How To Get Website Ranking

By | April 15, 2021

How to Get Website Ranking. A good ranking for a website (1-30 ) means having a design that incorporates SEO protocol. With online marketing, mistakes can cause your website to rank low in the SERPs. To Get Website Ranking means having very few mistakes. Mistakes equal no ranking. A phrase that is pretty self-explanatory is “All mistakes are costly, and all mistakes are learning experiences.” It is the type of error that is costly to your SEO. So I want to offer some preventive measures to keep your site ranking.

How To Get Website Ranking

Researching, testing, retesting, analyzing, learning, and comparing are all actions of preparation. Mistakes are derived from not preparing. Applying the strategies just mentioned will reduce your chance of error dramatically when applied to any operation.

And in our case ranking.  Most mistakes are made from not understanding advice given, and taking the wrong information.  As Google changes its rules, you may have to implement changes as well to comply.  Here are some common mistakes to stay away from to better your SEO.

Common Mistakes With RankingGet Website Ranking- use webmasters tools

  • No sitemap to Google  Submitting your blog’s sitemap to Google, let’s them properly index blog. Indexing your blog on Google makes it possible for people to find the search phrases. The Google XML Sitemaps WP plugin is the easiest.
  •  Not having meta tags for your blog post. Search engines organize billions of blog posts based on popularity, keywords, and value.  Search engines have to understand blog posts.   Using meta tags with the right keywords makes it easy for the search engines to understand your content.
  • Not taking advantage of the webmaster tool.  Once you verify your blog, the data highlighter will allow you to let Google know how your blog looks; this will impact your search engine traffic for the better.
  • Having too much anchor text.   Anchor text is any clickable text in your blog post that leads to any web page.  The search engines won’t like it if you have dozens of anchor text links in the same blog post.  If you have dozens of anchor text links in your blog post, it will be more difficult to read.  Write in short paragraphs with only a few anchor text.

More Common Mistakes

    Not taking social media seriously. Social media has a business and has made blogs popular.  It allows you to interact with your audience and social media networks also increase SEO rank.
  •  Focus On More  The competitors in your niche are selling the same product or service, so you’ve got to be different in your approach.  Talk about your business, yourself, create a great user experience.  Stay ahead of your competitors by being different.
  • No Landing Page  Think of your landing page as an advertisement for your business, speak about what makes your business better.  Your customers need to know what you do, and search engines need to have content to index.
  • Blog Titles  According to recent research by Authority Labs, Google is more likely to rewrite your title tags if they’re longer than 60 characters.

SEO Sins That’ll Put You on Google’s Naughty List

By Jon Morrow
Did you know Google can make your blog disappear from its search results?

One day, you’re getting a nice little trickle of traffic to a few of your posts. No, it’s nothing major, but it grows with every new post you publish, and you can see Google becoming a major source of traffic for you in the future.  But then it stops.  Get Website Ranking-google searchPoof, every single post, and page of your blog disappear from Google.

No warning, no alarm bells, nothing. You’re just gone like you never even existed.  And the worst part?  You don’t even know why. It just feels like the biggest, badest bully on the Internet decided to knock the crap out of you, leaving you whimpering and bleeding, wondering what on earth you did wrong.  It happens all the time. I know, because it happened to me.

How I Got Blacklisted by Google

About seven years ago, my first blog, Real Estate Answered, was blacklisted by Google.  Well, I can’t know for sure, but it was probably because I was paying guys in the Philippines to submit my site to a bunch of shoddy link directories.

I had also started selling text links on my site – another big no-no.  At the time, I didn’t know any better. I thought everything I was doing was legitimate.  With Google though, ignorance is no excuse. You break the rules; you pay the consequences. End of story.

The Truth about How Google Works 

How To Get Website Ranking. Every day, Google tweak their algorithms to filter out spammers. Every year or two, they also roll out major updates that cause huge shifts in search engine rankings for nearly everyone on the web.

The result?  What works today may not work tomorrow. In fact, it might even hurt you. Once upon a time, Google didn’t penalize people for making mistakes. They would withhold benefits, yes, but they wouldn’t reduce your ranking or make you disappear.

Now, they’re much more punitive. Even if you don’t make a big enough mistake to get yourself blacklisted, you can still see your search engine results drop overnight if you do something wrong, potentially by dozens of pages.  What, exactly, do they punish you for?  Well, the list is ever-changing, but here are the six sins most likely to land you on their naughty list:

Joining the Wrong Link Directories

Matt Cutts, on behalf of Google

Link directories are, by far, one of the most misunderstood parts of SEO.  Once upon a time, they were an essential piece of any campaign to launch a new site. You could submit your blog to and a few industry-specific link directories, and you get a quick boost in your search rankings.

And it makes sense, right?  If your blog is about surfing, then it makes sense to be included in all the link directories about surfing.  Well… here’s the problem:  Google looks at the web as consisting of “neighborhoods.”

If your blog is frequently mentioned next to trusted, authority sites, you’re part of a “good neighborhood.” If all your links come from pages linking to thousands of junky sites, on the other hand, you’re part of a “bad neighborhood.”

Because anyone can submit their site, most link directories become nothing more than a repository for junk. Even if your blog is legitimate, you’re guilty by association.

Broken Links

Get Website Ranking-no bad links

“Check for broken links and correct HTML.” –Google

And last but not least, the sneakiest of them all: broken links.  Over time, pretty much all bloggers will accumulate some links that no longer work.

Which page is likely more up-to-date: one with five broken links or one with zero? Also, which page provides a better user experience?  The current one, of course. So, all other factors being equal, a page with no broken links is likely to outrank a page with broken links.

Still, it’s a sin that’s easy to atone for. Once or twice a year, pop into Google Webmaster Tools and correct all of the broken links it gives you. You might notice a small bump in the rankings of some of your pages.

Feeling Worried Yet?

After reading all this, you might feel like you’re walking across a field of landmines, hoping you don’t step on an invisible deathtrap and get yourself blown up. You probably never knew SEO could be so dangerous.

The good news, though?  It doesn’t have to be. For the most part, the people who get in trouble with Google are either SEO geeks who are intentionally pressing their luck or unsuspecting innocents who get advice from the wrong person.

If you know nothing about SEO, and you’re doing nothing more than publishing awesome content and building relationships with your readers, you’re probably safe. In fact, that’s a good mindset for all bloggers, in my opinion. At least in the beginning.Get Website Ranking-what google looks at to rank your site

Instead of trying to figure out how to manipulate the Google algorithm for better rankings, just create content that deserves to be on the first page, promote the hell out of it, and wait for Google to catch up. Their goal, after all, is to move the best stuff to the top of the pile.

In that respect, the real, super-secret, behind-the-scenes strategy for getting your blog ranked on the first page of Google doesn’t have anything to do with link pyramids or keyword density or any of the rest of that complicated nonsense. It’s just three simple steps:

Create jaw-dropping content
Get influencers talking about it
Wait for Google to catch up

This may sound oversimplified, but it’s exactly what Google wants you to do.  So why do anything else?  If you would like free 24 hr. Support for better rankings? I want you to join my marketing now!

Furthermore, get free training and all the tools needed to create an online business. When you become a member, we will teach you how to run an online business with bonuses. Plus I will -only if you request, show you how to discover your purpose in life.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you have blessings and prosperity. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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