How To Be The Best You Can Be

By | January 9, 2017

What’s up, people?  I hope you are feeling fantastically blessed today.  Are you ready to help others as well as yourself in the same process?  Ask  How To Be The Best You Can Be?  It all starts with you.  To become better, do better.  You are an amazing person.

Your accomplishments and failures are uniquely your own.  Furthermore, every action you take from now on, will determine how amazing or successful your life will be.  But if you are not trying to grow as a person and be willing to help others, do not expect to have any success at all.  

How do you expect to become better if no conscious effort is put forth while carrying out your daily pursuits?  

We all should challenge ourselves to be better so that we continue to grow and develop our lives in a more meaningful way.

By challenging ourselves to be better, we can give a positive answer to the question; How To Be The Best You Can Be?

The Man in The Mirror

The man in the mirror, look long enough, and you will see more than the image reflected back at you.  After you get pass the vein self-analysis or critique of yourself  “if you can.”  You will begin asking yourself questions.  Questions that bring issues of impact to our conscious that we hold as truth in our subconscious.

Who am I, what is my purpose, where do I go from here, and when will my light shine?   There are two approaches we can take to break through to our subconscious to answer these questions.

First of all, does the man in the mirror have a selfish “all about me” attitude?  If so, one needs to change that way of thinking and be more open to the concerns of others.  To move forward the selfish must learn to give back.  

Or, does the man in the mirror already have a giving back attitude?  In which case one just needs to face their fears and fipassion. There is a third way; the “I don’t care attitude.” which in this case you can stop reading now, but know you are in my prayers.

How To Be The Best You Can Be?

To answer the man in the mirror, simply walk away from your reflection while keeping the above questions always at the core of your thought process and your answer will come.

The more clarity to your answer will depend on how willing you are in facing your fears and the willingness to search the internal you. Do this, and you have just found your passion.

Want to make a difference?   By pursuing  your passion with it comes a labor of love that will never feel like work.  You, believe it or not, are making your contribution to the overall good of society by doing so.  Giving back to society is something we all should do, so our passion we should all pursue. And believe this, even if your passion is in the business sector, you will not find success without helping others.

How To Be The Best You Can Be- I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done; I only see what remains to be done


Is the world moving faster?  When I say the world, I mean the people of the world who chase individual pursuits, no longer interested (if it ever was) it seems, in the greater good; justice for all, peace on earth, or making charitable efforts.  “Folks, slow down or just stop to smell the roses.”

I am an American, living in Detroit Michigan, other than taking the Ambassador Bridge into Canada for weekend getaways;  I’ve never left the country.  I still can form a worldly opinion of how we act; thank you World Wide Web.

If not for the W.W.W. I would still be trying to decide the difference between  propaganda and  truth.  Although the internet allows us to make better conclusions about what’s  going on in the world, we still must ask why things are the way they are.


Could it be a way for the powers that be to keep world order and at the same time fight each other for supremacy?  While the powers that be use the non-influential person as pawns to fight their wars. And control the masses by making law, using propaganda and subliminal messaging. Controlling the masses in such a way, make the masses followers like sheep. 

The Ordinary

When someone one is forced, or conditioned to conform to a way of life that clearly impedes their search for truth.  However, the ordinary person reverts to survival mode.  The ordinary person becomes content in seeking out a lifestyle of comfort, be it upper, middle, or lower class, spiritual or non-spiritual and going along with the status quo.


When someone goes against the grain if necessary to pursue truth and knowledge.  Learning the truth about a situation that you were conditioned to believe otherwise is an awakening.  If this revelation moves you to tale action, that’s a passion.  It is at this point I think our passions come under attack.  Do you stick to your beliefs (man up), and become extraordinary.are you blinded by the materialistic, the greed, and manipulation?

Changes to a Better You

It is only so long that you can blame your life experiences for your current circumstances.  Events are caused by the actions you take in your daily lives. To be a better you, be honest with yourself evaluation, and be willing to make the changes necessary to improve, be it your surroundings, the people you associate with, your personal habits, etc.

Agree to DisagreeHow To Be The Best You Can Be-Never suppress a generous thought

As you reinvent yourself, make an effort to accept that as you are in this process, you will engage in your interactions with others that you will have errors and be willing to make the improvements. You can’t get everything you want the way you want it, but sometimes you can get a semblance of it if you learn to compromise.

Beat the Sunrise

Waking up early gives you a step ahead for today’s undertakings. You can plan your work and work your plan, complete unfinished work, or meditate. Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg Bill Gates, and all successful people do.

Diet and Exercise

Being in good physical condition is one of the keys to becoming a better you.  You will have a boost in confidence, and feel better physically and mentally.

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet 

Have some baked protein fruits, and starch, instead of the fried foods chips and fries. Don’t eat before bed. It is the little things can make a big difference.


How To Be The Best You Can Be-there is nothing wrong with loving yourselfDo you remember the discussion on the passion we had earlier?  If you apply one of those two approaches to your everyday life, you are so focused nothing else has to be said. 

Network with More Successful People

Remember the old saying: “You are as good as the five people you hang around the most.” Well, that saying has some truth in it.

Successful people don’t have a lot of friends, and their friends are successful too.  This isn’t magic you will be influenced by mere human contact and participating in the conversation.

Research Your Industry Everyday

Take advantage of the internet, search for informative newsletters, group forums, and online magazines to stay on top of changes in your industry.

Do Charitable Work 

“Give back,” some say “pay it forward.”  However said it is a rewarding experience felt inside and out.  Not to mention the return for such acts can come back to you two folds.

Ways to Becoming a Better You

1. Work with people who are smarter and like-minded, follow the ways of a trailblazer and implement everything you have to offer by actively participating, then blaze a new trail with your passion.
You will leap further to meet your intuition, dig deeper into your industry, and listen more actively.

2 Ask for opinions from all demographics, research that diverse audience. Nothing like asking a twenty-year-old and a seventy-year-old what they think about your stuff.

3. Solicit opinions from experts. Ask a gifted writer what they think of your material. It may sting, it may be a significant gust of the wind beneath your wings to motivate you to step your up your game and finally chase your passion or idea.

4. Stand the mirror until you can say you genuinely do or will try to do that will promote faith hope and charity.  Since a healthy body and mind goes hand in hand, while still looking in the mirror, look at your physique, the miracle of your health, and find your qualities as good human being.

5.. As the Dalai Lama says, “Love until it hurts.” For me, that means forever.

More tips to be a better you 

6. Turn off the TV. Travel with the car radio or your i-Pod turned off.  The silence may leave you to become unsettled after constantly listening to noise and being distracted. Held at bay are our passions, anxiety, extreme beauty and genius which we must learn to set time for them, so they have room to surface.

7. Underachieve.  Particularly for all you A Types and workaholics. Slack off, miss a deadline.  For a week, do not entertain a to-do list. (I know, you are saying “It will never happen”)  The world isn’t going to end.  Be late just because you wanted to something different. Take time to do you.

8. Take an improv class.  It could force you to face your fears and push you to get in contact with the real you. You will learn more about being innovative, and success than any therapist or self-help book

9.Say no.  Offer the simple explanation that “it doesn’t feel right.”

We should all work to be better people. How you do it is up to you.  We are all capable.  And we should not waste the talent we have.

Become part of my marketing team Now!   We will train you for free.  If and when you choose to stick after the training, we will teach you how to apply it to online business. using your vision.

See You On The Other Sidep

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Thanks for stopping by, and keep in mind the question How To Be The Best You Can Be? I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let’s communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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20 thoughts on “How To Be The Best You Can Be

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for the kind and inspiring words I appreciate it and I appreciate you taking the time to share it also

  2. Brent

    Very good thoughts all of them. You are blatantly honest in how one fixes themselves to be their better them. That is much appreciated. And should be appreciated by many more. But their dos get in the way, which is sad. You have a lot of great knowledge to share and I am glad that you are here on WA and the WWW to share it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Betsey

    I am actually going a free improv class offered once a week where I live. It 100% pushes me to go past my own limitations. The particular class I go to is full of people who come together that have never met, so each time it is a challenge to move past the fears that hold me back. It is definitely helping me to change how I perceive the woman in the mirror for the better!

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Snob thank you for responding, I do appreciate it. I think you are exactly right. You grow every time you gain more knowledge

  5. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for responding Dawn, I appreciate it. I agree, paying it forward or just being charitable period comes act to you, sometimes double. There is also some personal gratification that you feel automatically.

  6. dawn oconnor

    I always like the idea of paying it forward. I also find that if i do a good deed it is always returned in some way. Not always the way i would have expected but still all good comes from good, thanks for this inspiring post and your insights x

  7. Shob

    Thank you for this post.I believe we are responsible for the success and failure we face in life.
    Constantly improving in our way of thinking is a way I think to improve our life and being a better person.

  8. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Kevon, thank you. I appreciate your inspiring words. The point you make about being one with the universe is so true but foreign to many. And that goes back to taking the time to listen to your subconscious mind. It is such a deep topic that is impossible to cover it all here. Thanks for responding.

  9. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Becka, thank you for the enlightening comment. Many of us just give in and play the hand we are dealt. It is the knowing of the need for change and remaining idled. To remain idled is to stay ordinary. I appreciate you responding.

  10. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for responding Grace, it is appreciated. Your point is well take. We often get caught up in our daily affairs and forget what really matters.

  11. Grace

    Thank you for this post. I especially liked 7. Underachieve. many of us struggle with being too focused on productivity and we really need to take time out for other things on occasion. I know that has been true for me in the past.

  12. Salina

    Great post! There are so many ways to improve oneself and acheive ones dreams if only we believe in ourselves and also take action on our dreams. We can dream all we want, but if we do nothing about it, nothing will happen. Thanks for the motivation!

  13. Becka

    Very well done! You are an excellent writer that’s for sure and I couldn’t agree with you more on your message. My mother used to say that you should be learning something new every day or you aren’t living, you’re just existing. She discovered that after most of her children were grown and gone. I was her youngest so I got to experience that change in her and learn from it. I have always believed in keeping an open mind and not allowing all the negative people forcing their energy onto me. Which has helped in growing and changing yourself. If you have had a lot of negative situations or people in your life to overcome, you can teach yourself to change how you handle life. Which goes to what you are saying here. I encourage those who don’t think they can to think again. They can if they simply change their minds, to they can do it. Then follow through on what they need to do to make it happen.

  14. Kevon

    Can I make myself a better person. That’s a question we all should be asking ourselves. The universe has this interesting way of working. You get back what you give out. So self-centered behavior and focus on personal goals ONLY is just not good enough. We are asked to love one another, as we love ourselves. So loving oneself if important but we have to be ready to do for others what we would want done for ourselves.

    I love your writing style, by the way. Very personal and convincing.

    All the best

  15. Regina

    Really loved this blog.We all can gain both individually and as a collective society by being better and from following some of these dimple steps you’ve noted here. Thank you!

  16. wifey

    Good job! as usual. I think everyone could benefit from this message.

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