How Prospects Spend Online PT2

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How Your Prospects Spend Online PT2. Hey everybody, glad to have you back, this article “How Your Prospects Spend Online” part2. The information that I researched warranted a part2.  I did not want you to miss anything I covered. I am going to continue where I left off, so it should be easy for you to catch up.

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This is a metric that should be used when learning how to sell online. Use and keep this information at the forefront when monetizing a website.  You will reap bigger benefits once you learn my articles How People Spend Money Online And Why and HowYour Prospects Spend Online Prospect2

How Prospects Spend Online PT2

How Your Prospects Spend Online

In this study, Shopper Approved set out to understand why consumers purchase online, rather than through brick and mortar stores. 

Their survey included 25,660 individuals who were asked:  “What key factor influenced you to buy online instead of locally?”  Immediately after they purchased from 207 online retailers in a variety of industries.

The following factors came out tops regarding encouraging online purchases:  There is one unmentioned factor but is of utter importance to me, and that is “TRUST.”

What Online Shoppers Like

Product quality – 56%
Free Shipping – 49%
Easy returns – 35%
Customer reviews – 33%
Visual search – 30%
Great navigation – 26%
Checkout ease – 24%
Multiple options – 24%
Individual size – 12% 

Benefits of knowing why people buy online

Save time, smart, intelligent buying Green shopping, save on fuel & parking, good health & happy family relations, avoid pollution. Buy what you want, your preferred & favorite; not what a retailer is trying is push by force.

If you want your customers to identify with your brand as they do with notable names, Interact: that will let them think they can claim some ownership of the purchasing process.

How Consumers Form Their Impressions of Companies”

A recent study by Vanessa DiMauro and Don Bulmer in conjunction with The Society For New Communications Research indicates that the quality of a company’s products is the most important factor contributing to consumers’ perception of the enterprise. 

To reach this conclusion, DiMauro and Bulmer presented to survey participants with to a list of several different factors and asked them to rate their importance in forming their impression of a company.

The following percentages represent the number of participants giving “crucial” response.

Product quality – 80%How Prospects Spend Online PT2 and what they prefer
Cost of goods and services – 55%
Company’s customer care program – 37%
What trusted contacts to say about the enterprise – 34%
Customer reviews – 30%
Ratings on social media sites – 30%
What the media says about the company – 13%
What the company says in ads – 10%
The company’s social media presence – 7%

The easiest way to start is to ask your customers. Check your reviews for suggested improvements or use social media and other consumer-focused web tools to ask prospective customers directly what changes they’d like to see.

What Influences an Online Purchase Decision”

Looking at research to determine what causes consumers to buy gives internet retailers the insight needed to improve their offerings and boost sales. 

Using a collection of studies, online store provider, Bigcommerce identified the ten primary factors listed below that contribute to purchase decisions.

Key FindingsProspects-consumer funnel
Product quality – 56%
Free Shipping – 49%
Easy returns – 35%
Customer reviews – 33%
Visual search – 30%
Great navigation – 26%
Checkout ease – 24%
Multiple options – 24%
Individual size – 12%
New product – 10%

Conclusion: As in the DiMauro and Bulmer study referenced above, product quality comes out on top in Bigcommerce’s infographic. 

They begin to differ after that, with free shipping, and easy returns take an expected second and third (the success of Amazon Prime and Zappos highlight how important these factors are). 

If you aren’t already offering free shipping, see if a small price increase might cover the cost without affecting sales too significantly. And if there are any resistance points that complicate your returns process, minimize them as much as possible.

The New Normal of Consumer Behavior and How to Respond”

How Prospects Spend Online PT2 The New Normal of Consumer Behavior and How to Respond

This study, carried out by Quirk’s Marketing Research Media, interviewed nearly 2,000 U.S. buyers in 2014 in an attempt to understand how consumer attitudes and behaviors have changed after the Great Recession.

Key Findings

Consumer debt is at its lowest point since 2006, indicating that buyers are prioritizing thoughtful purchases over conspicuous consumption.

79% of survey respondents report at least sometimes checking reviews before making an online purchase.

Consumer rank “a person like yourself” as a highly credible source of information, Indicating a shift of trust towards individuals and away from institutions.

Conclusion:  Allowing consumers to control the number of options available for consideration, provide feedback during all stages of the buying process, and see how other customers have used your product can all help mitigate their distrust of larger institutions.

It’s All About the Images”

Content with related images averages 94% more total views than content without images.
Half of the consumers say that the quality of a product image, long descriptions and reviews is “crucial” for selecting and purchasing

57% of online consumers will abandon a website if they experience more than three seconds of load time. 80% of these could-be customers will never return.How Prospects Spend Online PT2 Prospects keywords

Products are assessed, and initial purchase judgments are made within 90 seconds.

41% of shopping cart abandonments occur because consumers encounter hidden charges at checkout.
53% of consumers say that low-cost shipping is a sufficient reason to change online retailers.

In Conclusion: 

The statistics showcased in voucher cloud’s infographic make one thing clear: Anything that adds resistance to your checkout process reduces your sales. 

When it comes to boosting online sales, consumers look for streamlined experiences that give them the best possible deals with the smallest amount of hassle. 

To see how your checkout process stacks up, go through each of your competitors’ shopping carts and try to make a purchase. Anything that makes your system more complicated than theirs should be revised.  Part1

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