How To Achieve A Goal In Your Online Business

By | August 1, 2017
Hello once again to you all, Within this article, I assist you in How To Achieve A Goal In Your Online Business. I started in affiliate marketing as a home business. Not knowing the ins and outs of the industry, left me at a disadvantage in the beginning.
All I knew was I had developed a passion for it after researching. But researching was not enough. I had to answer some very strategic questions and follow certain proven guidelines that must be applied to any business venture.
When you are setting goals to start a business, your success depends on your actions. By following a step by step agenda for setting your goal in order to achieve your goal. The strategy to goal achievement involves focus and commitment, persistence and most of all a plan to success.

How To Achieve A Goal In Your Online Business

We all heard the phrase “you can’t reinvent the wheel”, I like to reference that to business as following the successful path of others in your field instead of trying to pave a new one.

If it has been laid out for you why not. Although you have your own niche and ideas, there are certain criteria that successful businesses follow. Such as trends demographics, timing, analytics, and trust.

Malcolm Forbes:

Whatever personal goals you have remembered this about business:

..”.Business is not about tricks, win-lose deals, and dishonesty.  It’s about action, persistence, patience, honesty, faith and hard work.  Business is about creating long-term relationships; it’s about making those relationships WIN-WIN.  Business is about creating value in the world and being compensated because you have made people’s lives better.  Business is about getting what you want by giving people what they want or need.”

 Here are five successful entrepreneurs with advice on How To Achieve A Goal In Your Online Business

1. Basecamp

We love using Basecamp to monitor projects, goals and action items. It is a really great way to have visibility into what the team is working on.

In addition, the fact that you can set reminders and deadlines on your to-do items gives our team accountability to get goals done.

2. Track Your Project With ONTRAPORT or Influence & Co. Software

By using a software solution such as ONTRAPORT or Influence & Co.  You can easily track your projects, milestones, and achievements. Plus, getting a system like this down early will help you scale the business as you find out what works.

3. Micro-Execute Tasks with Trello

You have to be capable of long-term, strategical thinking while simultaneously killing it at the tactical, micro-execution level. This is very hard to do.

I do my best to keep my team abreast of the context behind every task and make them aware of how it fits into the bigger picture. We track both our long- and short-term progress in Trello and do daily huddles to stay on the same page.

4. Vision Boards With ZinePak

At ‘ZinePak, we create vision boards with baby steps defining smaller goals that, if we hit all of them, will allow us to conquer the larger, long-term strategic goal.

These bi-weekly or monthly goals are more defined, time-sensitive and create accountability among all individuals on the team. Breaking the goal up into smaller tasks helps everyone stay motivated and excited to keep chipping away.

5. Keep Track of Your Project and Your Progress With Asana

When you create goals and projects on Asana and set tasks it will keep track of all completed tasks.

This allows you to get a bird’s eye view on all progress your team members have made on a project or a goal. Every team needs Asana! My team agrees that it has really boosted our productivity.

The power in the written word is huge. Write down your business goals is in detail. Moreover, make them realistically attainable, but to learn, grow and succeed, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Be clear about your dreams and what you want to achieve and set deadlines. For example, if you plan to add social media to your marketing plan, determine which social website to use to promote your marketing strategy. 

Strategies for How To Achieve A Goal In Your Online Business

Focus: If you have goal make it your primary focus. Learn to stay away and or ignore distractions. Stick to your plan. 

If your goal is to write up a new marketing, then ask yourself what time of day do you work best and make that time your starting point. Mark that time on your calendar for the week. Media 

Accountability: When we are only accountable to ourselves, we may sometimes slack a little. Therefore, seek unbias help and support. Review and Revise: keep your plan visible, accomplishing major goals is a process, that should be broken done in increments.

Review your progress on a weekly basis. If you fall behind on some activities because of an unplanned interruption, revise your deadlines. It is acceptable to reset and revise your goals if your objectives change. Why Wealthy Affiliate Because It Is The Best-for free

By following a step by step agenda from setting your goal to achieving your goal.

The strategy to goal achievement also involves focus and commitment, a plan to success.

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  1. Brent

    Yres, I agree focus is the key. Even in spite of the challenges of life and children so on and so forth. Tenacity, persistence, research all of that comes into play.

    good luck.

    and thank you. Insightful post.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Again, thanks for responding. The new software that’s available can help all of us by cutting down on time spent on a progect which leads to becoming more productive.

  3. Karen

    Great article thanks for sharing. I also use Trello, it’s a great tool for planning out my week and breaking down tasks into manageable chunks. I highly recommend this product and the others sound very interesting too! Cheers Karen

  4. Aaron

    Nice tips on how to reach certain goals in online business …out of curiosity what’s your goal you’re trying to reach online?

  5. Julianna

    Your website is well set up and very informative! The tabs underneath your pages made it easier to find exactly what information I was looking for. Online business truly is the future which anyone can achieve through proper training and a pro-active mindset. Nice use of videos too by the way!

  6. Peter

    Online businesses are the key to freedom. They can be done from anywhere and the possibilities are endless.

    Who knows where it could take you? All that is needed is some action on your end and your life could change for the better. Your future self will be thanking you.

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