How to Have a Better Life

By | January 2, 2017

How to Have a Better Life is a journey for all of us to take.  Hey everyone, glad to have you back. We all want to live better. Learning How to Have a Better Life no matter how you define it requires change.  A life change happens more often than you might think.

We go through natural life changes from birth to adult. Our life changes through knowledge. Our way of thinking. curiosities, likes, influences, environment, and friends can change our lives also.  You may have noticed that except for our thought process the aforementioned are all outside energy that we take in.

Ironically, our thought process is formed by these outside energies. What makes life difficult for many, is adopting these outside energies as being self-evident. Many times, people accept the hand that life deals them and adapt. Letting outside forces dictate your way of life is giving up control of your life.

Understand that I am not one who holds a bunch degrees. And everything I write about How to Have a Better Life is from research and my own interpretation.  I did go through the US school system, for what it was worth, and I attended college for a while.

But I fear had I continued a life in academia, I would have given up more control of my life in pursuit of some outside energy’s definition of happiness. I also possibly could have been more financially stable.

But does money really make you happy?  Most of my education is from living for 57 years. And 57 years has given me a clearer look at life. What is truly valuable is time, health, healthy relationships and knowing your destiny. Self-worth is more powerful than money. But to truly know your self-worth, you need clarity.

How to Have a Better Life

How to Have a Better Life-create the life you want

I have lived life and if I were doing the things I did in my 20s, 30s, and 40s today, I would have learned nothing. Let me speak from experience. Believe in yourself, think for yourself, know your self-worth and never give up.

I know you have heard it said before, but saying it and taking action to achieve it are two different animals. Learning How to Have a Better Life, in my opinion, requires one to consciously create life on the following fronts.


Clarity is having a clear vision of your life’s journey.  Furthermore, clarity is found by disseminating and applying your core beliefs or energy to your daily life.  There is a lack of knowledge in the science of how the universe operates and how energy works. And many never expand their minds to accepting thoughts outside their comfort zone.

Therefore it requires one to find someone who can show you how to interpret these energies. It is noteworthy to mention that Regina Saucedo who contributed greatly to the accuracy of the message I am delivering in this post, is an instructor with more than a decade in teaching others how to zero in on certain core beliefs that can keep people from having clarity of vision and direction.

Blame Game:

How to Have a Better Life-do not be afraid to live life

The blame game has to stop.  No longer can you blame your problems or lack of success on circumstances and consequences of the life you live or on the hand that life deals you.

Recognize your faults and stand strong in correcting them. Know that whatever is happening that you don’t agree with you actually took part in co-creating.

We co-create all experiences either by intentionally settling for a life we know we don’t deserve.   Or by staying unconscious to the decisions that we are making to support the very things that pull us down.

Crutches and Excuses

Learn that crutches and excuses are just the rhyme or reason blocking you from knowing How to Have a Better Life.  This is comparable to the blame game. The difference is: in the blame game; you are giving specific cause for your actions.

Crutches and excuses are defending your actions rather than changing them.  No one can rescue you or take responsibility for the beliefs you hold, the actions you take and decisions you make.  Which creates the life you live.


This applies to those of us who have to overcome the added burden of the constant brainwashing from those who want us to believe their distorted teaching of history and in their supremacy. If we are aware of the propaganda that is in place then we can work past it.  And if we research to find and act on the truth, it will never affect us.

By doing so, we will avoid the roadblocks that were intentionally put in place, and knock down a barrier that is blocking our journey to learning How to Have a Better Life.  This is why the journey to define yourself is so essential so that you do not just take on someone’s version of who you should be.

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best in living finding your destiny. May you be blessed and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or questions and I will get back in touch with you.

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12 thoughts on “How to Have a Better Life

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for responding I appreciate you taking the time to let it be known that the blame game is an issue or should I say was an issue for you. It shows how once recognized it can be overpowered.

  2. Lindsey

    I think that I have played the blame game in my mind in the sense that I think that if my parents were more entrepreneurial-minded and were able to groom me in that mindset, I would be able to become successful in Entrepreneurship much easier and it would take much less time. I don’t think that it has gone so far to be crutches and excuses so I am glad! I don’t want to use my family background as the reason I don’t pursue my life and financial goals. If anything, it should propel me so that I can be that entrepreneurial force for my children. I appreciate these tips for having a better life and thank you for posting it so that I can be reminded that the blame game really helps nothing.

  3. Regina Medina

    So many times people feel and believe that there is no way. This really outlines the way! Living the best version of yourself is how you live the best life so I completely agree with everything you have noted here. The blame game and the culture are two huge mental obstacles people entertain. Bringing this to peoples awareness is huge. Keep sharing!

  4. Elaine

    I have always been in search for a better life. Working from home is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and have tried different things that just didn’t work out due to working outside the home to make a constant income that I needed right then. I decided to retire and now am able to spend more time doing something from home and the income will eventually happen. You have to go out and create the life you want so you can have the time freedom to enjoy the things in life that a conventional job doesn’t always allow. Thanks for sharing “How to Have a Better Life”.

  5. neil manning

    I agree with the things you have written, especially the “blame game” section. Far too many people blame others for their own circumstances when 99% of the time your circumstances can be changed just by taking action in certain aspects of your life.

  6. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I appreciate your response and taking the time to do so. Your comment is inspiring for me and should be for others as well. I hope that whoever reads you comment gets a wake up call. Thanks for sharing f

  7. Steven

    Consistency and prioritization are also keys to having a better life. Failing to set priorities keeps you from hitting your goals. Once you have clarity (clear values missions and goals) consistently start creating positive habits and eliminate distracting ones. Don’t make excuses, value your commitments and decisions and focus on incremental gains each day.

  8. Brent

    Very well said. You rang true with all your subjects with me and I thank you for your unique perspective of things. People have to wake up, think for themselves and stop blaming everyone else for their problems. It is that simple. And not that simple. Thank you for sharing.

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