Internet Of Things Security Is Priority One

By | August 19, 2018

Internet Of Things Security Is Priority One. Hello to you all, I am very interested in the Internet Of Things Security, and where it will take us as a people. IOT is part of every aspect of our lives. “Many look for and let the IOT be the brain providing the final answer for everything. Talk about mind control.”

You can see how we use our smartphones in public and how it has lessened communication and direct social interaction with each other. Is this the pattern that the next generation will become come accustomed too?  Instead of waiting and predicting how much good new technology will bring, let’s look at the other side of the coin.

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Is the 21st century a big letdown?  Where are the flying cars, space colonies, and 15-hour workweeks?  Robots are now doing our chores, and portable fusion reactors were supposed to be available to everyone.  

I would not call the 21century a big let down, but a precursor of things to come, and the advances will occur. The effects of the IOT on us is shaping the future, and is the future of things? That is why Internet Of Things Security Is Priority One.

Internet Of Things Security Is Priority One

The future of things will change how we as people carry on our daily activities. All of which will be more beneficial for consumers. However, the effects of the IOT on us all raises this question is; at what sacrifice?  Journey Into IOT

 Internet Of Things Security futuristic software imageWhen devices that make use of all this new technology and we use our devices daily,

Because of the dependence we put on technology. I think it will change our human society, and mental psyche.

Businesses and big corporations who employ IOT in their operations will be able to target consumers more directly, faster, co-create solutions, in real time and in a seamless manner.  

Interacting in real-time with the customer will bring a more personal, genuine, and emotional engagement. Moreover, if humans continue to have this “I want it now” mentality, such communications will be the key to marketing success.  

Life Changing

The changes in how we conduct our lives well, for me at age 57, I cannot write with anticipation, but only with speculation. I hope, that the future while becoming more dependent on evolving technology and automation, doesn’t expand and progress where we lose the human nature by making it less of a factor in our lives.

Effects of IOT on Us All

Obviously, we need factual information and analysis. Moreover, to overcome the cognitive effects or the IOT, we will need objectivity, case studies. A plan to counteract the lost human factors in the IOT needs to be implemented before IOT dependence is the norm.

Furthermore, cyberspace laws must have consideration for natural human factors. Motivation, a deep-felt sense of human connection, values, and responsibility towards one another stressing morality and humanity is human nature at its core. Can a coexistence between IOT and human nature possible? 

Questions About Emerging Technologies We Cannot Afford Not To Ask

In a few years, manufacturing will be highly localized and services automated to fit particular consumers need. That will take away the guessing about consumer sentiment and make the process highly transparent and predictable. What would this mean for “us” as individuals and for our economy?

Will Robots Be Less Than, Peers Or Our Leaders?

Internet Of Things Security and the Time to save humanityThe difference between human and machine is becoming a little clouded.  As we continue to enhance our way of life, will it acceptable to continue to work like machines?  

Furthermore, robots will come with traditional human attributes like cognitive and emotional intelligence. So this knowledge gives robots the ability to copy human activities. 

Consequently, this is what makes the boundaries between human and machine clouded.  Already computers have replaced humans in the workforce. The question is how advanced do we want robots?

Which jobs skills will we limit computers too, and which jobs will we value most? Do we have to rethink what it means to be human and the competitive edge we hold by being at the top of a food chain? Which jobs will we need people? Which skills will we value most? 

Moreover, if work as we know it were to become obsolete. What will be our primary need to coexist with one another?   What will our livelihoods center around?  Moreover, how will we redefine success? How about harmony being the answer?

How will we learn, and what? Will, we still receive the bulk of our education from academia, or will we continually need to be retrained?  How will vocational training evolve?

Will Learning Be Different?

Will the influence and dynamics of machines determine or reshape the way we learn? The determining factors may be different from what we do now.  

There is developing technology that will use implants to monitor health and control the movement of appendages.   My question is; when will monitoring turn into controlling? Will technology determine social class?    

Technology continues to shape our lives, will the process be to distribute equal opportunities such as access to health care and education?  Will the lack of access to technology soon become the principal driver of inequality? Which economic systems will be most successful in providing equal access to the social and economic benefits of technology?


A crunch on management is what needs to have a focus.  Laws were in place in 2014 and 2015. Hence. Rules on M2M and IoT will have much more attention. Privacy and security. Issues of confidentiality and safety will be at the top of the agenda.  The complexity of IoT will require a fresh way of thinking about security.

Requirements will vary massively depending on the application while the number of moving parts in any solution means a potential weak link. Security will operate on an end-to-end basis. Furthermore, M2M and, mainly, IOT involves the widespread sharing of data.

So understanding the dynamics and implications of all of that data sharing will be critical. Remember when the internet came upon us before regulations were in place. As new technology and big data emerge, one must ask “when is enough-enough.”

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