How To Be Productive With Your Home Business

By | October 1, 2020

How To Be Productive At Working Your BusinessHow To Be Productive With Your Home Business. To be productive at work, on any endeavor or pursuit means making it your primary focus if you want to be successful at it. Having a passion and goals in your journey will make it a labor of love. Furthermore, the more productive you are, the more success you will have.

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Moreover, to become more productive staying focused, passionate, and persistent are at the core of your manifestation. Secondly, prepare for failure, fore it is part of the process. Also stay humble, helpful, and pay it forward. Be willing to make changes in your lifestyle that will be for the better of you.

This may mean leaving some of your social circles and putting yourself improvement at the forefront of all your actions. Time is fleeting, it is gone before you know it. Productivity is fleeting. When you put off those things that must be done before you know it, your work has piled up and your goals are pushed further down a line that is getting longer and longer.

There are twenty-four hours in a day. It is your self-awareness that will bring clarity to your day. If you divide the hours of the day between sleep, eating, everyday chores, work, charity, and the surprises that pop up in a day, you will see how valuable time is and the importance of using it wisely.

How To Be Productive With Your Home Business

To become more productive as an online entrepreneur. Understand you can avoid an uphill battle from the start if your pursuits are your purpose in life. See your destiny is your passion. And as such, when you find it you will never work a day in your life again.

Otherwise, you will be easily distracted and more willing to put things off. Now that you have your foundation lets see How To Be Productive At Working Your Home Business. 

Working from home be it online or from your garage is totally a different process than the 9 to 5 which we all know is 7 to 7. When you work for yourself you are accountable for every part of your business. Of course, how you schedule your work time and your business plan will be up to you.

How you organize your daily activities is crucial to running a home business. Therefore, it is necessary to find a mentor, network with like-minded people, and making your business your number one priority.

Setting Goals

Goal setting is a way to stay motivated. Even though the ultimate goal is what you seek, it is important to set smaller goals in increments to make the journey more tolerable. These smaller goals should be challenging, attainable, and direct you closer to your ultimate goal. Be mindful of the ebb and flows that will happen during your journey, accept and recognize them as such, and maintain your focus.


Visualization is important because it gives you a way to unclog your mind from trying to remember everything you need to do. Write down what you plan to do the day before. Write down your business plan and your weekly schedule. Place all your information in an area where you will undoubtedly see it. Visualization will strengthen what you are focusing on.

Tips to Become More Productive

How To Be Productive At Working habitsVirgin Group founder Richard Branson knows a thing or two about productivity. In his autobiography, Branson wrote that his most essential possession is his notebook. He takes notes about all the people he talks to each day.

Wake up early and plan your day on paper. Anything that is counterproductive or is not a priority, eliminates it from your plan. Have Breakfast Before you start your day have a healthy breakfast and meditate on the day ahead.

Will Power Have the determination to change the habits that draw you to downtime to habits that lead to being productive-take action!  Don’t try to change everything overnight- a habit at a time.

Have a Mentor. Having someone who speaks your language is a platform for ideas. A mentor will hold you accountable. Take Breaks. It’s been noted that for every hour of work break or exercise for 15 min.

The 80/20 rule 20% of effort yields 80% of productivity. Work on what is productive for your business than working for the sake of working. Eliminate Distractions  Let it be known by everyone your scheduled working hours and work the same schedule every day. Turn off your phone and stay off the social networks.

How To Be Productive At Working- make things happenDon’t Check Email until you’ve finished your work. Schedule Your Time. Between activities, family, and appointments, and stay on schedule. Have a Positive Frame of Mind   Choose to enjoy your work.

Pick Your Battles- When you fight on everything, then your likeability is lost. Adapt-Be open to change. Lean on your experience, for success. Stay on Course Don’t be interrupted by something else. Clear the Clutter-Being organized is the key productivity.

Help someone. This will be your overall state of mind.  Studies show positive mental and physical effects come from volunteering. Making the most of each day takes a conscious effort. But working more efficiently means focusing on the task at hand, and attacking your goals head on to completion.

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9 thoughts on “How To Be Productive With Your Home Business

  1. Karen

    Hi there, I agree. Getting into good habits, no matter what business you are in, takes commitment. Having a mentor to keep me on track sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing, cheers Karen

  2. Judith

    I fell into overworking, I was putting in 12 hour days, and I realized I could not keep that up. It is important to prioritize activities. I have a time I try to not go passed. I realize that the work will still be there tomorrow. I do have a tendency to get distracted, so your tips are helpful.

  3. Darcy

    This is an article everyone in the home-business category should read. When working from home being productive can be very difficult with all the distractions around us. I found this article very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Craig

    I agree that having a mentor is a great idea for any project in life, but a home business even more so. When you work in an office or something you can always ask a manager, but at home you’re on your own. So given this….what if you’re not sure where to find a mentor? Do you have any recommendations on good forums or communities that have a solid mentor program?

  5. Marika Stolpe

    Great article! It all comes down to be your own boss to keep you focused on what YOU want. The best way to “trick” your own mind is to write it down. I agree that you should change one habit at a time to make it sustainable. Also the people around you have big impact on you and influence you more than you think. Therefore it is important to choose visely who you spend time with. I know I perform the best when I have someone to “report” to, so a mentor is a must for me to get things done. 🙂

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