Invitation To Join dot com Review

Invitation To Join dot com Review is multi-level-marketing with a twist. The twist being you can surpass the person who referred you and your earnings depend solely on how many of the programs you join but most importantly, how many in your matrix follow you into that same program.

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I followed this program for a year. Waiting to see if I could sit back and “let technology be my best employer.” as they say. Well, I have taken excerpts from ITJ’s introduction page and explained my experience after each.

Invitation To Join dot com Review

When you join Invitation To Join dot com Review, you will be given a link and a back office so that you may invite others to join this no-cost ever program. Moreover, build your downline 14 levels deep. That is 14 levels of people underneath you. Furthermore, each level is twice as full as the one above it. They call the back office a no-cost program.

For example, level number one has two leads; level number two has four leads, level number three has six leads, and so on and so on. For a total of 32,766 leads all are working for you. If they follow you into a program that requires a fee to be a member.

Each program you join you do so freely. You are a free member and you get a back office. It is not until you until you upgrade in membership for a fee to take part in any commissions.

“A forced matrix; as they call it means there are never any holes, spots, if someone drops out every month what they do is called a compression, and that vacated spot is replaced with a person under and everyone shifts up. This is cool! It is powerful! This is needed for a sufficient well-managed network marketing opportunity. Plus, you will automatically get the name and email of anyone who signs-up under you!” For what to promote a program?

The Twist

Step One to Invitation To Join dot com Review – promote one program free and earn commissions. Then let us persuade and enroll your downline into the newly recommended company, and they will automatically be placed under you.

This is another twist of ITJ. If you carefully read “promote one program free and earn commissions.” The key word here is “promotion.” They want you to market not a free program but a program for free that you paid a fee to join.

You Simply Must Join This Program

“The first opportunity that I select for everyone’s involvement will have that three-week window of opportunity to join, and you will see, I promise you, in your genealogy or in your downline and your upline at Invitation To Join dot com Review will join in that program.”

Therefore, if you do not join a recommended program within a three-week period, you are left out of any commissions. I have reached the fourth level of the matrix. Which means the first level thereof two people are in my downline then four, eight and sixteen for a total of thirty-two people.

My back office indicates that the total leads I referred to are three. Every explanation for the questions I have asked is as wordy as their introduction page. ITJ has no transparency. It is full of hype with circumstance. I give it thumbs down.Invitation To Join dot com Review with a thumbs down


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