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By | January 30, 2018

How to Write Blog Headlines, Hey, everybody, I hope all is well.  Let’s talk about writing headlines for your blogs.  Why is learning How to Write Blog Headlines important?  It is like the first impression that you present to someone when meeting them for the first time. 

Learning How to Write Blog Headlines is one of the determining factors in where your blog rank in the SERPs, it directs traffic as your website, and it determines if your blog will be read.  You can blog about the best topic you can think of, but what good is your quality content if no one reads it?

80-85% of people read headlines while only about 20% will read the actual article.  People will scan before reading an article if they read it all.  So can you see the importance of a headline?

I got another question for you;  do you write your blog first and try to think about a headline afterward, or do you think of a title and write a relevant blog?

It is a personal choice, for me, I write my blog and then concentrate on my title.  I field pigeon hold or limited in the relevant content I can write when I write my headline first.  But again, it is a personal choice.

How to Write Blog Headlines really good headlines

If you are writing your headline from the best method for creating one, you may become frustrated and make a poor choice by picking from the best of the worse from your list.

Prepare to spend more time than you think when you write your headline.  Writing headlines seems like a simple task, but considering the importance of its purpose the simplicity goes away, and a more concentrated effort is called for, despite it being comprised of just a couple of words.

David Ogilvy, a legend copywriter, spend up to half of their time creating a headline and the other half on the article. Ogilvy once stated that he rewrote a headline 104 times for a Rolls Royce ad.  On more than one occasion copywriter Gene Schwartz spent a whole week on a headline.

How to Write Blog Headlines

Understand any article you write, you do so to inform and for that, you need traffic and shares.  The headline has to part of a three-part makeup.  And that is the headline, niche, and the amount of traffic. If you can get shares based on your headline consistently, your site will grow.

The Headline

In a post by the Jeff Goins.  Behind any highly effective headline.  There are five main parts to it:

  • Number – Simply put, List posts work
  • AdjectiveWords that describe a noun and also verbs- words of action.
  • Keyword – A word or phrase that is the basis of what the article is about.
  • Rationale – The who, what, when, where, and how within the content
  • Promise – What is gained from reading the content?

These are pretty simple; the difficulty is finding the right combination that will make your headline stand out. A headline with a structure based on the balance of common, barely used, emotional, and power words, is a headline people will read, and attract an audience. Studies show that readers share emotional and positive headlines within their social networks.

How to Write Blog Headlines- How to write Headlines-infograph

write an extremely positive or negative headline for the best results

Tips for a better headline  

Images:  Images can add to the success of your headline.  Social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and Twitter, add images alongside your link headlines.

Respect: the most important rule of titles is to respect and give3 the reader a good experience.

Accuracy: Accuracy is a must when trying set clear expectations for your audience.

SEO: optimize for SERPS

Get opinions from others

If you have a good read on your target audience:

Use alliteration: alliteration raises curiosity ex: “from stem to stern” or “each to all.”

Be Opinionated: open the door to interaction.

Intrigue: remember the who, what and why.

Your Blog headline is the first impression one sees on a website. I want to help you with your online business. Join my marketing team now an get intense training and all the tools you will need to create an online business for free. Moreover, you can continue with more training where we will teach you how to run your online business when you become a member.  As a member, you will have access to all that the program offers as shown in my review.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have taken away something positive from how to write blog headlines.  Let’s communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you. 


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