It Is All In The Mind Or Is It

By | October 27, 2019

It is All In The Mind or is it?  Many may consider this saying  “All In The Mind” as being a quotation to initiate thought and dialogue. I would love to hear what you have to say about it.  Leave your comment at the end of the article.

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I, and others as well, will gain insight and have a better interpretation and more clarity into this quotation.  My reason for questioning the phrase is this.  I think it is not complete as it stands.

Furthermore, I believe it would be better to paraphrase it by saying “It is All In The Mind, Body, and Soul.”   Because the mind cannot stand alone if your mission is to follow your life path.

Even though, as powerful as it is, and the unlimited capacity of energy it can attract, the mind needs guidance.  Without direction, your mind will cause you to react by impulse and or emotion.

So, with that said, I ask where is the thinking process in all of this?  There is none.  The thought process and our essence come from the heart and soul.

The mind when controlled, a body as healthy as it can be, and mastering your connection with your mind, heart and soul will lead to the success you seek.  This process is not a race it is a marathon that we are all in. The name of the marathon is “Life.”

It Is All In The Mind Or Is It?

It Is All In The Mind Or Is It MaybeAt the very least, the phrase “All In The Mind”  is misleading.  The power of our minds if not guided will act as though it knows the answers, details, and conclusions to whatever your focus is.

Our minds demand details, answers, and conclusions, or it can get frustrating.  Therefore, the mind without control can be just as harmful as it can be helpful.

So Is It All In The Mind Or Is It, our way of thinking, which is derived from the heart and soul are major components in becoming a beautiful  thought process. However, the status quo and the ways of the world full of negative energy, it is hard being self-aware and a freewill thinker.

Heart And Soul

It Is All In The Mind Or Is It and the heartThe heart and soul are what holds our essence.  Consequently, it where our spiritual way of thinking is interpreted.

When the heart connects with our mind, the mind will solve the thought process with or without your control.

And we attract our internal energies from our hearts and soul.  Most noteworthy, we attract both positive and negative energies internally and externally.

Because of the law of attraction, it is imperative that we master self-awareness.  We know what we want out of life.  When we know who we are and why we are here, our life journey suddenly has meaning.

Acting within this mindset we give ourselves and that “wanting direction mind of ours” a purpose, to discover our destiny.  Everyone one on earth can discover their destiny.

The key to discovering your destiny is having an open mind, following your intuition, and inspiration. And the result is becoming a better you.

The Body

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

(World health organization WHO)

I am sure you heard the jingle that Walmart uses in their promotional campaign: “the corner of happy and healthy.” Well, I maintain that whoever can stand on that corner has it all. Happiness and health are components necessary for achieving life and business success.

It Is All In The Mind Or Is It and fitnessIf you can claim a spot on this infamous yet fictional corner, you have a greater chance for life and business success than most.

We all know that maintaining a high energy level is needed for the pursuit of life and business success.

A well-balanced diet will fuel and boost performance.  You control your body and mind, but the onus is on you to stay in shape.

Being in good condition, staying active, and eating natural produce from earth, creates energy that strengthens the minds ability to act competently.

A strong mind can open up to the unknown, and satisfy its need to answer, conclude and analyze the details it yearns for from the negative and positive energies it attracts from life experiences.

It is All In The Mind, Body, and Soul.  Your effort, focus, and perseverance you put in discovering your destiny depend on your self-awareness.

Make a Difference

Well, that’s my two cents on the topic.  I am a trumpeter for free-will thinking.  Many of us ignore or neglect to explore the creative potential within us all.  Some people get consumed in trying to maintain a comfortable way of living.

It Is All In The Mind Or Is It in your reactionHowever, by doing so they block the very thing that can make their lives whole and meaningful.

If you choose to exist and bury your head in a hole, then go ahead and continue your selfish existence.

But if you want to discover the true you and your purpose in life.  You have to become self-aware.

As you go through life, hopefully, you have developed a moral conscious.  And if so you realize that life is all about what you have to offer that can make this world better.  The external things you chase are meaningless and keeps your eyes off the big picture.

I ask all who are reading this to exhale and discover your destiny.  Choose to live rather than exist in life.  I do not profess to be any type of guru on this topic. When I write I write with passion From my heart.

In Conclusion

There has never been a time when you can speak to the world right from your sofa like can do today.  You can blog, create a video, teach, or even start a ground roots group on something you like to share.

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See You On The Other Side

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    The relationship between the mind over the body. A life’s journey, fate or destiny. It is in our serious thought of confronting the challenges in the journey of life. How you would face it and how you would make the most of it. Work on it and good fortune will come along the way.

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    Hi Maurice, awesome post here, so informative and really easy to follow, I really like the explanations throughout and it has helped me so much, keep us the excellent work, I will be checking out your recommendations

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    This is a great debate between our inner thoughts, the mind is so powerful but in the end of the day if you dont put some kind of soulmor hope as I call everything you do wont come together have to learn how to embrace good, bad. Negative and positive to over through the negative when you reach the positive. A body need a soul to make thr mind start it function. Great site great information

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