How Your Prospects Spend Online

By | January 25, 2017

How Your Prospects Spend Online-buyers cycleHow Your Prospects Spend Online is done in stagess before they finally make a purchase. These stages once learned, will help marketers to better direct specific campaign strategies for each stage of the cycle process.

Once you know the stages of the purchasing Prospect.  You can change your marketing strategy to increase rate of conversion.  Hey everybody glad to have back.  This article will fine tune your approach to online marketing.

Marketers are moving away from the funnel method for gauging how traffic by customers and How Prospects Spend Online  People go online; “the information highway” to research the goods they want . You can find anything through a Google search.

Marketers can leverage the data gained from analysis, and other SaS tools. Analyzing the different stages, will direct mark ethers where to use specific marketing techniques.  Learning the cycles of online customer purchases, engagement and good customer relations will build the customers loyalty.  It will also produce lasting consumer relationships and improve the bottom line.

How Your Prospects Spend Online

There are three critical stages in the Customer Purchase Lifecycle.  They are the three factors to know when deciding how to get a prospective customer to making a purchase.

(1) Research Stage

People learn before they buy, although some purchasing decisions are more spontaneous than others, people learn about the goods before they consider buying them.  People gravitate online to complete their research. and this is where you can introduce your goods to people. During this phase, it is best to start building trust and loyalty. Create a list and interact consistently but do not overwhelm.

(2) Decision Stage

When a Prospect has made up their mind, they are in the decision stage.  Most people go through the decision phase after researching a variety of liked goods and decide which one best.  Purchases are made by influence, reviews and opinion, which is where marketers can showcase products that are relevant and of high quality.  Here is where you can pick up potential prospects. At this point, it is best to have a review that outshines any other reviews of likable goods listing the good and bad on a comparable platform

(3) Purchasing Stage

The final stage is the one that closes the deal. No commissions mean no pay! A Prospect has to fIrish the purchasing cycle.  The ultimate goal is to get someone to this point, whether you do so through walking them through the entire cycle process or catch them in the decision stage.  If you are targeting the keywords, you only want to direct them to the product they are looking for (through your affiliate link of course). This is the ultimate phase to catch someone in, but it is the most difficult to find a ready to buy Prospect.


Marketers want to reach and influence consumers at the point of decision making.  The long used funnel approach method was an acceptable way to catch a customer at the point of decision.  However, now consumers are well-informed.  The change is explained by Shannon Belew, who wrote The Art of Social Selling.

She argues that shoppers are better educated, doing much of the work for online marketers.  How Your Prospects Spend Online-the educated consumerThe educated consumers enter the buying process much closer to the end of the purchasing cycle.

That is great news for marketers.  Because better-qualified candidates are much closer to mking the deal, making your sale easier

Forrester says “70% of the buying process is finished before consumers connect with a live salesperson.”  The task for marketers is to know where the consumer is at in the purchasing cycle.  Consumers use a variety of platforms to learn about goods.  That means marketers have to do more than just putting up banner ads.

How consumers make decisions

How Your Prospects Spend Online-statistics on buyer spending g

In the cycle of online consumers, the impressions or decision points lend themselves from ads, news, family  friends, and use of a product.  However, the feeling from the impulse to buy are more important in my opinion Because they are an initial starting point.  The brand’s prospects at this starting point are immediate potential purchasers

How Your Prospects Spend Online Buying Triggers

How Your Prospects Spend Online-buying triggers

A Trigger is an action causing a prospect to inquire more about their need, which means a sense of purpose and in their buying process.

Examples of triggers:

  • You phone fails, and you realize you need a new one
  • You have a house guest and realize  you want to offer a better guest room experience

Having a very clear understanding of triggers helps you:

  • Know how to target
  • Direct your content to a target prospect
  • know when a prospect is ready to purchase
  • Allows you the to help a customer

Understanding this trigger is to know your target audience.  It helps us to create content for this audience within your landing page.

Brand consideration

The decision-making process is a circular journey.  The process of researching potential purchases to closure for consumers when buy and post-purchase when customers experience them.

Imagine that a client has decided to purchase a car. As with most kinds of products, the consumer will immediately be able to take into consideration from a set of known brands.

Qualitative research, tells us that the way media fragments the selection pool of like products being produced have made consumers gravitate to the best-known brand from the outset.


How Your Prospects Spend Online-online buying process

When customers reach the decision to make a purchase, it is time to go to work.  The post-purchase experience shapes their opinion for every decision that follows while experiencing the purchase that they made.

So the journey is an ongoing cycle of building trust. A trust that could eventually lead to that referral from word of mouth.

Take the automotive insurance industry, where the companies have a large base of seemingly loyal customers who renew every year. As much as a sixfold difference in the ratio of active to passive loyalists among major brands.

Invest in consumer-driven marketing

All marketers should make expanding the base of active supporters a priority.  However, to do so, they must focus their investment on new touch points.  That will require an entirely new marketing efforts.  Not just investments in Internet sites. Also, efforts to drive word-of-mouth or a renewed commitment to customer satisfaction should be considered.

Broadband connectivity, is an example, of what marketers need to provide real-time management to help consumers choose products.  Furthermore, Real Time Management is a necessary element of a marketer’s online arsenal.  The customer journey has grown more complex.  Knowing How Your Prospects Spend Online will help better measure your campaign effectiveness. part2

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best with online marketing.   Moreover, may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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