How The Digital Marketing Era Affects The CX

By | November 20, 2020

How The Digital Marketing Era Affects The CX. The Digital Marketing will have marketers engaging with customers in new ways. There are changes taking place because of big data. These changes will change CRM (customer resource management) to CX (customer experience or UX user experience).

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The new customer experience is a game-changer. Marketers will have the ability to use innovative software and services to form an encounter with a customer. Which will be far more profound than ever, into the relevant context of a specific customer’s needs.

The big data that marketers have access to today is helping them shift toward addressing one segment of a targeted audience. “We have the technology to do it, and we are getting there,

How The Digital Marketing Era Affects The CX

“It is not creepy if it works.” The reality is that most marketers and CX leaders are still trying to figure all this out, he added. Some organizations are front-runners regarding CX. Are there because—along with being customer-centric—they are willing to take risks and test, test, test, Foley said.

Furthermore, “No one has this solved,” he noted. “It is still a little Wild West.” 

Defining Digital Transformation

Altimeter Group defines digital transformation as:

The re-alignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital consumers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.

The change from CRM to CX is not the process of out with the old and in with the new. Like a species gradually merging from one to another in evolution. There are intergrading factors to consider as well with this transformation, and that is social media.

Social media has affected the online experience with “in your face” right now responses and posts. So much to the point where it has effects on customer behavior. They too want the immediate gratification experience.

Each in its right is significant in how the business operates. However, customer behavior and expectations, and that of employees for that matter continue to evolve.

Therefore, the list of disruptive technologies (social media, big data, etc.) that are pushing business leaders and processes out of their respective comfort zones is far more exhaustive and constant.” –Brian Solis

Adapting To The Consumer 

How The Digital Marketing Adapting to the consumerAccording to the Altimeter Group:  The way today’s consumers use screens and what they expect to accomplish does not mirror the traditional consumer.

With today’s consumer values are shifting, and how they make decisions no longer aligns with a conventional funnel model.

Expectations are reshaping engagement and, ultimately, the way their relationships with companies unfold.

From social, mobile, customer insights, journey mapping, and IT training. Digital transformation improves how businesses can see their customers. So they can create value throughout their purchase lifecycle.

In our research. We found that understanding the digital customer experience is one of the primary catalysts for businesses investing in digital transformation. Moreover, change must begin with noting the differences between traditional customer strategies and engaging and nurture relationships with digital customers.

The digital customer experience result ultimately makes businesses relevant in a digital era while growing opportunities, profits, and scaling effects in the process.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Updated company vision
A company’s image is modernized and humanized, which earns support from digital customers.

A thriving culture of innovation
This effort creates a buzz within the organization and inspires a company culture of innovation and the ability to innovate in the development of products and services.

Improved customer journey
Customers continue naturally every step of their journey, which enhances conversions and outcomes.

Greater competitive advantage
Businesses build competitive advantages that executives recognize.

Increased internal collaboration
Collaboration significantly improves between business functions.

Empowered workforce
Leadership and employees feel empowered through education.

Improved efficiency
Decision-making processes are more efficient across departments.

Deeper data analysis
A better understanding of what/where data is across the organization translates into the ability to deepen customer analysis to prove ROI.

Increased customer conversions and loyalty
A true 360-degree, seamless CX contributes to higher conversions and customer loyalty. Mobile beacons are one of the critical technology tools that enable digital magic in the physical world.

Using Bluetooth, a digital beacon emits signals that activate apps on people’s phones, allowing brands to send real-time messages based on a consumer’s  location, it could be a discount product or an instant pass to first in line when a passenger is about to miss a flight.

is the time for taking advantage.

While CX is still evolving, the marketers who climb aboard now will have the opportunity to be in the forefront.


Online and offline, consumers with any device want immediate gratification, and with the advent of this new significant data technology, marketers will have the chance to just that through a growing “physical” world.

Moreover, “This is the next level of intimacy between brands and consumers,” says Ray Pun, head of strategic marketing for mobile at Adobe. Already, companies like Walgreens are deepening the bonds. With a platform that allows customers to track their wearable data, like some steps taken each day, the brand can offer rewards and unique gifts to customers who meet or exceed their goals.

Making the most of this technology requires more than creative ideas. In addition to keeping up with a rapidly evolving and complex beacon ecosystem, marketers must get over the fear that this technology is intrusive

Adobe Digital Index surveys show that while only 37% of consumers have received location promotions, 57% believe an in-store promotion is helpful and 77% say an in-store promotion on their smartwatch feels normal.

Before consumers articulate their thoughts, their decision-making process is underway. That is why traditional focus groups can yield such flawed results — because we are asking people what they think instead of understanding what’s in their heads.

By using neuroscience to measure the inner workings of the elusive and increasingly distracted human brain, marketers can learn why specific subconscious reactions are related to messages and campaigns.

Ever-Evolving Technology

“The Watch is going to replace the phone as the main remote control for our lives,” says Brent Hieggelke, chief mobile evangelist at The Digital Marketing big data in motion

Tamara Gaffney, the principal analyst at Adobe Digital Index, agrees — and she believes, in spite of its seemingly slow start, that the new Apple Watch will be the go-to choice.

“There’s a great installed base that’s ready to buy,” she says. “Especially among those who have bigger iPhone screens.

As customers interact with smartwatches, other wearables, and many connected objects, they will be generating torrents of new data. One of the notable data types is biometric data — which presents exciting opportunities for marketers.

With insight into the wearer’s bodily functions, you can interpret each customer’s physical and emotional state. Equipped with this customer information, you can provide even more personal and relevant experiences.

This is only the beginning. Imagine helping customers with sympathetic pricing or exclusive discounts when you know they are having a rough week — whether from lack of sleep, lack of exercise or other deviations from their typical health patterns.

“This will require a very sophisticated mapping of the customer profile,” says Pun. “But it will also give us a much deeper understanding of what our customers need when they need it and what types of messages will matter to them at any given point in time. It will allow brands to communicate with friends.”

Brain science

“Brain science is by no means new in the marketing field,” says Lindsay. “Remember the consulting psychologist on Mad Men? The difference is that we can finally observe, interpret and harness it all.”

Neuroscience innovations now make it possible to quickly gather data from multiple nonconscious streams, including pupil movement, respiration, micro-facial expressions and brainwave activity.

What’s more, as the price for using these technologies comes down, neuromarketing is becoming a more available testing solution for brands that were once priced out.

Brain Research

Agencies like Nielsen Neuroscience research clients ranging from multinational enterprises to single storefronts while the Rexi Media agency uses brain research data to help individuals and companies perfect their presentations and sales pitches.

Soon, neuromarketing will not even need obtrusive gadgetry like EEG headsets to capture this data. Developers of thermal imaging and fNIRS (functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy) technologies are currently testing new tools that can collect information from a broad subject pool at critical moments — so we can understand which group in a mass of people are interested in our messages.

Furthermore, based on this information, marketers will be able to leverage remote dashboards to optimize messages in real-time so that campaigns can change on the fly and more people will pay attention. Remember, act on your words.

Digital transformation can have a different meaning for people. However, across the board it more of a reality now. We are the first generation experiencing this transformation from industrial to digital. The information age is here. Furthermore, as marketers, there is a need to stay ahead in the game. Therefore, being a marketer online myself.

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