer.  But I was seeing it in a different light than most. I am fully aware of  the power of the mind.

The Comfort Zone 

Get Out Your Comfort Zone-do something for the first time

And in my continued search for knowledge about mind control, resulted in me seeing the “comfort zone” called something else.  After looking at the situation with a more open mind and from different perspectives.

I see the masses through no fault of their own; as followers and not freewill thinkers.  Freewill thinkers are not easily manipulated, doesn’t follow the crowd and love who they are, and know why they are here.

People who do not like their lifestyle, remain neutral in confrontations, lack motivation and do nothing to change are targets.  Targets for manipulation in every sense of the word.  They are accessible because they don’t examine the cause and affect of why they are in their current position in life.

There was a time in America when mind control was blatantly practiced.  And enforced with a any means necessary approach.  And still to this very day many Americans are controlled by untruths and are comfortable with outside forces controlling their thought process.

Freewill Thinking 

Get Out Your Comfort Zone-life begins when you leave your comfort zone Today in America freewill thinking should be embedded in all of us.  Freewill thinking requires self awareness and knowing your purpose in life.

When you can define who and why your life manifestation is what it is, you are in control of you mind and thought process.

As your life evolves there will be outside and negative internal forces that will challenge your thought process.

However, having a positive attitude, love of oneself, and surrounding yourself with like minded people, will make your journey and personal growth a wonderful experience.

Maybe you are comfortable making a lot of money and having the material luxuries that it can buy.  But money does not buy happiness.  Discover your destiny.  Once you have discovered your destiny you will have a passion for life that is fulfilling.  All your desires will come to you.  You will Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and expand it with knowledge and action.

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See you on the other side

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I appreciate you stopping by. I Hope this article helps you to Get Out Your Comfort Zone. May you continue to have blessings and prosperity. Leave a comment, you will be helping others with your perspective.

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