How To Find A Purpose In Life

By | May 4, 2017

How To Find A Purpose In Life is a question we all should be trying to answer for ourselves.  Hey everybody, as always I am glad to have you back.  This article will show you How To Find A Purpose In Life.  I will not be to engaging in my delivery.

I will deliver my message with a direct approach for more impact.  We are put on this earth to make a difference.  But our purpose cannot be found, it has to be discovered.

To discover anything we have to explore to find it.  The more valuable the item or information we seek, the more in-depth the investigation wifi be to determine if our findings in our exploration are well-founded.

Therefore, our purpose is not inevitable it is only a possibility.  Your passion and your ability to focus, believe in yourself, along with guidance will better clarify your journey to success.

Find a partner or a mentor. Having someone who understands where you are in life and where you want your life to go is great.  Whoever you choose to take the journey with you, let it be with a person you honor or respect.

If your journey is in honor of someone else, an event or an incident.  Make sure that they respect and honor the reason you are on this journey whatever the cause.  Even though two is better than one, make sure they are like-minded so you are celebrated and not tolerated.

How To Find A Purpose In Life

How To Find A Purpose In Life Your storyFirst of all, How To Find A Purpose In Life will also require us to understand some human tendencies or traits.

Humans are social by nature.  It is our likes and dislikes that attract one another.  However, there is a similarity that every human has.  Everyone has problems.

The world revolves around problems.  Moreover, when we accept the fact that everyone has problems, we then can better pinpoint our purpose in life and our success.

Another trait that is not used to the degree that it should be used, is mind control.  It is no mystery that the best investment anyone can make is investing in their mind.  Upon awakening, the first moments of each day should be dedicated to focusing your mind.

Our mind was given to us by the supreme architect of all there is to serve us at our will, not to master us.  Furthermore, our mind is for the betterment of our lives.  Your mind needs to be directed.  With no direction, your mind will revert to the past for direction.

The Law Of The Mind

How To Find A Purpose In Life, make thought a reality If you do not take control of your mind, it will not have the guidance it needs and will look elsewhere for guidance on something or someone else.

So, without mind control, you will not advance in life.  The law of the mind says:  If you can see success in your mind,  you can have success in your life.

Every awaken moment should be dedicated to your mind.  Every morning clear your mind for a fresh start by meditation.  Then focus on your goals by using images, taking action and recognition.

Recognizing that there is always something or someone of value that is within reach.  Dedication, time and practice will strengthen your ability to literally see the value that is in front of you.  Discovering your destiny is not a sprint it is a marathon.

Remember I said “everyone has problems”  Well, the difference you make in solving a problem will be your purpose in life.  This means stepping out of your comfort zone and make a difference.  Your purpose in life is not only to correct the past or create the future.

More importantly, upon discovery of your purpose in life, you need to give to others.  Only you can discover your destiny and reach the level of success you desire.

We learn How To Find A Purpose In Life when we learn how to make a difference.  The impact of the difference you make will determine your importance and who pursues you.

We want our purpose and the difference we make to be heartfelt by you and your audience.  If you cannot state the difference you can make, and how it differs from others in a sentence, you have not discovered your purpose.  Remember your difference is where your success lies.

You Reap What You Sow

How To Find A Purpose In Life Find what is blocking youAnother part of us learning How To Find A Purpose In Life is our starting point.  Wherever we plant our seeds we have to have faith and expect it to produce what we are after.

Yes, we all want to discover our purpose in life.  But do we all have faith and conviction in our pursuit?  You here a lot of people talk about planting their seeds for a new start.  But you hear far less about people who get to reap.

Do not expect to reap any type of harvest or finding your purpose from what you sow if you have not cultivated your field or your mind.

You need new techniques when you cultivate what you have planted, same as needing a new way of thinking to control your mind.  You have to change what you do to change who you are.

Finding your true life path is to be a priority.  We have to realize that our mind will easily go astray with no guidance.

Your mind thrives on guidance from whoever or wherever it finds it.  The onus is on you to recognize when your mind loses focus.  You may find yourself trying to please your best friend, watching your favorite TV show. or being caught up in any of your days to day activities.

When you are at the end of your day and you say to yourself “well I got a lot done today”  did you really get a lot done?  Or did your mind retreat to the past and stayed in your comfort zone?  You may have accomplished everyday tasks, but you did nothing to gain control of your mind.


Your unique purpose in life is to help others by solving their problem as they follow your direction.  This will lead to your success in helping others and provide you a monetary gain at the same time.  If you have discovered your purpose in life, let me help you to express it to the world.

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