How To Be A Success You Have A Right To It

By | September 26, 2017

How To Be A Success as an entrepreneur. It begins with organization and ends with perseverance. Now let us discuss everything in between beginning and ending. First of all, success is the favorable end to a campaign and maintaining the prosperity over time. 

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The successful entrepreneur is successful mainly because he/she has researched a planned, strategized and will not take no for an answer. They are well versed in their craft. They believe in themselves and will continue to study and learn.

Moreover, they ignore the naysayers that are trying to put out their light. Success at any level is a venture, is easy to obtain you put the work in and maintain a focus driven by determination and passion.  

Through the uncertainty, failures, and risks persist realize it is all part of the journey.  Success comes from hard work. There is no get rich quick scheme.

How To Be A Success

How to be a success starts with actionHard work and sweat are behind every successful business person.  Therefore, successful entrepreneurs give 100 percent in all his undertakings. 

If you can overcome the fear of success, you will see you have the ability to become a success. Fear are excuses that convince you that you can’t when you can.  

When you allow that voice of doubt in your head, pounding you with self-doubt, to take over, that is when you can’t. “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career.

I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

See there is a certain mindset that all entrepreneurs have that shows them How To Be A Success, they think outside the box. The people that challenge themselves mentally and physically to take the next step where others have stopped (failures).

Moreover, the ones who create change and solve problems make the world go round.  Put that in a business context, and you have the number one trait of knowing How To Be A Success as an entrepreneur.

Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

How To Be A Success

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Being resilient is not the only character that fuels the successful business person, the other essential attributes are:

The willingness to change:  Recognizes and accept failure and learn from it.

Will take risks: Will take the next step when others are doubtful, but a tactical way.

They give back:  Or pay it forward as some say.  You build a trusting brand when assisting smaller businesses and startups.  You will fill good when you give back to the community as well.

Network: They participate in online communities, social networks and publish in as many streams as possible.

Value time:  Time management is imperative if you want stability and balance between work and personal duties.

Focus: Not easily distracted, will put down the cell phone and turn off the television.

Trustworthy: When people invest their money in a product or service through you, they are investing in you as well. In essence, they’re saying you are trustworthy.

Frugal:  They save while minimizing their expenses when investing in a venture and their personal lives as well.

Passion:  Stimulated by an accomplishment or tremendous loss, or some other heighten event in their lives.

Confident:  Will listens to others but makes the final decision

Strategies For Success

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The successful entrepreneur realizes that it is a must to stay on top of the ever-evolving technology.

Moreover, the techniques to apply the technology if they want to stay ahead of the competition and better serve their clients.  

If you’re serious about creating lasting and significant change in your world. As opposed to merely thinking and talking about it for another year. There are a few things you might want to do in order to help make those intentions a reality.  

Craig Harper offers the following strategies to know How To Be A Success  

  • Know what success is. If you don’t know what success is (for you), how can you possibly create it?  Success is different things for different people and one person’s success (a pregnancy for example) might be another person’s catastrophe.    
  • Clarity produces excitement. Excitement produces momentum. Momentum produces behavioral change. Behavioral change produces different results and eventually, the internal vision becomes an external reality. Giddy-up.      
  •  Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Some people will live a life of second-best, of compromise and of under-achievement simply because they’re (1) controlled by fear (2) always looking for the magic pill or shortcut and (3) not prepared to do the tough stuff.
  • People who always take the easy option are destined for mediocrity. At best. Always avoiding the discomfort means constantly avoiding the lessons and the personal growth. Pain is a great teacher. Not always what we want. Sometimes what we need.

Be Self Aware

  • Seek to be righteous, not right. The need to be “right”. Speaks of arrogance, insecurity, ego, and stupidity. It’s also synonymous with failure.

The person who constantly needs to be right will miss out on much of what life has to teach him and alienate himself from others. Arrogance repels, humility attracts.

  • Seek respect, not popularity. Our nature is “who we are. Our reputation is why people think we’re. When the two are synonymous, we’re usually on the right path.
  • Embrace mess. To embrace mess is to embrace life because life is messy, unpredictable, unfair, uncertain, lumpy and bumpy. So get used to a little chaos. Embrace it even. While others succumb to the messiness and unpredictability of the human experience, make a conscious choice to be the calm in the chaos.
  • Don’t become your parents. Or your boss. Or anyone but you. The enormity of conformity is a problem for the wanna-be success story. Sure, your parents are great and by all means, respect them, love them and learn from them. 

Please don’t become them. That’s just plain ugly and a little bit tragic. Listen to, and learn from other people. Think, act and decide for yourself. And no, you don’t need anyone’s approval or permission. You’re big now. It’s okay.

  •  Be like water. Powerful. Gentle. Adaptable. Ever-changing. Being static in a dynamic world –. Like the one you and I inhabit. If you can’t adapt, you can’t succeed.
  • Our practical, three-dimensional reality. Everything in it is in a constant state of transition while some of us are in a constant state of “same”. Statues don’t succeed; they just get crapped on.  Watch out for the pigeons

5 Successful Entrepreneurs share the advice they remember from their past, that they attribute to their success 

how to be a success accept failure1. Billionaire Mark Cuban: 

There are no shortcuts.  The investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks tell Business Insider the best advice he ever got was: “Do the work.

Out-work. Out-think. Outsell your expectations. There are no shortcuts.” The advice came from his father, who did upholstery on cars when Cuban was in high school. “He was always very encouraging but also realistic,” Cuban says of his dad.

2. Restaurateur Jon Taffer:

See every detail of your business. “Years ago when I was very young,” recalls Taffer, the host of the TV show “Bar Rescue” and a former business owner, in a recent interview with Business Insider, “a VP of Hyatt looked at me and said, ‘You look, but you don’t see.”

Taffer learned to look not just at the big picture, but also at every place setting, light fixture, and customer exchange. “See every crack, every detail. I learned to see real and not just look at my business,” he says.

3. FUBU founder Daymond John:

Don’t chase the money. When he was growing up, John’s mother said, “Money is a great slave but a horrible master.” “In the earlier days, I was doing things because I thought what I wanted was to be rich,” the “Shark Tank” investor tells Business Insider’s Richard Feloni.

“For the most part, those businesses failed, and then later when I started doing something casually because I loved it, that company burst.” “So all those old sayings that your grandmother and grandfather used to tell you are somewhat realistic,” John continues.

“I learned that over the years. And then after becoming wealthy and having money, I failed at a lot of things, and that reinforced some of those theories told in my past.

4. Panera Bread founder and CEO Ron Shaich:

Competitive advantage is everything. “Losing competitive advantage is the greatest risk in business,” Shaich tells Business Insider. If you don’t have a reason for people to walk past your competitors and come to your business, he says, then you don’t exist.

“If you can do something to get somebody excited — not everybody — but if you can be the best for somebody, then you can win,” Shaich says. “What it’s all about is figuring out what you can do for somebody that nobody else can do better.”

5. Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran:

My best advice was an insult. Call it reverse psychology, but it was an insult that motivated Corcoran to succeed. “It’s weird. The best advice was the worst advice,” she told Business Insider’s

6. Henry Blodget:

“It was from my boyfriend and partner in my first business when he told me I would never succeed without him. I have injured no doubt.  But thank God he insulted me because I would not have built a big business without that. It kept me trying everything because I couldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me fail. So the best advice was an insult.”

Finally, the successful entrepreneur engages with their customers and others in their network. Knowing How To Be A Success involves building relationships. People love helping others. I want to help you learn How To Be A Success with the best opportunity online for starting an online home-based business.

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See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by. Furthermore, I wish you all the best with learning How To Be A Success. Moreover, may you have blessings and prosperity. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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    Brilliant post Maurice. I always learn so much when I visit your site hence why its book marked.
    Hardwork, determination and mindset will help anyone achieve any goal s they list.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jaime

    Hello, your article is well detailed, and very explicit. We have always something to learn everyday, and one of the things is to be patient. Sucess comes step by step, we can’t be rushing things when not possible. Excellent post.

  3. Emmanuel

    Hello Maurice,
    really enjoyed reading your post, especially the quotes. Everyone indeed has a right to success. Problem is not many people know or are even willing to stake their claim for success. I agree with you that hard work is very important for success, especially for a business person. I just started my online business but I’m a bit concerned though that my wife has to frequently ask me to go and rest because I’ve been on the computer working all day and many times all night as well. My response has usually been that when the time comes to rest, I will.
    But I really feel I should listen to her and work less for health and other reasons. What do you think?

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    You are absolutely right. If you do not believe in yourself how would you expect anyone else to believe in you?

  5. James

    Awesome article and thanks for the information!. You are right. All of these things are necessary to become successful. I love that you mention success being different for each person. So true! Success implies an accomplishment which takes work and nothing worth having comes easy but it’s worth it in the end. Giving back is a huge one in my opinion. Love this article. Very informative and true!

  6. Ben

    This is a great article about how anyone can become a success. Some of your points I have found very important. They are believing you can do it and not taking no for an answer, and not listening to the doubts in your head. Also, time management is very important and is something everyone can work on. Finally, hard work – without work you will not get anywhere.

  7. Jacob

    Hello, Maurice, you nailed it down explaining the attributes of what it takes to be a success, especially when it comes down to what goes into being successful. It really is hard, I know from my experience of trying to grow my own online affiliate business. You really need to have the ability to keep getting up, every time I see the minimal traffic I get on my site, it is like a swift punch to the face, but I have to keep getting up. Eventually those punches to the face will hurt less, eventually that traffic will get bigger, and eventually, I will be able to call myself a true entrepreneur, but until then, I just gotta keep grinding, and have that successful perseverance that creates, and leads to success!

  8. Jarred

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the great and encouraging article. I am a budding internet entrepreneur and so much of what you spoke about really edified me. Especially the stuff about risk taking.

    I was recently speaking to my aunt who had a business partnership go south and lost a fair deal of money in the process. Her and my uncle are now fairly hesitant to take risks again and are both now in decent paying jobs but have put their business interests on a backburner. This unfortunately can breed complacency.

    I had a fairly risky job change also go south on me and I feel really blessed that I am still not in a really comfortable position financially because this really fuels your motivation and kicks complacency to the curb!

    Although the previous risks taken can teach you a lot, they should not deter you from taking risks in the future. I’m with you 100% on that one.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Appreciate the motivating and thought-provoking article:)

  9. Eddie

    I enjoyed reading your article. Agree with you on many of the points. Success begins and ends with the level of effort that anyone puts into being successful. You have to be able to stick to it and push through no matter what is in the way. The comments from the various successful entrepreneurs was a particularly nice touch at the end there. Really nailed home the points. Great job

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