Is There Something Missing Here

By | October 5, 2018

Is there something missing here. The mental compacity of humans has evolved from not understanding to understanding life as we know it to be. What each, and every one of us holds in our physical bodies is energy. And a small and ignored part of said energy charges our bodies.

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Is there something missing here or is it being ignoredWe know and understand that neutrons, protons, and electrons are the makeup and energy of an atom.

And how different combinations and types of atoms produce different objects, animals, plants, and humans.

It is how we have chosen to apply are the knowledge that makes me ask; “Is there something missing here,” or are we doing it all wrong?

Religion, world order, and what we deem as most important in our lives, is it really that important.

Or could it be we were led to believe in the value of said importance? We are told that our bodies are temples, and I believe that to be true. Temples hold treasures, truths, and beliefs.

With that said, why do we put so much emphasis on our temples instead of what’s inside our temples? What is even more disturbing is as people, we want to lavish in and live for housing the temple that holds our individual treasures, truths, and beliefs.

Furthermore, that programmed desire for the materialistic is the most determining, dangerous and deterring factor keeping us from discovering our inner-selves.

Is There Something Missing Here

Everything from a small pebble on the ground to the highest mountain is a form of energy. Since we now know the physical make up of all things, what is next? I do.

Is there something missing here in lifeAnyone who’s focus is on just their temple, and not what’s inside, is living under a rule designed to keep them from what really matters. The powers that be have and continue to have you thinking you are in control, but the reality of it is, you have no control at all.

As I see it, the powers that be of this world order is doing everything possible to copy and alter human nature for the creation of its own worldly temple for all to live by. 

This world order has manipulated and programmed the masses to live by and believe in false truths. Moreover, in doing so, we as a people have followed suit by improving, and building up our individual temples while neglecting our inner-core beliefs.

All while trying to reproduce what nature and the universe already provides? Cloning, the use of pesticides, M2M diminishing morality, and humanity, and the way pharmaceutical industry alter natural cures too not cure, but instead manufacturing medicine’s that at most just control an ailing condition.

I think we need to flip the script. I believe this world order has it backward. See the powers that be have in place a system designed to keep them in power for no other purpose than greed. They have to know concern for the universal connection between us that if applied will better mankind’s existence as we know it.

World Order As It Is Now:

1st and only concern; focussing on world dominance and power through human manipulation. Nothing else matters

What If ???? World Order Was:

1st: Concern; self-awareness: believing in yourself, then pursue, discover your destiny.

2nd: Harnessing the energy of the universe as it relates to the energies within us all.

3rd. Learn, respect, and live a life-cycle that was meant to be for a new world-class-order.

Is there something missing here in our conectionIf we as humans paid attention to what is in our temples, one would discover that the energy in us when controlled and applied will produce a powerful, forceful, and unimaginable source of self, that will take the human experience to new heights.

Understand, I am merely expressing my beliefs. I realize that appealing to the kindness in humans is a daunting task.

As I made it a personal choice to express my feelings here in this post, it is your choice to do the same. If you have something to say, sell, or maybe you can provide a service.

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20 thoughts on “Is There Something Missing Here

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Actually, you have just summed it all up. We are all confused because we are limited to what our energy actually holds.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    this post is only my personal opinion, however, I think He is as you say for more people to become self aware. Thanks for responding

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Your self-awareness really shines through in your comment. You are on the right path as far as I can see.

  4. Violet

    Energy is everything. We need to apply and control it to produce powerful results that will take us to new heights. We have to believe in ourselves instead of believing false myths.
    This makes us realize who we are.

  5. Jonathan

    This is very interesting. I was raised a Christian and I’ve heard all my life that our bodies are our temples, but I’ve never actually thought about it like this. That the media tries to make us focus on what our temples look like in stead of helping us treasure what we have inside of our temples. I actually stopped watching TV and the news a long time ago, because I agree with you when you said that this world has it backwards. How many things on TV and on social media suggest that the world is a cruel, dark place, when there are also so many beautiful things happening. The things that don’t really matter are being programmed into us like they are the most important thing in the world. You actually touch on a wide range of topics here and I could go on and on. But just wanted to say that I appreciated the read. Keep up the good work.

  6. marketa

    Hi Maurice,
    Thanks for this insightful post; I’m wanting to start my own business but agree that we need to keep in mind the presence of a higher being.

  7. Doc Milligan

    Very simple post but yet effective you get your point across. I like the layout of your page not to many advertisements. And I see you have a lot of articles so good content on your site . Promoting WA is a fantastic thing to be doing I’m still working on my website first then I will likely be taking the boot-camp course next year. We’ll see how it goes I have high hopes! You certainly seem to be doing well.

  8. Kat

    This is an inspiring way of sharing your desire to help others. We are energy firstly, and self awareness is key to moving forward in our world. I appreciate your kindness to offer to help others create success in their own lives.

  9. Jacob

    Hmmm… this is convicting. I can’t help but feel like more people need to read stuff like this. Thank you so much for talking about tough subjects like the depravity or lacking in the human race.

    I truly believe learning to follow God is the key to life’s fulfillment and success. Thanks again for sharing!

  10. Kyrielle Henry

    I believe that we are all connected somehow. I used to believe in religion until I started to realize all religions are basically the same. I think morals are important if you wish to live a life where people can live in peace. It all depends on how you view the world. I honestly think its all just an illusion. You can’t have life without death and you can’t have death without life. Everybody is wrong and right at the same time. Does this even make sense? Well, it does and it doesn’t at the same time. (shrug)

  11. Anna Pry

    I believe in God as the highest power and giver of all life energy. And that each life has value. So yes, I agree that following our purpose in life while doing so with kindness and respect for others would make our world a better lace.

  12. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Robert thank you for your input and take the time to share it. there is something missing in our lives and maybe more people will awaken to the fact that they can change things

  13. Maurice Jackson Post author

    those are my sentiments exactly. I appreciate your input. It might not happen anytime soon, but the more people become self aware of their choices something will change.

  14. Simon

    Hey Maurice, I’m with you for flipping the script with regard to the deceitful practices we’ve become accustomed to, brought on by the powerful system the authorities have in place to control us for no other purpose than greed, what a dilemma we have gotten ourselves into.
    I think the way blogging and shares on Social Media is expressing individuals views on life is starting to change many people’s thoughts on the world’s direction – whether we are able to change the way the world operates is another thing.
    Everything is purely driven by greed – let’s change things.

  15. Robert

    Hi Maurice,

    Classy post. Everything is indeed energy at the fundamental level. Even particles of matter are vibrations in an energy field, which manifest as something we perceive as solid matter because of our ape evolved brains. The powers that exist know this all too well and distort the reality we see around us to suppress and control us and ultimately keep the wealth for themselves.

    Since all matter is energy and we are made of matter, then we are energy too, vibrating as an enormous collection of unique frequencies that make us all different. I believe what is important is to find the power within yourself that comes from source energy.

    To end, it’s a shame you say you find appealing to the kindness of humans daunting because it implies there is not much kindness in humanity. Unfortunately, your observation is growing increasingly relevant in today’s worrying times.



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