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By | February 5, 2018

Knowing How to Build Your Own Brand so it can last the life of your business is vital.Hey everybody, glad to have you, and for those of you who have visited my site before, happy to have you back.  In this article, I will talk with you about How to Build Your  Own Brand.  Let me ask, do you focus on customers, products or service? Alternatively, you might not prefer one over the other one.

How to Build Your Own Brand-national brandsBranding better defines who you are. Factors to consider when learning How to Build Your Brand includes trust, loyalty, quality, professionalism, and an identity that represents your business alone as the source to solve any issue a prospect may have involved a said niche. 

Your brand tells the consumer why they should come to you. Right or wrong, your brand-name will factor into your reputation. It is about building a name describing the added value you bring to the table. 

How to Build Your Brand

If the brand is the head of the business online, then the website is the body of the name.  Your website should help, show how, and inform through consistent quality content while making use of a variety of formats.

How does your brand describe you?

If you can positively show your site with more proficiency than others in your niche, you are setting the foundation for your brand to have the search engines focus all eyes on you.  Your customers need to trust you.  Your online actions can impact your brand.  Remember what you put on the Internet is captured forever.  You are stepping into the corporate world, your persona should reflect you accurately.

Search yourself on the web to see what can be found. Clear up everything that has a negative impact. Use the business network LinkedIn to build your credibility and visibility. Get started by accessing the online ID calculator for a pulse check on your current brand on the web.

How to Build Your Own Brand-build your brandIf you can positively show your site with more proficiency than others in your niche, you are setting the foundation for your brand to have the search engines focus all eyes on you. 

Knowing how your customers (target audience), associates, employees, and friends feel about you, will help define your brand in a way that will give it that unique personal touch.  So knowing How to Build Your Own Brand correctly detrimental to the life of your business.

Management consultant Tom Peters writes in “The Brand Called You.” “We are CEOs of our companies: Me Inc. Review the product or service your business offers, pinpoint the space in the market it occupies and researches your prospects.”  Your brand’s character should promote your business, connect with your client base and differentiate you in the market.

Increase The Awareness of Your Brand Identity

How to Build Your Own Brand-how people see brand names

What distinguishes you from the pack? How is your product or service unique? Can your brand in a couple of words or less act as the trademark for your business?  For example, Is it quality it delivers?  Does it solve a problem and offer advice?   Know what makes you, you.  Be clear and articulate it as best you can.

Deliver On Your Promise

Every day, consistently deliver what your brand promises.  Doing so will create the positive stories that people will tell.  Jantsch describes in the book “The Organicism of Small Business Branding,” people’s experiences with a business brand: “

A small business’s brand is experienced organically through stories, surprises, flourishes, people, and processes. It is more than a brand, everything the small business does is a part of who it is.

Make Quality A Non-Negotiable

How to Build Your Own Brand-think quality when you are in businessImmediately to associate your brand with quality?  Don’t cut corners, instead, be professional about what you do what you do and make your brand mean quality automagically. Quality equals trust and customers will look for what you are selling.

A Brand Mantra

Dr. Kevin Lane Keller, branding expert, and author of Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity, says that a brand mantra gives you a chance to capture, in three to five words, the essence of your brand. Moreover, a mantra is not just for big companies—it applies to anyone whether you are a small-business owner or a solo entrepreneur. 

It allows you to be unique from others in the field. A brand mantra helps you understand what lines you can and cannot cross. Guy Kawasaki explains the difference between a tagline and a mantra:  The mantra is for you; it is a guideline for how you run your business. A tagline is for your prospects on how to use your product or service. For example, KFC’s mantra is “fried chicken,” but its tagline is “finger licking good.

Buy Your Domain Name

Buying your domain name ( is a smart move. As Lifehacker How to Build Your Own Brand-domain namescontributor, Harry Guinness points out in “Why It is Worth It to Purchase Your Domain Name,” owning your domain name gives you control of the information people see about your business when they search for your brand online.  It is easy and inexpensive to buy your domain from providers such as NameCheap.comp

Hire a Brand Coach or Strategist

A branding strategist can help you identify who you are and what makes you different.  A branding strategist can use knowledge about you to help you become a more successful business.  As personal brand strategist William Arruda puts it in his video below going through the branding process makes you taller than you were before having gone through it.”


Networking opens the doors to opportunity. It allows you to build relationships and make connections. Studies show that 60-80% of all job offers come from networking.  The job market is tight, and more times than not, it is about whom you know and not what you know.  

Build Your Brand

Steps to Follow

  • How to Build Your Own Brand right1. Identify the primary “product” service, to offer others. 
  • 2.Know what matters to you?
  • 3. Work with your passion. 
  • 4. Identify your talents. 
  • 5. Choose the five top talents or qualities you do best and enjoy doing. 
  • 6. Filter through your lists a statement of your specialty. 
  • 7. Write a paragraph about your specialty and critical talents, highlighting your important values, passions. Now add a tagline for your brand. 

Get The Word Out

Once you have worked out tagline, it is time to take the public with someone you trust. Keeping them secret is a sure way not to take action.   So get your brand out, first to mentors and people you know for help, and help where you can.   Creating your unique brand is a process. Reach out for help and offer support as well possible as your brand matures.


How to Build Your Own Brand badlyAvoid doing things that go against your brand or what you advocate. Don’t speak about failure in your niche of expertise. Failing in new areas is OK because you are not trying to be an expert in those.

If a failure by you becomes public despite all your efforts, confront the issue and explain it – don’t avoid it, or you will seem deceitful. You would instead people learn from your failure from you than someone with no sympathy.

As your brand matures, continue protecting and maintaining a healthy presence. There will always be competition ready to fill any gap you have open. You are the founder and CEO of Me, Inc., and the more you do to cultivate your brand, the more successful your brand and business will be. 

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See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by,  I wish you all the best in learning how to build your brand, and may you be blessed and prosper.  Let’s talk, if you have a question or comment write it below, and I will get in touch.

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10 thoughts on “How to Build Your Own Brand

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Hey,GuiliaB. I feel your pain. In my opinion your brand will be better served if your logo is displayed on all of your publications.That will assure your brand is credited and associated.

  2. GiuliaB

    Maurice, as a fellow blogger, I have to say that creating my brand has always been one of the hardest steps in building my business, or my niche related websites. I have different websites which tackle different niches, and my main issue is to create a brand that will serve the individual niches, but also a unique brand of myself as a blogger. For this reason at the moment I am working on trial and error mode, where I try out a name, or mantra com tagline, for a period of time. If I then find out that the name and tagline have attracted traffic, then that’s fine, but if they haven’t or have become boring and ineffective, then I switch to something else. Only, all this switching and changing I don’t thing does my overall business any favour. Any advice? Thank you.

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for responding I appreciate it. My opinion would be to take advantage of the Facebook and Twitter for Business campaigns. Most of your popular social networks have in-house ad campaigns that will help you find your target audience. I also would take a vantage of the social networks communities, groups and forums of like-minded people and like-minded people in your niche

  4. Toni


    I would really like to take advantage of linkedin for my brand but I’m already on there as an employee for my current employer. I don’t really want them to know that I’m building a business/brand on the side, at least not yet. What would you recommend I do?

  5. Craig Onslow

    This is interesting for me as I have my own web site and business too. I think you’re right, consistency and quality are very important factors in building a brand. I think regular visibility also comes into it. I am a regular user of social media platforms but I am finding it tough to break into it in a big way. I know there are professional companies that can help with this. We have one not far from me, in Singapore, called Social Bakers. Would you recommend using them or could you recommend how I could improve my brand visibility on social media?

  6. Arthur Siew

    O ya, never really think much about Brand building, I think I already done it with my logo and what I stand for on my homepage. So what are the other things, I should do with branding ?

  7. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Promote, promote and promote. While creating quality content consistently. Stay on top of your SEO. Have your brand out to as many streams as you can possibly handle. Thanks for responding I appreciate it.

  8. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Emma,thanks for responding, I appreciate it.
    And yes, a logo if properly designed can only enhance your business profile.

  9. Emma

    I was just wondering as I read through this, do you think that a good brand should have a logo? I have been building a business, but I don’t really have a logo yet 🙂 I agree that it is important to establish yourself as an honest, reputable brand in the community.

  10. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Not really knowing current financial situation I can only offer a couple of scenarios; if you are financially stable, walk away and pursue your passion.
    2) I f your business is not in competition with your employer’s business take your ideas to them they may offer advice if you approach them in the right way,
    3) you will never get rich while working for others. If your commitment and passion is greater than settling for the circumstances you find yourself in currently, walk and take control.

    Thanks for responding I appreciate it.

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