How To Create A Website For Free

By | October 10, 2020

How To Create A Website For Free. This is one “how-to” idea that all wanna-be 0nline marketers should take advantage of. A website is necessary for delivering your service or product to the masses. There are some online marketers who work without a website but they usually work with an agenda directed at an audience who wants high-end products.

Then there are sites that will teach you how to create a website but offer just the basic set up with a simple direction. Others who offer to teach how to make a free website, end up seeking payment on the backend.

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A step by step process with detail training in the construction of a website is best when it is part of a free package. This is what I would like to introduce too.

How To Create A Website For Free

Learning how to create a website is a necessity for an online business.  So, it is no wonder when we hear How To Create A Website For Free we get elated. But, do not get blind sighted.  As they say “read the fine print.”  Your website will be the heart of your business.  Because it is the first impression a visitor will see and connect or disconnect with the goods you represent.

However, a visual aspect of a website is only half of the creating process. There is also the unseen components of a website. Mastering the hidden aspects of your website, along with a to the point visual aspect will increase its visibility. Overall the combination of the visual attraction, and the technical-hidden aspects of a website when done correctly, will produce a successful campaign.

The Visual Aspect

The visual aspect of your website is a little in-depth than simple aesthetics. There is a method that has to be applied to assure you get the desired reaction you seek. How To Create A Website For Free-image of the visual and hidden aspects of the structure of a website Sure, you want an appealing eye-catching website.  However, embedded in the appearance is the body of your website.

The type of website determines the components.  For example, An affiliate website will have a call to action, quality content, relevant images, and use of different formats to deliver a direct message.

A website built within a blog platform will be built upon opinionated content seeking feedback and a following.    Smart Solutions (photo)

The Hidden Aspect 

The Hidden aspect of a website deals with the technical components needed for:

W3Compliantcy-W3C develops these technical specifications and guidelines through a process designed to maximize consensus about the content of a technical report, to ensure the high technical and editorial quality, and to earn an endorsement by W3C and the broader community.

SEO-The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. … Google is developing and pushing mobile search as the future in all of its products.

Structure– Is the website set up, i.e. how the individual subpages link to one another. It is particularly important that crawlers can find all subpages quickly and easily when websites have a large number of subpages.

Image size-Images often account for most of the downloaded bytes on a web page and also often occupy a significant amount of visual space.

As a result, optimizing images can often yield some of the largest byte savings and performance improvements for your website: the fewer bytes the browser has to download, the less competition there is for the client’s bandwidth, and the faster the browser can download and render useful content on the screen.-By Ilya Grigorik

If you want to create a website I have the perfect program. Having people to bounce your ideas and perceived thoughts about design and other elements of the process are invaluable. I am inviting you to join my marketing tea Now!  We offer everything necessary under one umbrella that offers you 2 websites, 24hr support, and the best networking community online that you yearn for free. No credit card needed to create your online business. 

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